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5 minutes with Che Johnson – The Girl on a Solo Soul Journey

Be inspired by this self-loving gypsy’s journey from a hot mess, to feeling truly happy and fulfilled. Plus, discover how you too can reach this beautiful heart space.

Che, can you share with our tribe how your journey of self care began?

I dove deep into the self care pool after my relationship of five years ended. Sadly, this relationship ended abruptly and under very undesirable circumstances. To say that I was a hot mess would be a polite understatement. There were a lot of tears (the ugly, snotty type – haha), a tonne of junk food and an ‘Are You The One’ overdose (a super hilarious Korean dating show! I highly recommend it).

Thankfully, something deep within me decided very early on in the break-up process that I didn’t want to feel like such crap. That I had a choice not to feel like that way.

So I went to yoga. I meditated. I journaled. These three things, in combination with the love and support of my loved ones, had a profound impact on my healing.

What went from being one of the most hurtful experiences of my life, morphed into an experience which gifted me a beautiful opportunity for learning and growth. I can honestly say that in the near two years that have passed, I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been – not because of the loss of my relationship with my ex-partner but rather, because of the relationship I’ve nurtured with myself in that time.

From this place of self love, I was able to make the big decision to quit my job, pack up my life and venture on my Solo Soul Journey with very little anxiety or trepidation. Because of the inner work I’d done I knew I had everything I needed within me to make my Solo Soul Journey work – no matter the hurdle or challenge.

So yoga, meditation and journaling were the secret tools that aided your self love and healing journey?

Yes, each of these spiritual tools helped me to journey within. They helped me connect with and build a healthy and positive relationship with the most important person in my life – Me! From this place of connection with myself, beauty has gradually unfolded around me in every area of my life, in the most easeful of ways.

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And now, you’ve been travelling for quite some time! What’s plans for the future? Will it come to an end or be never-ending?

It’s been a little over seven months now and I’m having the time of my life! I’m constantly learning and growing and doing things beyond my wildest dreams (just last month I said a big F-OFF to one of my biggest fears and modelled nude at a live drawing class! WTF?!) Never did I envision my Solo Soul Journey to gift me such amazing and transformational experiences. For this, I’m one very grateful lady.

In regards to the future, I’m happy to say that I have no idea what will unfold. I’m currently volunteering at a yoga retreat in Mexico and I’m happy. That’s all that matters to me at this point in time.

Do I see myself returning to Australia and settling in the future? Yes, I love Australia. I do know though that my life as I knew it back home will never be the same. One can’t experience the things I’ve been lucky enough to experience and return to living a limited life (i.e. being ‘stuck’ in a job I don’t love, getting caught up in the day-to-day drudgery, focusing too heavily on material possessions etc). Though I have no idea what my world will look like in the future, I do know how it will feel – Free. Boundless. Unlimited. Expansive!

che johnson committed to self love
Self-Love Gypsy, Che Johnson. Source:

Those are certainly gorgeous ways to feel! What’s your one favourite thing you’ve learnt since being on your Solo Soul Journey and enjoying these transformational experiences?

Oh my goodness there’s been so many learnings, insights and changes. To put it really simply though, I’m just an all-round happier person. I accept and love myself in a way I never have before. I believe in myself and my capabilities. I challenge and stretch myself. I congratulate and celebrate myself. I forgive and speak kindly to myself.

I have a deep understanding of who I am, what makes me special and unique and what I need in my life to thrive. This, I believe, is a crucial recipe for happiness and fulfilment!

What does self care mean to you?

It’s the words I speak to myself. It’s the way in which I honour my own unique needs and desires. It’s how I show myself love and respect. It’s how I live my life in a way that makes me proud. It’s the kind of energy I share with those around me.

To me, everything beautiful in this world stems from the quality of ones connection with themselves. This is where I believe that self care begins – within.

What are your favourite self care practices, that our tribe can try?

My most favourite thing self care practice is to spend time with myself. As an introvert, ‘Che time’ is always high on my priority list and I’ve come to learn and respect that my soul needs this to ground and recharge. Spending time alone allows me to invite in quiet and calm. It allows me to detach myself from the outside world and all of its chaos and noise and distractions. It enables me to journey within and re-connect with the most important person in my life – me.

‘Che time’ + yoga + meditation + journalling = one very happy and grounded gal.

No two human beings are the same though so I say this to the women reading this: Find your own thang honey! Explore and experiment. Get to know yourself. Once you know yourself and the things that allow you to thrive (or detract you from this), you will easily uncover your very own favourite self-care practices.

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che johnson solo soul journey
Journal. Get to know you. Source:

Do you have a self care themed mantra that you use when you’re practicing yoga and meditation?

The one that comes to mind is that which I repeated over and over in my head during my recent (and very scary and comfort zone expanding) nude modelling gig:

I am beautiful. I am feminine. I am Che.

I’ve struggled a lot with my body these past 18 months (which is exactly why I decided to model nude!) and these words really helped me challenge and work through the negative self talk that entered my mind throughout the process. And it sure did work – the organiser even commented that I was the most relaxed and focused model they’d ever had! Take that negative self talk and limiting beliefs! Haha!

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What a beautiful mantra! And on journaling – you’ve got a gorgeous journal on your website. What is it you like about journaling so much?

Oh my goodness, I don’t just like journaling, I LOVE journalling! Haha. It’s one of my most favourite things to do! It’s transformed my life!

My journal is my sacred space. It’s my go-to when I’m in need of a mind cleanse.It helps me create emotional space and it opens the door to clarity and sense and reason.

I’m not much of a talker so you’ll often see me turning to my journal when I have a lot on my mind, be that positive or not so positive ‘stuff’. I find journaling to be such a sweet release from the rumination that sometimes runs rampant in my wee little head. It’s hands down my favourite way to process things.

I wrote my journalling journey, Getting To Know You because I want all the women of this world (I aim high, haha!) to experience the beauty that journaling has gifted me. Journaling comes very naturally to me, but I understand that it does not come as naturally to everyone. Because of this, Getting To Know You is fully guided. It breaks down a variety of journaling techniques simply and easily, offering women transformational shifts, opportunities for growth and most importantly, tools to further connect with and fall in love with themselves and their lives.

What are some tips for people who want to start journalling?

The same advice I give people who want to create shifts in any area of their life – just start! There is no right or wrong.

What are your greatest tips to get out of fear town and kick self-limiting thoughts to the curb?

When I’m struck with fear and self-limiting thoughts I ask myself, am I truly happy living this way?

If my answer is no (which it always is), then I try my hardest to do something about it.

Though it may sound morbid, I want to die knowing that I lived my life in a way that spread joy and made me feel proud. I don’t have time for regrets. I don’t have time for a limited life. I don’t have time to think ‘what if’.

I know it’s scary and I know it’s hard but what’s scarier and harder is living a life that feels unfulfilling and restricted and confined. In every moment of every day we have a choice – it’s up to us which path we choose to take.

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