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5 Things Self Loving People Do Differently

If you want to live a life that you love and that you feel good about, then self love is a must. Practicing self love doesn’t need to be difficult, but it does require a conscious decision to do so. Here’s what self loving people do differently and how you can do these things too.

If you’re unsure where or how to start, here are 5 things self loving people do differently, and how to incorporate these behaviours into your own life.

  1. They happily spend time alone

A huge part of self love means accepting who you are. Self-loving people don’t see time on their own as a burden, but rather as sacred time that can be truly cherished.

Time on your own can be a beautiful self love exercise. Start carving time that is just for you into your schedule. Start with 10 to 20 minutes a few times a week (you can later increase this) and dedicate this to time on your own.

You might like to journal, meditate or just sit with your own thoughts. You could take in a sunset on your own or simply just be. It’s your time for you, so do whatever makes you feel good.

  1. They own who they really are

With self love comes a sense of self worth. Self-loving people know and acknowledge who they truly are. That means embracing their strengths, rather than focusing on their flaws.

Try writing a list of the 5 things best things about you. Maybe it’s your sense of humour, your positive attitude, your determination, or your laugh. The list of things you could choose from is limitless (and if you want to keep going past 5, definitely feel free to).

Keep this list close-by and somewhere easily accessible, so that when ever you’re feeling down or a little uncomfortable you can be reminded of how great you really are.

  1. They listen to their body

Our bodies are immensely smart and they are full of messages that can help us feel our best. Unfortunately, most of us don’t listen to these messages. However, self-loving people do. They understand that we are all have an innate sense of wisdom; wisdom that comes from within.

With a few self love techniques you can start listening to your body too. Before your next meal, take a moment to pause and connect with how hungry you really are and try to listen to what foods your body is craving. Eat slowly and savour every bite. When you start to feel full, know that your body is happy and satisfied.

Also work on actually feeling your feelings, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Take note of how you feel and listen to the message your body is trying to tell you. When you acknowledge and accept your feelings there is no need to turn to food to try and numb the way you feel.

Treat yourself with love and kindness

  1. They practice gratitude daily 

When you live from a place of self love you start to appreciate what you have and where you are in life. Self loving people are constantly soaking up the moment that they are in. They are thankful for all of the good things in their life and they express their gratitude daily.

Having a daily gratitude practice is such a simple (but super effective) self love exercise. You can keep notes in your journal; share your thoughts over dinner with your family, or think of 3 things each night before you go to sleep.

To really get the self love flowing I also think it’s really important to give thanks for our bodies and our minds. We don’t often acknowledge or give thanks for our own bodies, but I really think we need to, especially when we want to live with self love.

  1. They move their bodies with love

Self loving people are able to exercise from a place of love. They don’t force themselves into exercises they hate, and while they might skip a workout occasionally, they don’t make a habit out of it either.

Exercising in a way that honours and supports our bodies can be a greatly transformative way to start experiencing self love. The easiest way to start moving from a place of love is by choosing a form of exercise that you enjoy. If you’ve found a style of exercise that lights you up, great – keep doing it. If not, start experimenting.

You might like zumba, yoga or pilates, running on the beach, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding or cycling through the park. All you need to do is find something that is fun, enjoyable and that you can’t wait to do again.

Yes, self-loving people live differently to a lot of people, but you too can easily start incorporating more and more self love into your daily life.5 ways to be kind to yourself

Erin Williams
Erin Williams Self-care & Wellness Coach

Erin is a Self-care & Wellness coach, passionate about leading others into a world of holistic living, mindset shifting and spiritual stirrings. Erin guides you into a world of self-love and self-care. A world where you make the rules. Where you define wellness on your own terms. Where you can truly feel alive.

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