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10 Best Faux Fur Jackets To Buy Online This Winter

Faux fur is the fashion industry’s perfect animal-friendly alternative.

With more than 50 million animals being killed for their fur each year, there is still a long way to go before the fashion industry wipes its hands clean of animal cruelty. But the great news is that faux fur was a MASSIVE front runner at 2018 MBFWA.

In fact, the movement toward faux fur has been in motion for decades, with iconic models such as Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford declaring in 1994 that they’d “rather be naked than wear fur” as part of a PETA campaign.

Recently luxury fashion labels Versace, Gucci and Armani are among those who have ditched real fur in favour of the cruelty-free alternative. Vogue Australia’s sustainability editor, Clare Press saying:

“Fashion is all about what’s modern, what’s chic, what’s cool… and cruelty isn’t cool anymore.”

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You can buy faux fur coats everywhere from Topshop to Target but for this collection we’ve chosen to showcase leading Australian fashion brand Showpo who says no to fur, while still offering a vast array of sizes and colours in statement faux alternatives. The best part? You can buy all of the below items online right now, super easily and express shipping is free (for orders over $50).

Now for what you’ve been searching for – The 10 best faux fur jackets to buy online this winter:

1. B​lack Faux Fur Jacket

faux fur coat in black - australian online

2. White Faux Fur Jacket

faux fur jacket in white

3. Pink Faux Fur Jacket 

pink faux fur jacket

4. Burgundy Faux Fur Jacket

faux fur coat burgundy online

5. Plus Size Faux Fur Jacket

plus size faux fur coat

Don’t let the model fool you. This jacket (featured above) is available in U.S. sizes 12, 14 and 16.

6. Long Faux Fur Coat

faux for coat - long

Alternatively, number 3 on this list may be more what you’re looking for!

7. Cheap Faux Fur Jacket

buy cheap faux fur coat online

8. Shaggy Faux Fur Coat

shaggy fur coat online

9. Faux Fur Coat With Print

print faux fur coat

10. Faux Fur Coat In Beige

beige fur coat cheap online

Lastly, in case like us, you don’t really think this is beige, here’s an alternative beige option, check out this one.

There you have it – an option to suit every style.

To see full collection of faux fur coats from Showpo, click here.

Now, which of the items above is your favourite? Go buy it before it becomes sold out! 

P.S. Animal cruelty in the fashion industry has been going on for years, but what are your reasons not to wear fur? Help us create greater awareness on this topic by sharing your thoughts and stories in the comment section below. Thousands of women visit here each month will be inspired and educated by your words!

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