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5 minutes with Wholefoods Chef & Author, Lee Holmes

Lee is a certified health coach, wholefoods chef and author of the ‘Supercharged Food’ cook book series which includes the popular Eat Right for Your Shape, Heal Your Gut and Fast Your Way To Wellness.

Lee recently took the time to give us a peek into her wellness journey, so if you aren’t familiar with this supercharged, wellness warrior, then grab a herbal tea and enjoy the interview that follows…

Lee since you were diagnosed with the autoimmune disease ‘fibromyalgia’ in 2006, you pursued your passion for nutrition and health. What are the effects of this disease?

The effects of fibromyalgia are widespread pain in your muscles, chronic fatigue and digestive symptoms. Though for me, it’s under control now!

What were the key dietary changes to get your fibromyalgia under control?

I changed my diet and included more anti-inflammatory foods.  I also lowered my stress levels, as stress is a major factor in getting flare ups.

5 anti-inflammatory foods
Did you know about these 5 anti-inflammatory foods?

And how long have you been a flexitarian for?

I have been eating this way for about 4 years. When I first got sick I was quite restrictive because I didn’t and was figuring out what foods were problematic.  Now I have a balanced diet with flexibility.

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What would you recommend to those looking transition to a flexitarian diet?

I recommend listening to your body and I believe that food is a personal preference and choices should be based upon common sense eating principals, your belief system, availability and personal preference.

Lee's Cauliflower and Raspberry Cheesecake. Source: Instagram // @leesupercharged
Lee’s Cauliflower and Raspberry Cheesecake. Source: Instagram // @leesupercharged

Favourite resources for eating a plant-based diet?

I really like different blogs and Instagrammers. Some of my favourites are My New Roots and Deliciously Ella.

Lee with Sarah from My New Roots, in Copenhagen. Source: Instagram // @leesupercharged
Lee with Sarah from My New Roots, in Copenhagen. Source: Instagram // @leesupercharged

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What’s an average day on the plate of Lee Holmes?

  • Breakfast: Cranberry and Walnut Granola
  • Lunch: Sardines with stir fry veggies
  • Dinner: Hazelnut crusted salmon with green beans

Are these meals that you cook?

Yes, I always cook my own meals, I love them!

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Ok, so what’s your all-time favourite, go-to recipe?

My ‘Green Breakfast Bowl’. It’s a recipe from my book Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian and includes a smorgasbord of ‘so hot right now’ nutritious ingredients that go together beautifully, pesto, eggs, kale, quinoa, lemon and avocado.

lee holmes green breakfast bowl
Green Breakfast Bowl by Lee Holmes. Source:

For us foodies with the travel bug, where’s your favourite place on earth and what are some of the best things you’ve eaten on your travels?

I especially love Zurich in Switzerland, but in terms of the best food, when I travelled to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, I had this amazing fresh and delicious grilled fish with lime, lots of salad and avocado and tomato.

What’s on your bucket list in terms of your health, wellbeing and travels?

I would love to go back to Mexico. Also I would like to visit the South of France and spend some time at the local markets and cook up some local dishes.

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Check out Lee’s Supercharged Food recipe books and grab your copy here.

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