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5 minutes with Practical Nutritionist, Simone Nicholls

Perth-based Simone favours practical approach to food and nutrition. She’s also one of our amazing Casa Authors. Here she talks to us about all things nutrition, with a slice of life.

When and how did you decide you’d become a Nutritionist?

Before I began studying nutrition I used to buy cookbooks all the time. I enjoyed (and still do enjoy) getting in the kitchen inventing recipes. I was my own guinea pig with regards to trying out new foods and fitness regimes.

After working in hospitality and then as a Vet Nurse for 6 years and knowing it wasn’t exactly the right fit, I finally realised that food, health and fitness is what I love most. I began studying nutrition at Curtin University in 2009 and am now the proud founder of GingerNotes as a self-employed health guru!

As a Nutritionist and Mum, how do you nourish yourself each day?

I always start the day with a glass of water, and a splash of cold water on my face. This helps cleanse my system after a restful fast and reboots my metabolism.

As for food, I usually start my day fresh with fruits, nuts and plant-based milk in my coffee (yes I love the bitter aromatic coffee bean). This morning ritual sets me up to have a healthy, energetic day.

Throughout the day I keep a mindful approach to my food choices and the way they make me feel, choosing wholefoods and nutrient dense ingredients. I also enjoy jogging to keep me mentally balanced but if I can’t fit this in we make an effort to at least go for a brisk walk around the neighbourhood for sunshine and fresh air.

Since becoming a Mum I made an effort keep my regular exercise up, and it feels like part of any regular day. I’m multi-tasking all the time though. But it is only temporary and I enjoy my time with my daughter, and being in the kitchen creating healthy treats for her, then seeing her discover new flavours and textures.

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What are 3 of your favourite meals to cook?

  1. Healthy wholesome muffins (without refined sugars or flours) are my favourite
  2. Gluten free crackers with different nutritious stacks on top. My favourite is a basil pesto spread with mixed greens and thinly sliced pear or roasted pumpkin and tuna
  3. Anything cooked with herbs and spices to enhance flavour and stimulate the senses.

Which foods can you absolutely not live without?

  • Plant-based milk and coffee
  • Walnuts with pears – oh my goodness YUM!
  • Spicy tuna & chicken
  • Baby spinach and sweet potato
  • Haloumi
  • Oats and berries
  • Coconut flour – this is fast becoming my favourite all-time cooking ingredient.

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Do you believe in supplements?

There may be times the mind and body requires a need for supplementary support. Pregnancy, post natal, iron deficiency, osteoporosis, many non-communicable or autoimmune disease are just a few important examples. I think if you begin a supplement it should be because it has been recommended by a qualified health professional in order to prevent any risk associated. This area is very controversial and advice is best given when working 1:1 with clients so it is a tailored evaluated approach.

Top 5 nutrition tips to help stay healthy?

  1. Drink plenty of cleansing fluids such as herbal tea and water
  2. Keep active in a way that brings inspiration to your day
  3. Eat mainly wholefoods and include a variety
  4. Get creative in the kitchen and learn to love the power of your senses
  5. Never restrict your diet. From experience, it is a dangerous journey.

Top tips for those looking to start a career in nutrition?

If you were looking to go to university within Western Australia I would recommend Curtin University, Bentley. They have very good facilities there as well as following the DAA principles.

There is a lot of science to the course in general (chemistry, biochemistry) so you will need a foundation of this knowledge hopefully from high school and be willing to study hard! It is a science degree after all.

If you love the idea of promoting realistic, scientific and holistic-based health and wellness, to the best of your knowledge and ability, and you enjoy chatting with people (and have a love for food!), this just might be your dream career!

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