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15 Best Restaurants In Canggu

Having lived in the Canggu for the last 9 months, I’m often asked where (and what) to eat while in the ‘Gu…

Note: This list is part of The Ultimate Guide To Canggu. To get the low-down on the best cafes, pool bars, spas, yoga that’s on offer in the ‘Gu, check it out (full guide coming soon). 

Canggu is a foodie’s paradise and I am a self-confessed foodie. So naturally, eating out has become a habit and trying new places a ritual.

This list has been created with dinner in mind and includes the perfect mix of cuisines, prices and atmospheres, depending on what you’re seeking. Whether you eat everything, or are pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan, each of these places should be adequate to your needs.

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Here are the top 15 restaurants in Canggu:

1. Ulekan

Go to Ulekan to taste the incredible flavours of Indonesia.

Hands down one of the best restaurants in Canggu. If you go for lunch, get the rijstaffel to share, or enjoy the nasi campur solo – whether you pick the regular or vegetarian option, it’s the best campur in Canggu. If you go for dinner, share an array of dishes so you get to try all the flavours on offer. Tip: Always order a trio of sambal and do not leave without trying the Balinese banoffee.

best nasi campur canggu

2. La Baracca

Go to La Baracca for the pizza and ambiance.

These are the best pizzas in Canggu – I’ve tried them all! My favourite items on the menu are the prawns pizza and Baracca antipasti. Couple these with a glass of wine – molto bene! The ambiance at this place after dark makes it great place for a solo dinner date, romantic eve for two or a fun dinner with friends.

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best pizza bali

3. MaiTai

Go to MaiTai for the best raw fish and ceviche.

This Tahitian fish kitchen is a fairly new kid on the block, however it’s only a matter of time before it attracts the masses. I’m kicking myself that I spent so long going to Moana and Poke Poke instead of coming here. We had the signature raw fish marinated in coconut milk and lemon juice, and the MaiTai special – I still can’t deal with how good they were. Other people’s dishes around us looked equally great.

best ceviche bali

4. Warung Dandelion

Go to Warung Dandelion for a memorable experience.

The incredible service, atmosphere, interiors, roaming bunny rabbits and transport set it apart from everywhere else. The menu is high quality, Westernised Indonesian. I have found I enjoy eating here more when we get a mix of dishes for the table and share.

warung dandelion best restaurants canggu

5. Ithaka Warung

Go to Ithaka Warung for huge portions of Indonesian food at very affordable prices.

We have been here a lot! Stick to the Indonesian food or the popular ‘Western fusions’. If you’re after vegan or vegetarian fare, don’t miss the gado gado, satay tempe and red rice nasi goreng.

Ithaka Warung

6. Moana Fish Eatery

Go to Moana for great value, delicious fish dishes.

This is Polynesian seafood restaurant is one of our regular go-to’s. I can’t go past the poke bowls (where my love for raw fish began), mahi mahi and poe tataki, but am told by our guests that the other dishes are great too.

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best poke fish restaurant canngu

7. Lacalita Bar Y Cocina 

Go to Lacalita to share a lively, modern Mexican dining experience.

An absolute must-try restaurant in Canggu, Lacalita has great cocktails (think fruity sangria jugs and jalapeño-infused margaritas), share plates and ambiance. The tacos, ceviche, grilled corn and calamari are amongst my favourites, but choose whatever appeals to you!

Lacalita best high-end mexican restaurant canggu

8. The Slow

Go to The Slow for exquisite, chef-designed plates of deliciousness.

The Slow is fast becoming known as ones of the top places to eat (and stay) in Canggu. There’s often live music, the interiors are super stylish and the cocktails are on-point. As they offer a finer dining experience than most on this list, the portions are on the small side, however they’re truly so yummy and satisfying that you’ll want to eat slowly, savouring every mouthful – so you don’t need lots.

Best restaurants Canggu - The Slow

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9. One Eyed Jack Izakaya & Sake Bar

Go to One Eyed Jack for top-notch Japanese tapas with a side of sake.

Similar to The Slow and Lacalita, the focus here is not so much on value -for-money, but on small-portioned – but incredibly delicious – share plates. Don’t miss the crab sliders and leave room for dessert. If you like the sound of a lychee martini, order it and sip with satisfaction.

best japanese restaurant canggu one eyed jack

10. The Piring Duan

Go to The Piring Duan for tasty Indian food sans pretentious vibes or price points.

This laid back eatery offers super affordable, tasty Indian food. Plus depending on what you order, you may get to enjoy the novelty of eating from a banana leaf. The lassies, naans, curries and nasi campurs are all good! If you arrive particularly hungry, order several dishes and share if you can as the portions are on the smaller side.

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best indian restaurant canggu - the piring duan

11. La Finca

Go to La Finca for a rustic Spanish experience.

Inspired by the agriculture lifestyle of Ibiza, La Finca is simply divine! The ambiance was magic, the service was superb and we were super impressed with our cocktails, mains and dessert.

While all the share plates sounded scrumptious, we opted for the seafood platter for two and were blown away at the diverse flavours of each item on the plate. After a few cocktails and the welcome bread (because who can resist bread!), that had us feeling pretty full!

That said, we couldn’t resist trying the dulche de leche lava cake which was perfectly warm, sweet and gooey. Devouring it was like a trip to heaven. If you plan on visiting La Finca, keep room for dessert and try this. No where else in Bali offers anything like it.

best spanish tapas canggu

12. Green Ginger Noodle House

Go to Green Ginger Noodle House for (vegan-friendly) flavours of south-east Asia.

All the dishes pack a punch of fresh flavours, are decently sized and well-priced. Think curries, laksa, rice paper rolls, rice noodle dishes etc. I tend to go here purely for convenience or if I want a light, yet comforting meal.

best thai restaurant in canggu

13. TuSu

Go to TuSu for a romantic dinner date.

Calling itself a Caribbean fusion eatery & cocktail bar, TuSu’s dark, warmly lit interiors (think old-world library) make it an intimate setting for a romantic night out. We wet for Valentines Day and indulged in all they had to offer (think cocktails, tapas, pizza and dessert) – it was such a delicious night! There’s also great tunes and the chance to dance later in the night- go direct for details of what’s on when you’re in town.

best restaurant in canggu tusu

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14. Taco Casa

Go to Taco Casa for great value Mexican food.

Taco Casa is not fancy however it is delicious and great value. The staff are always friendly, you can always get a table and the food always tastes fresh. I love the 8-layered burrito, taco burrito bowl and soft tacos. This place is particularly good for families. 
best cheap mexican restaurant canggu

15. Poke Poke

Go to Poke Poke for poke bowls in the heart of Canggu.

For a while I was obsessed with the Thai Dynamite poke bowl and used to order it for lunch via Go-Jek. Though won’t lie – I was turned off this place after watching them them take our money, then continue to cut the sashimi with the same gloves on.  However, if you’re a poke lover and want an easy lunch or dinner, it’s worth a visit (and hopefully my experience was a one-off). They’re also doing the novelty sushi donuts if you’re yet to try this new phenomenon – check out their Instagram.

best poke poke in canggu restaurants


Several cafes such as Cafe Vida, The Shady Shack, Betelnut and Milk & Madu also offer great dinner menus. So to make the best choice, review the list of top cafes in Canggu as well!

Have you been to any of these places? Or is there another restaurant you’d like to add? Pop a comment below to share your own tips and stories.

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