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10 Of The Best Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow For Wanderlust

Here at CDK HQ, we’ve spent the last few months carefully following, scrolling, hashtagging and double-tapping away on the feeds of hundreds travel Instagram accounts. Now we bring to you our carefully curated list of the best travel Instagram accounts to follow for Wanderlust in 2015.

No matter your travel style, there’s a Instagram feed here for you. Follow these accounts and you’re sure to be infected with the travel bug and put in a severe and wonderful state of wanderlust (if you’re not already!). So here you have it, in no particular order – our fave Top 10 picks:


Andrew Bain is the mastermind behind this breathtaking collection of travel photographs. His pics are predominantly landscape focused and filled with character and soul. His ability to capture a moment in time or a magical place, makes his feed is a breath of fresh air. If you’re not a fan of the cliche island and beach-filled feeds, this one will feed your soul.

andrew bain - bainonbike - instagram
Photo by Andrew Baine / @bainonbike


This Instagram feed is the go to place to discover the best of the best travel-grammers out there. With 707k followers and over 122k Instagrammers who’ve used the #awesomeearth hashtag for their chance to be featured, this carefully curated feed is not short of an awe-inspiring, wanderlust inducing picture! We’ve discovered many amazing travel Instagrammers via this feed, take @mehketbetkas (photo below) for example!

Photo by @mehmetbektas, featured on
Photo by @mehmetbektas, featured on


Keiran is a Lighthouse caretaker, park ranger and Dad. His Instagram feed pretty much does Australia Tourism’s job for them. His photos are either the type you’d frame and put on your wall, or the type that would make those who have kids want to pack up their bags and experience this beautiful country with their mini-me. If you’re thinking about an outdoor and nature filled holiday around Australia, then this is the account to inspire you to do so.

Photo by Keiran Lusk / @KEIRANLUSK
Photo by Keiran Lusk / @KEIRANLUSK


This adventure junkie boasts a feed of inspiring and motivational pics that are mostly taken from the top of mountains, under the sea, on the slopes or jumping into magical waters. If you’re a thrill-seeker, all about having fun and making the most of the journey, Miguel is your guy.

miguel toralba instagram
Photo by Miguel Toralba / @migueltoralba


David Joshua Jennings is a photographer and traveler, interested in road culture, globalisation and madness. His inspiring photos speak a thousand words, with each picture post telling it’s own story. His photos are raw and capture real lives and communities across the globe, in a unique and authentic manner. @ROADDIARIES is perfect for those who love the experience of meeting new people, being immersed in new cultures; and will be appreciated by all aspiring travel photographers too!

roaddiaries - david joshua jennings
Photo by David Joshua Jennings / @ROADDIARIES


This Brazilian babe knows how to make the most of life and have fun in picturesque destinations across the globe. We love that her pictures are raw, real and beautiful featuring her and her now hubby in the most picturesque locations across the globe.  If you’re a lover of beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, Kyra’s travel pics will have you on a plane in no time.

kyra_ururhay instagram
Photo by Kyra Ururhay / @KYRA_URURHAY


Despite having a relatively small following, this Lonely Planet employee has really shown whose boss in recent months. His pictures are the perfect mix of people, landscape and animals, all of which boast a bunch of soul.

joshdjuric instagram
Pic by Josh Djuric / @JOSHDJURIC


If you have a soft spot for South East Asia, then the feed of this wandering duo will pull at your heartstrings. Tess and Scott quit their jobs in Aus and bought a 1 way plane ticket to travl across Asia to Europe. Their feed encapsulates everything SE Asia is about from the the pristine beaches, to the gorgeous people with kind hearts and happy faces, to the culture, food and celebrations, to the wildlife, and the cheap bungalows in the rainforest for a mere few dollars a night! Check it out. Though a brief warning – You may want to quit your job and head to South East Asia after scrolling this feed.

taste for travel instagram
Photo by Tessa & Scott / @taste_for_travel


Another great account to discover beautiful travel photographers and travel bloggers and Instagrammers from. Like, this is a curated selection, but of the most dreamy, picturesque, perfect, idyllic, relaxing and revitalising places across the globe.  With 1.2million followers, the proof is in the pudding. Whether you want inspiration for your next island, beach or resort getaway, this Instagram feed will do the job.

Photo by @Lalarabelo_TravelBlog, featured on @BEACHES_N_RESORTS
Photo by @Lalarabelo_TravelBlog, featured on @BEACHES_N_RESORTS


These 4 friends have joined forces to become the travelling dream-team. For almost a year they’ve been trotting to all parts of the globe and having a fabulous time whilst doing so. Via their Instagram feed they share some magical and breathtaking places, fun travel tips and accommodation ideas; all whilst managing to show you what life’s like when you’re on the road, travelling with friends, experiencing what the world has to offer and having a good time. Isn’t that the epitome of travel inspiration?!

Photo by @travellinggold
Photo by @travellinggold

There you have it!

Bravo to all the travel Instagram accounts on this list (and not on this list). Your ability to capture a place, person, or moment in time and share it with others, is something very special.

Who do you follow on Instagram for your #travelinspo? Share your faves via the comments below!

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