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5 minutes with Hollie Azzopardi

She’s got a warm, effervescent energy and a level of intuition that’ll knock your socks of.

In this epic, in-depth interview, Hollie talk all things: Intuition, oracle cards, crystals, essential oils, natural beauty & self-care (yep it’s a must-read!). So grab your drink of choice, take a few minutes for yourself and enjoy the read.

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Hollie, you’ve been on an incredible journey from the corporate world to Wellness Coaching to now, intuitive readings, writing and speaking. Before we dive in: What is an intuitive exactly?

Thank you!

I use intuitive reading and channeling to steer my clients in areas of their lives including love, relationships, self, purpose, wellbeing, money and career. The readings are a custom approach to guidance aimed at inspiring my clients to make the most of what is coming for them.

Incorporating elements of crystals, oracle cards, essential oils and chakra work, teamed with my gentle coaching style, the readings are an all-encompassing session aimed to leave my clients feeling guided, inspired and light.

What can an intuitive reading with you look like?

No two readings are the same. Before a client arrives for a reading, I tune into their energy and am guided to what to focus on for that session. I could be directed to a certain crystal that the client needs to work with, or an essential oil or chakra blockage – likely all three!

I also encourage my clients to bring questions to their readings – from there, I am able to ‘tune in’ to the guidance coming forward for them. No topics or questions are off limits – I have even had loved ones who have passed away come through with very clear messages that often leave both of us covered in goosebumps/in tears!

What inspired you to become an Intuitive? Did you know you had a spiritual gift?

It all started when I noticed I was picking up on certain energies and stories about my coaching clients that I couldn’t quite understand. I would take on physical pain directing me to chakra blockages – and any time I mentioned the pain I was feeling to my client, it would turn out they had been experiencing that pain for quite some time. I had this innate ‘knowing’ that the pain was connected to the chakras, and when we started working with crystals and oils and other healing modalities to unblock those chakras, the pain for the client would disappear.

From there, I started taking a number of courses – everything from meditation to light work to energy healing and the list goes on. In each of these courses, the guidance I was receiving for other people, and myself, was very clear. I knew I had to use this newfound skill of mine to help others.

The things is – everyone actually has this gift of intuition. Call it your gut feeling, the vibes you pick up on – whatever it is. We ALL have access to it. I have just done the deeper work on getting so in tune with mine, that I am able to help others with it. It is a special gift.

meet hollie azzopardi, intuitive worker, crystals, oils, oracle cards

Is there an intuitive certification, how have you gone about becoming skilled in this field?

I have been studying for the most part of 2017 and have my certification in Essential Practices for Light Workers with Nantah Ensom, as well as an Intuitive Intensive course I sat with Kira Kay in for a week late last year (which involved straight reading of strangers back to back for five days! Epic!).

Is there a process you take clients through, and is it usually a one-off or series of sessions?

Each session is so unique and different as we are all so unique! There is honestly no one way I read and I think clients appreciate that, because the custom approach means the reading is so tailored to them and their needs. I just sit and read them, and deliver whatever comes up. I answer their questions, we talk about what arises for them and they leave with a recording of the session to reflect on what has come out of it for them.

I offer intuitive reading packages, as when delivered consistently, regular intuitive readings allow you to receive clarity, vision and empowerment – resulting in inspired action, momentum and significant, lasting change.

What tips or words of wisdom do you have for those interested in becoming an Intuitive?

You already ARE an intuitive. Start to recognise the signs or messages you are receiving each day – keep an intuitive journal where you write down your little nudges or internal knowings. Start trusting and following your gut more than getting lost in your mind and the ‘what ifs’. The more you use intuitive in your personal daily life – the stronger it will become (like anything!) It just takes practice.

Also, don’t look at what other Intuitives are doing and think it must look a certain way. Maybe crystals aren’t your thing, or oracle cards, or oils. That is fine! Whatever you are naturally drawn to is YOUR magic and your tools. It shouldn’t ever feel forced or unnatural – it should feel like play!

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What are the signs that you’re a natural healer?

In my experience, I can tell when someone is naturally more inclined to work in the intuitive space if they appear to take on the traits of an empath or HSP (highly sensitive person). They probably have a strong moral compass and desire to make the world a better place – maybe they take on the energies or vibrations of other people easily. They probably can’t watch the news or anything too violent. Gosh the list goes on. If you do a Google search of the traits of an Empath, that is pretty spot on in my personal experience.

Shifting to the topic of crystals for intuitive and spiritual practices – What is it that you love about crystals?

Not only are the freaking beautiful to look at, but I love how they all have their own little personalities and traits. There is nothing quite like the energy of a crystal – I love how they really call to work with my clients, like “here I am, I am ready to help!” I also adore their connection to Mama Earth.

What’s your favourite crystal?

Oh my gosh this question is like asking for my favourite child! How can I pick just one?! At the moment, and actually throughout my entire life, I always come back to Amethyst. My first ever crystal was gifted to me at 9 years old and she was an amethyst. I recently got married and my husband gifted me the most incredible amethyst, she is bigger than my arm! I love the energy of soul connection, and connection to the higher self. But I also regularly use Citrine and Rose Quartz every day.

How do you use crystals in your work as an Intuitive?

I have this beautiful huge Crystal Encyclopaedia that comes out in almost every reading I deliver for my clients. I always get a loud crystal name pop into my head before a client turns up, and from there I am able to dive into the encyclopaedia to reflect on the messages and energy that crystal is delivering for my client. If I have the crystal on hand, I have my client hold it and notice if they sense a connection. From there, it is up to them to seek the crystal out and work with it in their own life – be it holding it through meditation, or just having it by their side day to day.

For me personally, when it is time to work with a new crystal it comes to me in dreams. I have had crystal names I didn’t even know existed come to me – like Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite. From there, I seek the crystal out and hold it while I meditate, have it by my side when I journal and just carry it with me randomly – maybe it will be with me when I take a bath, or by my side when I sleep. I encourage my own clients to just use their crystal in whatever way they feel the pull. There is no right or wrong!

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crystals for intuitive healingIf you were to give a crash course in crystal healing, which are the top crystals used, and what are their meanings, properties and healing powers?

1. Rose quartz – the crystal of unconditional love, infinite peace and self love. An emotional healer, opens the heart chakra and reconnects the user with love for themselves and others. The LOVE crystal. (I meditate each morning with rose quartz, carry it with me when I travel, and have one in every room of the house!)

2. Amethyst – the crystal supporting spirituality, the higher self (crown and third eye chakras) and anti-stress. Balances emotional highs and lows and supports sleep. The SOUL crystal. (I use amethyst every day – in meditation, client sessions and just holding it when I need to feel more connected with self.)

3. Clear Quartz – the crystal of healing and energy amplification. Clear quartz takes the carriers energy to the most perfect state possible – transmuting negative energy and coming back to balance. It also aligns the aura of the user. The HEALING crystal. (I use clear quartz alongside my other crystals as it amplifies their properties!)

4. Black Tourmaline – the most effective blocker of negative energies. One to wear for protection from negative energies, being drained by other people, and clearing negative thoughts. The PROTECTOR crystal. (I wear black tourmaline bracelets often – but they always break! This is a good thing, as it means it has absorbed all of the energy not serving you.)

Where do you buy your crystals / where do you recommend others buy their crystals?

At the moment I have been buying mine from Greene St Juice in Prahan, Melbourne. I am based in Sydney, but Nat (my beautiful friend and the owner of the store) ships interstate. I trust Nat as she knows her stuff when it comes to crystals, always charges them and you can guarantee you are getting legitimate crystals. Mineralism in Glebe, Sydney is a beautiful store, and New Moon at Castle Hill is my local go-to. I also love Serendipity House & Co, who sell online.

Always do your research and buy from a trusted provider! You can buy from so many online stores but word of mouth is always the best recommendation.

What words of advice do you have for those considering using crystals within their spiritual practice?

What are you waiting for?! You have nothing to lose. Rather than choosing crystals you ‘think’ you should use, choose the one that speaks to you – it needn’t make sense. It might not even be the prettiest one- just trust it is calling you for a reason. If you can get your hands on a crystal encyclopaedia of some kind, it makes the world of difference when trying to figure out why you are feeling the pull to work with a certain crystal! The one I use is The Encyclopaedia of Crystals by Judy Hall.

Moving on to another of your key tools as an Intuitive, oracle cards. When did your love for these begin?

Oh my gosh do I love these cards. I have been using angel cards since I was a little girl. The love transformed to Oracle a few years back when my cousin gifted me my first deck. Now I have 10 decks I use each day and my love just keeps growing.

What are Oracle cards exactly? And are they the same things as tarot and angel cards?

Oracle cards are not the same as Tarot.

Tarot is an ancient practice, and each Tarot deck, no matter the publisher, has the same cards, same meanings and offers a depth of guidance that I would only every trust experienced Tarot readers to deliver. I do not use Tarot with my clients as I am not experienced in it. I think that is so important to realise – if you ever consider a Tarot reading, please seek out someone with the knowledge and experience as Tarot is a language of its own.

Oracle cards are basically an extension of angel cards. Each deck has its own personality, its own messages to come through, its own characters. I have Oracle decks of the ascended masters, animal decks, nature decks – and the list goes on. Depending on the day, my energy or the client, a different deck will present itself. I have decks that have a more ‘go getter’ energy, and decks that are far gentler. They are a tool to use when seeking guidance or wanting to work on your own intuitive abilities.

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How do you use oracle cards as part of the spiritual reading & practice, for your clients and self?

Usually a deck will jump out at me prior to a client arriving, and I will know to use it in our session. Maybe there is a specific question I will be called to pull cards for, or sometimes the entire reading could be based off cards. It really depends on the client and what is coming up for them.

Personally, I pull cards for myself every day. Sometimes it is just one card to capture the theme or key word of my day. Other times, when I have a question or need some deeper wisdom, I will pull a spread of cards to help me come to an answer.

What I love about oracle cards is that they offer gentle guidance, but there messages are not definitive. You can do whatever you wish with the guidance that comes through.

Do you have a favourite deck?

Oh gosh there are wayyyy too many decks I use each day to have a favourite. The deck I am loving right now is a Soul Trees deck that simply has one-word messages. I love how open to interpretation they are, and I have been pulling some really exciting words like “Change” and “Guidance” which feels nice.

Was it hard learning to read oracle cards for yourself and clients?

Not at all – like anything, it just takes practice, and also an element of FUN! I think we take this stuff way too seriously. It shouldn’t ever feel hard – if it does, you are doing it wrong! Come back to play and lightheartedness when using these beautiful tools, and it will just be so easy and effortless!

How do you read oracle cards?

There is no right or wrong way! This is where intuition comes in. Sometimes I will just shuffle until some cards fall out, other times I will have the client shuffle until they feel it is ready to be pulled. I might pull a simple three card spread (past, present, future) or maybe cards answering certain questions or a certain theme, or I might use a spread recommended in the book that comes alongside the deck.

In terms of questions, you can literally ask ANYTHING. Obviously open-ended questions will give you far more guidance so try to steer away from the YES/NO responses (if you are seeking a deeper reading).

How do you cleanse oracle cards?

There are a few ways to do this – sage is a great way to transmute any energy, especially if your cards have been handled by other people. A simple knocking on the deck (like you would on a door) is also a way to clear the energy if you feel it needs it. But use your intuition with this one too – you will know when a cleanse is needed.

What tips do you have for someone interested in learning more about oracle cards and integrating them into their healing and self-care practice?

Start now! Go and buy a deck, the first one that captures your attention – and get playing! This is the advice I give my clients and they are always so blown away by the wisdom they open themselves up to by just pulling a car or two each day. There is no ‘rule book’ or ‘must do’ with your cards – remember they are gentle guidance, you ALWAYS have free will in the choices you make and above all, PLAY. Have fun! Lightheartedness is key with this work.

Let’s talk self-care.

Overcoming adrenal fatigue has been a key part of your path to wellness. Can you share the symptoms you were experiencing, what you’ve done to heal it and how others can avoid it themselves?

I feel that I would do a disservice to anyone experiencing this themselves if I was only to go into this briefly. So instead, here are a range of articles and interviews I have delivered on my experience with this – including my symptoms, healing and guidance for others:

Generally, what does your self-care routine look like?

My non-negotiable self care practices each week that I always make time for include:

  • Time in nature – I always make sure to go for a walk in the forest near my home, at least a couple of times a week. I often sit and watch a little waterfall for a bit, and also hug a few trees along the way!
  • Music – any time I am cleaning, or doing any housework, I make sure I have music pumping and make a full performance out of it. Music is SUCH a simple pleasure and makes my soul smile
  • Rest – rest is a guaranteed not just each week, but each day. I always eat my breakfast in the sun outside and take time to start my day slowly. Day time naps are my FAVOURITE!
  • Space – I keep my Sundays free, and rarely commit to ANYTHING on a Sunday. This allows me the space and luxury to do whatever I choose that day, and it changes all the time. Space is such a priority for me.
  • Journalling – without fail, every single morning. When we quieten our minds, our souls have such wisdom to share with us!
  • Meditation – every single morning without fail. Connecting with my breath enables a centred start to the day
  • Body movement of some kind – whatever I feel like that week. Be it yoga, or weights, barre or walking – it doesn’t matter, so long as I move in some way
  • Laughter – and lucky I have some hilarious friends! Laughing is the highest vibrational frequency we can express, so it is an absolute must in my week!

5 minutes with hollie azzopardi

As fellow doTERRA essential oils lover, what are the 3 oils you can’t live without and how do you to use them?

If I could only choose three, they would be:

  1. Frankincense: The King of Oils! I use Frankie on my face every single day, and also in my bath at night time. Sometimes a quick whiff from the bottle is all I need to feel centred and grounded.
  2. Lavender: A drop on the pillow at night, plus in the diffuser (with Aroma Touch at the moment, but the second oil always changes, sometimes Vetiver, or Ylang Ylang, or Cedarwood). I also carry Lady Lav with me in my handbag for relaxation if I find myself feeling a bit stress-y.
  3. Lemongrass: My third favourite changes on the reg, but at the moment I am LOVING Lemongrass, for its fresh scent, and also I have been using it as an amazing non-toxic nail polish remover! SO GOOD!

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As Managing Editor of Depths of Beauty, you must know about very best natural, organic and toxin-free products on the market. Can you share some of your absolute favourite products with us?


Favourite books to inspire wellness?

Lastly, you’ve also become an advocate for body-positivity, inspiring women to love their body. As we wrap up, what are your parting, best, words of advice for those days when we feeling negative within and toward our body? Eg quote or tips.

Even as a body love advocate, I still have my days where I will feel a bit ‘meh’ about my body – but I can usually trace it back to having eaten something that wasn’t nourishing or not taking proper care of myself mentally (packing too much in a week, for instance). I have found, in my experience, it is rarely about your body, and more often than not comes back to the stories we are telling ourselves (that aren’t often truth!) If we can catch ourselves out in these moments, body love is a given – because we are loving the PERSON that we are, regardless of the way we actually look.

Make self-love practices a daily priority.

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The more love we give ourselves, the more love we will FEEL for ourselves. Start to fill your cup with things that truly light you up – that could be spending time with inspiring people, reading a beautiful book, cooking healthy and nourishing meals, spending time in nature – anything that brings you true joy! Take time for these things every single day – they really matter.

Now it’s your turn – have you got a question or comment for Hollie? Pop it in the comment section below – we can’t wait to hear form you!

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  1. What a great article. I connected with this on so many levels. Having always been a helper and described many times as an empath this has lifted me to continue on in the directions I feel pulled. I completed an Adv. Dip. Nutritional Med and have recently begun practising Nutritional Counselling and am heading into a flower essences course as I find my interactions with clients regarding their health have so much emotional attachment and/or blockages that they are very complimentary to their progress. The connections with their emotional and physical wellbeing are so intertwined that both really need to be helped along and my go-to naturopath & mentor is moving away. I guess I still always doubt that I can make a living doing what I love and if I can sustain a practise but I will see, and as an intuitive recently said “I’ll be surprised”.

    1. I am so pleased to hear you resonate with this Tennille. Flower essences sounds AMAZING! I hope I am proof that you CAN make a living doing what you love – and more than that, you can absolutely THRIVE. I wish you all the best with your journey xx

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