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The ‘Simply Nourishing’ Recipe Collection

If like me, you prefer to eat wholesome meals that nourish your body, but you don’t like spending hours in the kitchen, this recipe collection is my gift to you.

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Whilst I love cooking (when I actually get into it), and eating is one of my favourite things to do, there’s generally other things I’d rather be doing, instead of making food. That said, the meals that I do make, are usually pretty creative – in that I pretty much have this unofficial challenge with myself, of how quickly I can make a meal that’s going to fuel and nourish my body.

I’m not interested in diets.

I gave enough energy to that when I was younger! Now it’s all about ‘simply nourishing’ this earth-suit that I’ve been gifted, for my time on this planet.

I get bored easily and don’t eat the same thing very often.

This means the nourishing concoctions I do make, are rarely captured and created again. So I thought I’d start sharing one recipe a week from my kitchen antics and keep them here in one place, so that people like me – who want to eat nourishing meals without spending their life in the kitchen – have a source of inspiration to cook and eat well. I think I’ll even refer to this collection when I need some mid-week inspo, instead of my go-to post-yoga pho!

Please note I am not a chef (I rarely measure my ingredients and never actually follow recipes to a tee). I like making things up as I go and discovering new delicious combos. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

When I asked my partner what I should call this recipe collection (with a heart of gold and tongue in cheek) he said, ‘Recipes For Disaster’!!!

LOL! Don’t worry though, I only share the successful ones here. If you don’t like the look of one of my recipes, change it up – swap an ingredient, add more or less of something, do whatever you want – cooking is an opportunity to be creative.

You will notice that my meals are predominantly plant-based, gluten free, dairy-free and processed sugar free, though not always.

This is what works for me. I feed my body food that nourishes me, that’s going to make me feel good and quite frankly, what I feel like or is convenient at the time.

I strongly believe there is no one right diet for everyone and you know your body best. Importantly, I’m not a nutritionist (though maybe I will be some day – I freakin’ love the relationship between food and the human body)… So please consult your qualified health professional for a nutrition plan that suits you, and simply incorporate these meals where it works and makes you feel great. My partner often completes a meal by adding animal protein to the plant-based dishes I make, and loves it.

This is the resource I wish I always had. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I’m enjoying creating it.

I’m so excited to help and inspire you to eat simply carly taber yoganourishing meals. If you’ve got any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section of any of the recipes. I love hearing from you and can’t wait to connect.

So much love,

Carly x

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