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5 minutes with Nomadic ACROVINYASA Yogi’s, Honza & Claudine Lafond

Acro Yogi’s Honza and Claudine (otherwise known as @YogaBeyond on Instagram), share a goal in life to follow their bliss and inspire others to do the same. Here the duo talk with us about all things AcroYoga.

How long have you been practicing AcroYoga?

We’ve been practicing AcroYoga for the past five years. In the past two years Honza and I have actively worked to develop our own stream of this practice called ACROVINYASA.

How did you get into it in the first place?

Claudine: I first experienced AcroYoga at the beach with a friend of mine. After my first inverted flight, I was hooked! I’ve been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2001. The transition into the world of acro was certainly something new but familiar at the same time.

Honza: Claudine was my first base and I was slightly apprehensive to try it out and relinquish control but once I gave it a go, I knew I wanted to explore this practice further! I’ve been in the fitness industry with my own personal training business for 15 years and practicing yoga for nearly as long. I completed my teacher training in Nepal with incredible, humble teachers that still inspire me every day.

acrovinyasana by Claudine and Honza
H & C playing in NYC. Image source: Instagram // @Yogabeyond

Tell us, do people need experience in yoga or acrobatics to start ACROVINYASA?

No need to have practiced yoga prior to starting ACROVINYASA, though it is helpful to have some body awareness beforehand!

Tips for those starting out?

Approach the practice with an open mind and playful spirit!

Do you have a favourite partner-yoga pose?

Yes, ‘Folded leaf’. It’s a simple posture but it offers so much relief for the flyer’s spine, stretch for the base’s legs and stillness for both.

Claudine and Honza @YogaBeyond
“Practice with an open mind and playful spirit”. Image source: Instagram // @YogaBeyond

What are your top recommended resources for Acro Yogis?

You can check out our daily tutorials and videos through our ACROVINYASA account on Instagram! We also have links on our website to other resources and streams of acro to discover more inspiration.

Do you make a conscious effort to incorporate certain things into your day or week to feed your passions, happiness and wellbeing?

Yoga practice is key of course! It’s always an ongoing task to find balance and stay motivated. We often take some time apart in the week to recharge, and we eat clean and delicious food, and love going for bodywork to re-energise!

You’re quite the nomadic couple! What’s next for Claudine and Honza?

We are indeed! We’re currently on a five month tour and are loving it. In August, we’ll head to LA to host our ACROVINYASA teacher training at Black Dog Yoga.

Find out more about Honza and Claudine’s training and workshops around the globe via

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