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5 minutes with Jules Galloway, Naturopath on a mission

Jules is a Naturopath on mission to take the fear and boredom out of gluten, dairy and sugar free living. She tells us why, and shares the in’s and out’s of her online 12 week program.

What inspired you to become a naturopath?

I became a naturopath after experiencing a profound improvement in my own health after cleaning up my diet and using supplements and herbal medicines. I grew up with an array of annoying health conditions that were unable to be cured by modern medicine, so after healing them using naturopathic medicine, I became inspired to share this information with others.

What’s the most fascinating fact you’ve learnt about how foods affect our health?

Definitely the effect that grains and sugar have on our blood glucose levels, and the relationship that this has with weight gain and increased cortisol levels. Growing up in the 1980’s we were told that low fat, high carb diets were good for us, and we now know that this information was completely incorrect.

What are the most common problems people come to you for?

Digestive problems and low energy levels are probably the two most common issues I see. Adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances and thyroid problems are also alarmingly common. I also help a lot of clients to lose weight.

What are your favourite methods of achieving optimal health via naturopathic means?

I’m qualified in a range of modalities, so I’m very lucky that I can draw on diet, nutritional supplements, herbs, flower essences and homoeopathic remedies in order to bring about healing, depending on the client’s specific needs. But I always start with diet, because if the diet is sorted, other remedies often become unnecessary.

You’re about to launch a new wellness program,’Shiny Healthy You’. What inspired you to do this?

I’ve been a fan of the Paleo lifestyle for a while now. But what I’ve noticed is that you can’t just tell someone to change their diet and then send them back out into the world without the skills and know-how to stay on track. They need a lot of help and support. So I designed a program which will teach people how to shop, what to eat, how to cook and how to plan meals.

But experience has taught me that food is only one part of the solution when it comes to transforming the health of my clients. I often found myself recommending add ons like yoga, personal training, meditation and life coaching to help keep them motivated and on track. So for this program, I’ve brought together experts from these other modalities to show my participants how to transform not just their plate, but their whole lifestyle and outlook, one step at a time.

Who is the Shiny Healthy You Program ideal for?

This is the perfect program for those who are tired, busy, and stressed out, and ready to make some practical changes. Maybe they’re feeling a little frumpy or a little overweight, or may be eating foods that deep down, they know you shouldn’t. The program will also suit the kind of person that knows that success is more likely with support and hence will use the group’s environments and chats to learn from one another, without judgement or pressure to be perfect all the time.

What will participants gain from the Shiny Healthy You Program?

Participants will learn the best ways to nourish their body, from me and a team of experts. They will be creating simple, delicious and healthy meals and discover fun and simple ways to get your body moving. They will learn and address what’s holding them back, once and for all, and discover a motivation they may not currently realise they have.

Get a taste for the menu with this simple, quick and easy High Protein Zucchini Fritters recipe.

What support and tools are provided throughout the 12 week Shiny Healthy You Program?
Participants will receive:

  • 3 videos per week which will include information, interviews and fun cooking tutorials
  • Invitation to attend 3 interactive webinars where you can ask any burning questions
  • Resources from me including a recipe bank, meal planning template, shopping lists and more.
  • Exclusive access to a members-only Facebook group and Pinterest board to stay on track, learn from and be inspired by other participants.

What’s the investment and how can our readers join the Shiny Healthy You Program

It’s $149 for the 12 week program, however there’s Earlybird special for only $129 for those who join before 26th April 2015. The program starts on the 11th May 2015. To find out more and to join the program you can click here.

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