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5 Reasons You Need A Life Coach (+ How To Find One)

It seems like everyone is becoming a life coach these days.

Why is that? Is that because we are all struggling in our lives all of a sudden? No! I believe it’s because we are all doing AMAZING at life at the moment.

Co-creation and collaboration is the reason why.

You see, there are 5 reasons why you need a life coach if you want to live a totally fulfilling life.

1. You’re tired of going it alone

Us women are finally getting tired of doing everything ourselves. We realise the power in asking for help and getting a helping hand. Doing it the hard way and struggling is slow and painful, and as such the numbers of people becoming life coaches are increasing as a result of the amazing results their clients are getting. And humanity is winning as a result.

2. To help you push on beyond your fears

We all know that if you want to succeed you’ve got to learn to push through your FEARS. It’s against our survival mechanisms to push through our fears unsupported, so having an amazing coach on your side that truly helps you step up and be brave is guaranteed to help you grow faster than if you try to stumble through alone.

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3. To help light your path

Humanity is evolving at a rapid rate and more people are being called into holistic, spiritual and creative paths. The best part about finding a life coach is that due to the abundance of them out there at the moment, you are bound to be able to find one who specialises in the career you are looking towards. They can light your way and show you the mistakes they made, saving you time and energy going in the wrong direction. And the clearer your path is towards your true calling, the sooner the world can benefit from you shining your light.

4. To stay focused on your vision

Unfortunately, us human beings are actually naturally quite lazy. So, if there is a shortcut or an easy way out, we are going to take it. Self-sabotage, lack of focus and procrastination are the major dream killers out there and without an impartial coach who you are accountable to and understands your vision, it’s highly likely you will slow down at a road bump or stop all together when you get stuck.

5. To help you realise the power in investing in yourself

Something magical happens when you make the decision to work with a coach and stop living a mediocre life or continuing to hit your head against the wall. The investment in coaching is in fact an investment in yourself, and your dreams. So dream big! A coach is designed to help you dream in ways you didn’t dare. Remember, committing to a life coach is like starting a relationship so like any new service (or partner!), shop around. Don’t marry them on the first date.

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How to pick a life coach

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself and tasks to tick off when looking for your life coach.

  • Find out if you like their style before making the commitment. Read their blogs, assess their approach and try to attend a workshop of theirs. They may even give you a free 30 minute consult so you can both assess if you’re a fit for working together.
  • If they are cheap, ask yourself why. You are unlikely to be able to earn more than the coach you hire. So be prepared to invest a little and it will pay off.
  • Be sure to clarify what their service covers, and if there is a minimum working agreement. Remember, a coach is not a psychologist, or counsellor.

Each coach will have their own unique set of skills, and as life coaching is not regulated be sure to know what you’re paying for. A good coach will usually have a minimum working timeframe, and give you a coaching agreement so their terms are clear.

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Do you have a coach, or are you thinking of getting one? So many people come here each month to be inspired, so pop your your questions, thoughts, or success stories below so that I can reply, and together we can help others too. 

P.S. Do you know someone who might benefits from a life coach? Continue the theme of co-creation and collaboration by sharing this with them now. They’ll thank you for it later.

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CDK Team

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  1. I would love a life coach but the cost holds me back. I’m not really sure how I’ll “make it back”. It’s so intangible.

    1. Hi Paige,
      This is a great point.
      I agree, and I was lucky that my very first coach was actually paid for as a bonus as a wellness initiative in my corporate job.
      I would encourage you to consider what you would learn and grow from a powerful coaching arrangement, and how much that would increase the quality of life and your life moving forward. Rather than trying to directly ‘make it back’ as such. And to be very clear what your intention is of working with a coach.
      For example, one of my clients has struggled with low self esteem her whole life. Just last week in a Skype session with me she let go of a belief that she is unworthy. Now this was something she has carried around since she was 6 years old (she is in her late 30s now). After our session she feels worthy of success, of love and happiness in her future. This self worth is not a ‘tangible’ item naturally, but at the same time priceless to her and her future.
      I hope this helps.
      Wishing you the most fulfilling life imaginable!
      Juliet Lever
      Relaunch My Life

  2. I would love a life coach. Many successful people I admire have a coach behind them kicking their butt into action and helping them achieve their goals and dreams. Once I finish studying / get a full-time job I’d like to consider it.

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