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5 minutes with Chakra Balancing Yogini, Patty Kikos

Discover Patty’s wellness journey, her favourite type of yoga and the ins and outs of chakra balancing.

How did you discover yoga and healing practices?

I discovered yoga when I was living overseas in Amsterdam. I had a beautiful teacher from Romania who taught hatha yoga and it was the first time that I felt so wonderful after I had exercised.

As for healing, it was was an ongoing process for me – as a youngster when I felt troubled. I thought that the path I wanted to take was as a social worker, but in the end, I found that it lacked a spiritual depth that I yearned to share with my clients.

patty kikos yoga and chakra balancing

When did you realise this was the path you wanted to take in life?

I’m someone who was an expert in the art of a non-balanced life. I was a driven type A personality who yearned to find balance and meaning while helping others. I had great altruistic intentions – but no spiritual toolkit to keep me on track.

I worked as a social worker and counsellor and tried to ‘balance’ the stress of my job by teaching dance.

When my deep unhappiness didn’t stir my soul into taking action to change my life, an adrenal burnout subsequently got my attention.

When and how did you make the move to become qualified in yoga and chakra balancing?

Version 2.0 of my professional qualifications morphed into the wellness industry and saw me nab a few more qualifications that were more aligned with my spirit. I studied kinesiology, became a Reiki master and an energy healer. But the party really got started when I became a hatha and kundalini yoga teacher.

I was the first Australian kundalini yoga teacher to launch an e-course back in 2012. Suddenly I had access to a plethora of tools that helped me clear my energy and manifest my dreams into a beautiful reality. Today, I’m a space holder for divine transformation. I do this is a wedding celebrant, energy healer and yoga teacher. And I’m chuffed to say that I have been happily doing this for the past 10 years and have been a counsellor for 17 years.

I have made it my mission to share these teachings through my chakra balance courses, workshops and teacher training lectures. I’m so stoked that I now get to share them online.

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What drives you to make a life of yoga and healing and what inspires you?

My drive stems from my yearning to do everything that I love for a living. Being naturally quite introverted means that many of the people that I meet come through my work and so I’m very grateful that I get to cross paths with amazing people from so many different walks of life.

I’m inspired by love, freedom, art, growth, potential, truth and literature. I’m mostly inspired by people’s stories and their journey of growth and healing. It motivates me to lead a life that is true for me, but also helpful for others.

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Who has been your biggest inspiration to date and why?

I can’t name just one person – there are so many, and they all live in different parts of the world. But I think that they all have a general theme that I have a high regard for.

They all live a life they love and have used the pain and disappointments that they have experienced as stepping stones to the path that they want to live.

I’m also inspired by the medicine behind dark shadow emotions as I believe that they have the capacity to teach us so much about ourselves. There’s a great poem that sums this up beautifully:


What type of yoga do you practice?

I practice hatha vinyasa because I love the fluid movement, but my greatest love is kundalini yoga.

Why do you love kundalini yoga so much? What are it’s benefits?

For me, Kundalini is the most potent form of yoga that I have personally ever experienced. I love it for so many different reasons. It’s a personal transformation that is open to all levels as we practice with our eyes closed and at our own pace.

The pressures of our current lifestyle mean that many of us are experiencing stress, overwhelm, isolation, adrenal fatigue, loneliness and a disconnection from ourselves. By strengthening our nervous and glandular systems, we come to a state of balance that helps us maintain our energy levels and our emotions.

How is kundalini yoga different to other forms of yoga?

Kundalini yoga is significantly different to other forms of yoga as it focuses on strengthening the nerves and the glands as opposed to just the muscles of the body like other forms of yoga.

The endocrine system consists of glands that regulate just about every aspect of your body in very specific ways through the secretion of hormones. As a result of practicing kundalini yoga, our parasympathetic nervous system stabilises and we are less likely to feel exhausted and overwhelmed or overreact to stress.

kundalini yoga patty kikos

Who is kundalini yoga be best suited to, or not suited to?

Nearly everyone. With most other yoga styles, long-term practitioners can usually contort their body into all sorts of fancy postures that are actually not so physically accessible to everybody.

A long-term kundalini yogi is known for their emotional endurance, as their nervous system is so strong, that they’re less likely to over react or be triggered by stress.

Top 5 yoga poses for generating energy?

  1. Breath Of Fire – I do this so that I can boost my body’s circulation
  2. Sun Salutations – This is a great warm up before a meditation
  3. Stretch Pose – Is a challenging posture but wonderful to spark the energy at the navel point.
  4. Down Dog – Is one of the few postures that activates the bladder meridian on both sides. It’s like central station – you can literally go anywhere from here.
  5. Life Nerve Stretch – Gives me a great opportunity to stretch my legs.

Let’s talk about Chakra balancing – what are chakras and how does chakra work?

‘CHAKRA’ is a Sanskrit word that means wheel in Sanskrit. It consists of
 7 main energy centers located along the spine. Each energy centre, or chakra, not only corresponds to one of the glands of the endocrine system, but is also associated to a certain smell, sound, taste, color, emotion, thought, body organs, and the different ages of your development.

We actually have chakras that are located along other parts of our body, such as our feet and our hands, but for the purposes of this summary, I’m going to talk to you about the ones that run along the spine, in addition to the energy field that surrounds your physical body, known as your aura.

A balanced chakra means that you feel calm, peaceful, with very little stress, anger or anxiety.

You can usually handle stressful situations well. You’re able to manage your time and your energy, and for the most part, remain positive. This usually means that you are intuitive, confident, creative, soulful and open hearted.

chakra balancing patty kikos

How do you know if your chakras are out of balance?

If there is a blockage, or if one of your energy centres are spinning
too fast or too slow, then an imbalance will appear in the body. This imbalance can show up emotionally through anxiety or depression, or even through physical manifestations like migraines or menstrual cramps. A chakra that spins very slowly, exhibits characteristics that are deficient, whereas when it spins too quickly, it displays excessive tendencies.

For instance when the energy in our throat centre (chakra) is balanced, we can express ourselves easily, are good listeners and can speak with a clear and resonant voice. When it is deficient we find it difficult to express ourselves, tend to speak slowly, in circles, or not at all. Excessive characteristics are, not listening, talking over people, ranting incessantly ‘at’ them, or shouting all the time.

What do you do to keep your own chakras in balance?

I rest a lot when I feel depleted,  I surround myself with like minded people that inspire me,

I pray, meditate, chant, walk and dance everyday.

These days, I’m much more in tune with my natural ebb and flow, so if I’m not feeling it, I don’t push myself. In the past I would never honour my body’s natural rhythms, which meant I battled with migraines and adrenal fatigue.

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Share with us a day in the life of Patty Kikos

Ha! I’d love to say that there’s never a dull moment, but I actually have a very quiet and simple life. No one day is ever the same and my daily routine is influenced by the seasons (because I love being in the ocean in summer) and whether or not I’m seeing clients on that day.

A day off is deliberately spent away from my computer so that I can be present with my loved ones, but a day on is usually separated into 3 bits.

I work ON in the business, IN the business, and then honour MY self-care.

This doesn’t always go to plan as there are some days where I am lecturing or have clients booked in all day, while on other days I’m writing copy for my online programs or content for my blog or guest posts.

There are a few non-negotiables in there – such as how I start and end the day with a meditation. I do this in the morning by giving myself a reiki healing so that I start the day with a clear perspective and the end of the day I chant so I can release the space that I’ve been holding for others before I unwind in my personal life.

If I find that there’s some energy that’s really stuck, I add some powerful breath work so that I can move through any heaviness a little easier. I also walk my dog twice a day – and because I live near the beach, there are a few special spots along the cliffs that I sit on and meditate.

The last non negotiable is what I call my sadhana which is also the inspiration behind my 40 day chakra balance e-course. Ancient yogic texts tell us that it usually takes 40 days to change a habit and by staying true to an intention for this period o time, I’ve been able to manifest some amazing blessings in my life.

My daily practice is usually done first thing when I wake up and is either a kundalini yoga meditation or sequence. I do the same thing for 40 days with the intention of either clearing a block or manifesting an outcome that I desire. It’s like the cheapest form of therapy there is.

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