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5 minutes with Organic Skin Care Range Founder, Therese Kerr

She may have sparked controversy over her ‘Day on a Plate’, published in Sunday Life magazine recently, however Miranda Kerr’s mum Therese, is all about good health. Here she talks to us about her beautiful range of skin care products and reveals what to look out for when choosing skin care, plus tips for starting your own business in the health and wellbeing industry.

What inspired you to create your own skin care range?

In 2001 I discovered tumours in my spleen, which resulted in my spleen being removed. Whilst this was obviously an incredibly difficult and challenging point in my life, I believe it was a defining moment that led me to discover my new path of natural living, and it inspired me to become an educator to others on the importance of chemical free and certified organic living.

And what are some tips for seeking out a good skin care product range?

I simply love my chemical free mantra, ‘If you can’t put it in. Don’t put it on.’

Always be aware of the ingredients lists on the back of your personal care products.

If you can’t pronounce it, it isn’t natural.

Ensuring that your products carry the ‘certified organic’ certification mark is certainly a first step to ensuring you are using only the highest quality, best products for your health.

divine skin care therese kerr interview

What’s your favourite product from the Divine range, that you use yourself?

If I had to choose one thing, it would be the Divine Deodorant. Aloe Vera, Rooibos Tea, Lavender and Ylang Ylang – this natural yet effective deodorant doesn’t contain the nasty chemicals of others on the market and keeps me feeling fresh and smelling divine all day long.

How is the Divine Men range different to your other products?

The Divine Man range uses a similar recipe of ingredients to the rest of the Divine range, but with a slight tweak on some of the essentials to give it a woody, earthier appeal for a more masculine sent.

How is the Divine Baby range different to your other products?

The Divine Baby Range contains nine unique and carefully crafted products gentle enough for newborns and are in fact safe for mums to use pre, during and post delivery. Our Divine Baby range with the Divine Baby Mummy’s Tummy and Body Oil allows for nurturing even from preconception. Using a calming combination of essential oils such as calming chamomile and soothing Aloe Vera, the Divine Baby Range contains only the safest ingredients for mums and babies of all ages to help keep you and your babies skin feeling soft and beautiful.

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divine skin care baby therese kerr

What’s your advice for others looking to start a business in the beauty and wellness industry?

Remain persistent, we all know that starting a business is hard, but don’t give up on your dream.

Be passionate.

Know what it is you are trying to achieve, surround yourself with people who support your vision and goal and continue to arm yourself with information and knowledge about your industry and area of expertise to make yourself the best at what you do.

Stay patient.

While monetary success may or may not come, knowing that you are working to educate others to make informed choices for the health and the health of their families is the biggest reward of all.

Lastly, what are your top 3 tips for good health and wellbeing?

1. Mediate: Mediation helps to manage my stress levels and clear my mind. On the odd occasion where I don’t get the opportunity to meditate I truly notice a difference throughout the day in my ability to cope with tasks and pressure. By giving yourself the physical and emotional escape, you will be better able to control your spiritual experiences.

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2. Eat wholesome, nutritious foods: These will provide essential fuel to keep you going through out the day and save you for reaching for the sweets. By valuing your health you will grow your spirit

3. Journal: Writing down thoughts, feelings and listing what we are grateful for reminds us of why we are here, and what our purpose is. If journaling isn’t for you, find a close connection to chat out any uncertainties or concerns you may be feeling in that moment.

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