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5 minutes with Amelia Harvey, Life Coach & Self-Care Guru

If you’re yet come across Amelia in the health and self-care space online, she is a Life Coach who guides women from inner critic to inner peace.

After collaborating with Amelia (and other beautiful souls) to bring you our free mini eCourse in Mastering The Art of Self-Love, I felt it would only be fair to share this divine lady with you just a little bit more. I hope you enjoy the inspiring words that follow – be sure to leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

How long have you been a Life Coach and how did you discover it’s role as your purpose?

I first got into coaching about three years ago when I had finished my honours degree in Psychology. I thought about doing my Masters in Psych and sat the entrance exam to study medicine but when it came to making a decision, neither felt right. In my own life, what helped me feel great was taking a really holistic approach  – physical, metal, emotional, and spiritual.

I also realised that the way I help others is very intuitive and personal – fitting them into paradigms and making diagnoses would not allow me to tap into this.

I felt very drawn to coaching and I was devouring the blogs and books written by other coaches so I studied a wellness coaching certification and started my blog.  When I work, especially with my private clients, I feel completely in my flow and on purpose.

What types of things do you help your clients with and how?

My clients come to when they feel that their life just isn’t flowing how they want it to – they know they’re not living up to their fullest potential because they keep self sabotaging or getting stuck in procrastination. Their inner critic is in control and they’re not sure how to tame it.

I help them with self-esteem, confidence, relationships, becoming more intuitive, working through life transitions, getting a blog or business idea off the ground, releasing limiting beliefs and blockages, and finding their purpose and passion. I use approaches from psychology and wellness coaching combined with intuitive and energetic techniques to help them live their happiest, healthiest life.

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Amelia spending time journalling. Source: @amelia_harvey_

What do you love most about being a Life Coach? 

I love that the work I do helps people to bridge the gap between being able to visualise their dream life and actually living their dream life. Seeing my clients make this transition is the best feeling!

There is so much information out there on how to uplevel your health, career, relationships and lifestyle that people get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing or struggle to know what will work for them. I love helping my clients look deeply at where they’re at and give them practical, emotional, and spiritual tools to get that dream life happening.

What inspired your focus specifically on taming the inner critic and tuning in to your intuition?

My focus on the inner critic is something that evolved through my work with private clients. For almost every client, I spend the initial session helping them to really getting to know that inner critic and seeing where it’s causing limiting beliefs or subconscious blockages.

Until we learn to tame the inner critic it will keep tripping us up and we’ll be stuck taking two steps forward and one step back. Our intuition is what guides us when we get the inner critic out of the way – knowing how to connect with this inner guidance is the basis for making decision from a place of love that will allow us to live to our highest potential. If you can understand how to move from inner critic to intuition, you can find peace in every area of your life.

What exactly is the inner critic?

The inner critic is the voice of fear – and what it’s most scared of is change. It’s the voice that tells us we need to be different so that we can be happy or loved. It gets us caught in traps like perfectionism, comparison, judgement, close-mindedness, anxiety, blaming, self-doubt and procrastination.

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Amelia help you to disconnect from the inner critic and find inner peace. Source: @amelia_harvey_

How do you define inner peace? 

Inner peace is a deep feeling of calm, trust and balance. When we feel peaceful, we’re guided towards what feels good to us and what brings us the most happiness. We’re intuitive and find it easy to connect to ourselves and others.

Inner peace already exists in every one of us but we’re often super disconnected from it because we’re so used to hanging out with our inner critic. We can tap into it in so many ways – feeling that sense of inner peace is not so much a final destination as it is an ongoing practice.

How do you think our obsession with the likes of technology, instant gratification, body image, the pressures of successful careers and so on, impact our ability to achieve inner peace? Is it possible to have it all and be at peace?

We all live in this external world that constantly triggers our inner critic but we can use this to our advantage by looking at the triggers or times we don’t feel great as reminders to reconnect to that place of inner peace.

Whether or not we can experience inner peace, calm, and balance has nothing to do with how busy our life is or how much pressure we’re under, and everything to do with how mindful and aware we are about our thoughts, and emotions. Until we have that base of inner peace, we’ll never feel like we ‘have it all’ so finding that peace is essential to feeling fulfilled.

Amelia hosting one of her workshops in Perth. Source: @amelia_harvey_

What are your favourite rituals to maintain inner peace?

I love spending time outdoors, watching sunrises, sunsets, spending time with my pets and my man, journaling, meditating, moving my body, getting a great nights sleep, having a bath and spending plenty of time switched off from technology.

What do you recommend as the best quick wins that we can do to transition from inner critic to inner peace?

  • Connect with your body – take some deep belly breaths or do some movement you enjoy.
  • Get out in nature – watch the sunset, get your bare feet on the earth, smell the roses, just soak it all in.
  • My Inner Peace Guided Meditation
Amelia Harvey Inner Peace Party
Amelia having her very own inner peace party. Source: @amelia_harvey_

Can you tell us about your online course, Soul Sister Sessions Online?

It’s a 6 week course that gives women a tool kit and supportive community to help them to live their most amazing life. In the sessions we cover taming the inner critic, becoming more intuitive, embodying self love, finding emotional balance, connecting with your divine feminine and goddess power, loving your body, and aligning yourself energetically with the life of your dreams.

The Soul Sisters get a physical workbook, live online sessions, an exclusive Facebook community and meditations and action steps to accompany each session. Running Soul Sisters is one of my very favourite things to do and the incredible women who join me for it inspire me so much. 

What’s next in the life of Amelia Harvey?

I’ve been doing lots more speaking gigs lately which I love and I’ve got several corporate workshops on mindfulness and work-life balance coming up.

I’m heading to Adelaide on August 12th to host my Inner Peace Party event. Then I’m off to Bali in September to facilitate some workshops on the inner critic, motivation, goal setting, and vision boarding on the Reflection of Balance retreat, so I can’t wait! When I get back I’ll open the doors for the next round of Soul Sister Sessions Online, which will kick off in October.

Working with my private clients is always ongoing, I really love that aspect of my business!

Outside of work, I’m looking forward to some travel at the end of the year and lots of time with the people I love.

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