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50 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Healthy Food Inspiration

Whether you’re a true health nut or just love a bit of healthy food inspiration, you’ll love a bunch of the accounts listed here. Warning: This list may leave you drooling.

After spending way to many hours (months in fact!) following hundreds of Instagrammers in the health and wellbeing space (and scrolling and double tapping away); we’re able to bring you the best of the best. The list consists of both local and international health foodies who we believe truly inspire wholesome, healthy living and simple, nourishing and real food.

The list features, Nutritionists, Nutritionists-to-be, Dieticians, Bloggers, Health and Wellness Coaches and those who are simply Instagrammers. Whether you eat wholesome, organic, vegetarian, vegan, raw, plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free or Paleo, sweet or savoury – there will be many people on this list who will knock your socks off! In no particular order:

1. @nourish_naturally

Dietician Rebecca Gawthorne posts the most bright, colourful, beautiful and positive posts that just burst with wellness and can only make you double tap and feel happy. From Rebecca’s feed you’ll get: healthy food inspiration, #fitspo, wanderlust and positive vibes.

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Photo credit: @nourish_naturally
Photo credit: @nourish_naturally

2. @naturally_nutritious

Nutritionist and food blogger Melanie knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to creating wholesome and nutritious meals that look nothing short of delicious. Her photos have a real homemade feel and are guaranteed to make you hungry for something baked.

Photo credit: @naturally_nutritious
Photo credit: @naturally_nutritious

3. @jessicakruger.dietitian

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Jessica Kruger boasts a fun, colourful and fresh Insta-feed that can only make you happy and keen to #eattherainbow. If you’re a healthy, happy-go-lucky kinda girl (or guy), then this is the account for you.

Photo credit: @thenaturalpantry
Photo credit: @thenaturalpantry

4. @samibloom

Sami is the ultimate plant-based nutritionist! Sami’s Instagram feed is filled with lots of super nourishing, homemade meals and snack ideas,  plus a bunch of plant-based diet tips and recipes.  Sami has also featured on The CASA DE KARMA Podcast where she dropped a bunch of golden nuggets to help you transition and thrive on a plant-based diet. Check it out here: How To Start A Plant-Based Diet with Sami Bloom.

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Photo credit: @samibloom
Photo credit: @samibloom

5. @jlfitnutrition

Julia is an accredited Nutritionist, health blogger and 2x cancer survivor. How is she different? Her thing is healthy morning meals – she’s got your breakfast and morning snack attack sorted with nutritious and delicious recipes and inspiration in every post. We love her raw and down to earth, positive vibe and that it’s not just about looking good, but about “using nutrition to build a strong, healthy body”.

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Photo credit: @jlfitnutrition
Photo credit: @jlfitnutrition

6. @elsas_wholesomelife

Dietician student, Ellie Bullen takes to Instagram to share her life and all things natural. Think healthy fresh food and time with Mother Nature. She’s amazing at taking a pretty picture and may just inspire you to live a healthier life.

Photo credit: @elsas_wholesomelife
Photo credit: @elsas_wholesomelife

7. @EllenFisher

New Mum to baby number 2, Ellen lives on the island of Maui with her family, where together they enjoy a vegan lifestyle. If you’re passionate about living a vegan lifestyle or are working towards a more raw or plant-based diet, then Ellen is surely one to follow. Particularly if you’re a lover of the island life, or a Mum, as her joyful posts that include her family will warm your heart and inspire you to make time to have fun and create memories with your mini-me.

Photo credit: @ellenfisher
Photo credit: @ellenfisher

8. @nibsandgreens

If you have a sweet tooth, Hallie and Reya are a must on your go-to list for healthy treats. The proof is in the pudding in that their recipes are awesome – shops around Portland where they’re based stock their delicious morsels. If you’re not based in Portland thankfully, they do share all their recipes on their blog (#winning!).

The twins have shared their incredible recipe for Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes here. The recipe is dairy free, gluten free, low sugar and vegan; but oh so delish!

Photo credit: @nibsandgreens
Photo credit: @nibsandgreens

9. @rawpantry

Perth based Courtney, is a talented ‘raw treats maker (because we can’t say ‘baker’!). If you have a sweet tooth and want healthy food inspiration (and the actual recipe) to make your own treats, Courtney’s feed will certainly do the trick. The recipes feature on her blog. Caution: Her posts may make you want to lick your screen!

rawpantry best instagram
Photo credit: @rawpantry

10. @thrivingonplants

If your aim is to consume a predominantly plant-based diet, then you should probably be following Cherie. She’s ah-maze at making #nicecream, and post great plant-based meals. Think, delicious fruit salads, raw vegan wraps, baked smokey paprika fries and so on… Mmmm!

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@thrivingonplants best instagram
Photo credit: @thrivingonplants

11. @ohsheglows

Canadian Angela Liddon is the New York Times best selling Author behind The Oh She Glows Cookbook. She has been on an amazing journey and is nothing short of an ah-mazing vegan recipe creator. She posts killer meals that are both savoury and sweet, but her gourmet vegan salads are what keep us double tapping.

Photo credit: @ohsheglows
Photo credit: @ohsheglows

12. @naturallymeghan

Meghan is a plant-based foodie and health blogger. Meghan is your go-to girl for healthy and delicious breakfast inspiration. Think fluffy pancake stacks, brightly coloured smoothie bowls, fruit, oats and delicious nana ice-cream creations… Yum!

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Photo credit: @naturallymeghan
Photo credit: @naturallymeghan

13. @coconutandbliss

Healthy recipes blogger and Media Student Sophie, posts a beautiful mix of healthy food inspiration. She covers both sweet and savoury, and does breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Some of the recipes are noted in the comments section for you (always awesome) and some refer you back to her blog or ebook (but are totally worth it)! Discover the recipe for Sophie’s delicious ‘Fudgy Brownies with a Salted Caramel sauce’ here.

Photo credit: @coconutandbliss
Photo credit: @coconutandbliss

14. @eatwithandy

Perth based food blogger and Instagrammer Andrea Brown, has a fun feed and posts food inspiration that you definitely can make yourself. Her food is not too fancy or complicated, but still looks yummy and can spark some great ideas for your healthy eating inspiration.

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@eatwithandi best instagram
Photo credit: @eatwithandy

15. @nutritiouswife

Can food be elegant? Because that’s the word we’d use to describe this collection of simple, healthy, organic food that’s photographed beautifully. Follow @nutritiouswife if you want beautiful but practical, delicious and healthy eating inspiration.

Photo credit: @nutritiouswife

16. @wholesome_ines

23 year old Ines is a breakfast & sweet treat enthusiast, mostly plant based and creates a mix of gluten-free, dairy free & vegan recipes. Ines is a must-follow for vegans with a sweet tooth!

Photo credit: @wholesome_ines

17. @thebarefoothousewife

Tina is the wonder-woman behind the blog, Tina’s passion for raw, natural, and plant-based whole foods shines through in every post; plus she has a brilliant eye for crafting gorgeous meals that make you want to eat your phone. Most meals are practical enough to make yourself, but her entire feed is just a joy to scroll regardless. Check out her beautiful and unique approach to wholesome eating.

Photo credit: @thebarefoothousewife

18. @alphafoodie

Plant-based perfection. Samira’s beautifully styled, fruity feed will not only have you salivating in seconds, but have you seriously reconsidering whether you’re ever going to eat anything other than plants again.

Photo credit: @alphafoodie

19. @theactivenutritionist

This lovely lass is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle that’s based on science, and we can’t really argue with that! The Dietician posts delicious eats from cafes around Sydney and on the Central Coast (NSW), as well as colourful dishes and snacks she makes herself. If you’re a lover of cafe dining (ideally Sydney-based) and want a twist of positive, healthy and active living, then this is the account for you.

Photo credit: @theactivenutritionist

20. @nourishingnicola

Nourishing foodie Nicola, shares healthy food inspiration that’s mostly wheat, dairy and sugar free. Her feed is a mix of the deliciousness she enjoys each day, and her latest and greatest sweet-treat recipes. She’s also created a scrumptious blog to share her passion for healthy food and living. Apart from the fact that she creates some mind-blowing treats, what we love most about Nicola is her balanced approach. She doesn’t believe in deprivation and believes in treating herself everyday (we think we can handle that kind of lifestyle!). Checkout the recipe for Nicola’s incredible raw, vegan choc-mint slices (that feature below) here. They’re raw, free from gluten, sugar and dairy and they’re vegan!

Photo credit: @nourishingnicola

21. @feedingmindbodysoul

We discovered Chelsea early on in our quest for healthy food inspiration, and she’s not only withstood the test of time but become an all-time favourite! As a dancer, requiring lots of fuel and nourishment to stay well, she doesn’t believe in diets, but in trusting, honouring, nurturing and loving your body (and a little reminder to act with self-love never hurt anyone). Our most favourite posts of Chelsea’s are her fruit-topped pancakes and breakfast bowls (so pretty much every post!), especially the ones that are styled with an open book and cup of tea. If you love the strawberry and banana combo, check her out!

Photo credit: @feedingmindbodysoul

22. @lm_nutrition

Third year Dietetics student, Lauren Marino knows how to inspire! Her plant-based feed is destined to make any belly grumble, but more importantly; Lauren has (perhaps unconsciously), created the perfect feed for easy and cheap healthy eating ideas – which is often just what you need! Think delicious rainbow bowls, toast with every topping and flavour combination you can think of, and tasty creations such as this sushi bowl. Yummy.

Photo credit: @lm_nutrition

23. @missnaturallyashley

Holistic Health Coach Ashley Clark, has the fruitiest of feeds – we’re addicted to the bursts of colour and positivity. You’re bound to learn lots of new ways to eat fruit and the heath benefits of doing so when you follow Ashley.

Photo credit: @missnaturallyashley


Nom, nom, nom! The most scrumptious recipes that will make even strict meat eaters jump on the vegan bandwagon. Sweet breakfasts and desserts are the highlights with there being a vegan version of everything such as waffles, tarts, pancakes, brownies, popsicles, breakfast pizza (don’t miss this one!), ice cream sandwiches, cookies, donuts, cheesecake… You get the point :).
Photo credit:

25. @gardenheart_holistic

Holistic Nutritionist Elli boasts an exquisite feed that provides a break from the bursts of colour from some of the other feeds, just perfectly. Using her exquisite styling and photography skills, her feed has an earthy, garden-to-plate feel with dark tones of wood, aged crockery and seasonal recipes that are in tune with what’s fresh and in season at the time. In one word, Elli’s feed is nourishing. So go on, nourish yourself! Or checkout Elli’s recipe for the delicious Raw Honey & Lemon Truffles that feature below (they consist of nothing but goodness – honest!)

raw honey and lemon truffles
Photo credit: @gardenheart_holistic

 26. @rawspirations

Healthy Recipe Developer and Blogger, Sabrina creates both raw and baked, vegan and vegetarian meals and treats.  Follow her to enjoy a mix of delicious and easy lunch and dinner ideas, as well as mouth-watering dessert recipes such as raw vegan snickers and this passionfruit, lemon and baobob cheesecake!

Photo credit: @rawinspirations

27. @nutritiondarling 

Given Cinzia’s passion for gluten-free, vegan, organic and seasonal foods, it comes as no surprise that her feed is a feast of healthy food (and life) inspirations. She’s also inspiring others all the way into their shopping carts and kitchens, with her own range of nutritious muesli, granola (featured in the photo below) and smoothie bombs, which we think is pretty inspirational and deserves a shout out!

Photo credit: @nutritiondarling

28. @sweetenedwithdates

Christy promotes natural living, including consuming a whole foods, nut-free, plant-based diet. Her feed is absolutely beautiful and bursting with delicious colourful creations that we wish we could eat right from our phone (checkout her feed and you’ll know what we mean). Furthermore, her feed is the perfect inspirational mix of (plant-based) savoury and sweet meals that you will just love, love, love!

Photo credit: @plantstrong_mom

29. @missvegansunshine

Melanie is another with a feed that can be likened to an edible rainbow. She also shares the love so much with fellow vegan friends on Instagram that she’s a great one to follow for a) healthy food inspiration, and b) to discover beautiful new accounts!

Photo credit :@missvegansunshine


30. @miranda.virgona

Melbourne-based Miranda is the girl to follow if you’re after high carb, low fat (HCLF) plant-based meal inspiration. Think yummy rainbow salad bowls! She’s also a body builder and biological science student so if you’re a bit of a gym-bunny yourself, Miranda is sure to inspire you.

Photo credit: @miranda.virgona

31. @thehealthyhunter

As a health food blogger, Holly offers the most exquisite, flavour-rich, yet simple meal inspiration. Start following her now, and check out her blog for the accompanying recipes such as 15minute chicken noodle soup, a delicious prawn and chickpea curry, miso tofu curry… The list goes on!

Photo credit: @thehealthyhunter

32. @earthlytaste

Oh my, oh my, oh my! You must checkout Consuelo’s Instagram feed! The photo below does justice to the savoury posts, but you must cast your eyes over her to-die-for pancakes and other sweet treats! Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe how delish they look!

Photo credit: @honeyandfigsblog


We started following Sophie for her savoury meal inspiration, and got hooked once we saw the sweets treats she shares. As a Nutritionist & Plant-Based Recipe Developer, Sophie shares the perfect balance of sweet and savoury inspiration for all meals of the day. She also shares the recipes for the food she posts so that you can re-create the dishes in your own kitchen. What more can you ask for?!
Photo credit:

34. @leefromamerica

Lee shares the most scrumptious healthy meals – her creative salad/buddah/lunch bowls may be the highlight, but it’s so hard to pick! Plus she loves travelling, a holistic lifestyle and plants as much as we do, so naturally we think she’s awesome.

Photo credit: @leefromamerica

35. @taras_transformation

Whether you fancy a dinner of spicy cajun chicken breast with tender stem broccoli, green beans and roasted potato wedges (as featured below), or you’re more into epic snacks, such as a buckwheat rice cake topped with raspberry chia jam, fig, blueberries, passion fruit and desiccated coconut… You will love Tara’s feed! Follow Tara and along the way you’ll be inspired by her journey in losing over 30 kilograms and gaining a whole lot of health and happiness – she’s undoubtedly amongst the best weight loss Instagram accounts.

Photo credit: @taras_transformation

36. @the_fitness_dietician

Brisbane based Leanne is an excellent health inspiration to us all. Thanks to a degree in dietetics and a passion for fitness, her positive posts are the perfect blend of healthy food and fitness to keep you motivated all week long. Follow Leanne if you’re after a dose of #fitspo with your healthy food inspiration!

Photo credit: @the_fitness_dietician

37. @fullyrawkristina 

Kristina’s posts are incredibly beautiful and bright displays of fruit and her healthy lifestyle (including running a fresh food co-op!). Though like everyone on social media, she’s so much more than beautiful pictures. Her posts are often accompanied with real, honest words and feelings that inspire and help others – and that’s worthy of an applaud. She is a beautiful soul with a beautiful feed, and that’s clearly why she has amassed a zillion followers!

Photo credit: @fullyrawkristina

38. @panaceas_pantry

Kath and Jade are making serious waves in the Instagram world. And rightly so. They are up there in the best of the best when it comes to wholesome and delicious treats and desserts. It’s unlikely you’ll pass one of their posts without double tapping. If you have a sweet tooth, you should checkout their feed right now.

Photo credit: @panaceas_pantry

39. @_rachelbutler

Get healthy food inspiration with a side of happiness when you follow Rachel on her health journey. You can easily recreate what she posts, such as the spelt toast with delicious toppings featured below, or a sweet snack such as fresh figs dipped in dark chocolate and pistachio nuts, yum!

Photo credit: @_rachelbutler

40. @sheloveseating 

What can we say, other than Tanith knows how to make a delicious and healthy meal for any time of the day! Her creations are vegan but really can be enjoyed by everyone! If you like ice cream (or more appropriately, nice cream); or you really love a good breakfast, Tanith is another beautiful Instagrammer to add to your list.

Photo credit: @sheloveseating

41. _thebalancedkitchen

Shana Paige is the lass behind @_thebalancedkitchen and she’s a Nutritionist in the making. Based on her food creations and choices now, we think she’ll be good at it! Thanks to her Photographer skills, her posts are super aesthetically pleasing and her feed looks like the best of a recipe magazine, rolled into an Instagram feed.

Photo credit: @_thebalancedkitchen

42. @talinegabriel

For a beyond beautiful source of wholesome meals and free-spirited living, Taline is your woman. Her feed is a constant ‘go-to’ of ours, and the ultimate black hole’ of Instagram (aka you can scroll for hours!). She has an app and cookbook so that you can re-create the tropical rainbow bowls and chocolate treats from her Instagram feed, in your very own kitchen.

Photo credit: @talinegabriel

43. @jess_mycleantreats

As per her spot-on bio, Jess creates mouth-watering, clean desserts. See photo below for proof. Is your mouth watering? Yes? We told you so… No? Look some longer :)! Yep, she’s another absolute must-follow if you’ve got a sweet tooth, like to bake or just like to look at delicious food!

Photo credit: @jess_mycleantreats

44. @nourishtheday

Adelaide based Gabrielle is passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle, and currently studying nutrition and dietetics. Not only are her posts the best of healthy food inspiration, but best of all, she also posts the recipe in the comments below so you can make it your self too! How awesome is that?! The best!

Photo credit: @nourishtheday

45. @mynewroots 

Ok, so you’re probably heard of how awesome Sarah is and all about My New Roots somewhere before. And if not, well today is your lucky day. As a Holistic Nutritionist looking to share her knowledge and passion for healthy food inspiration, Sarah starting blogging back in 2007. Nowadays, through her nourishing recipes, she’s helping people from across the globe eat better every day. Sarah is a must-follow, especially if you’re happy to get in the kitchen and have some fun.


46. @vanessagoesvegan

From brownies and baked potatoes to vegan pesto and sushi bowls, Melbourne based Vanessa will give you the healthy food inspiration you’re after; especially if you’re vegan or transitioning to this lifestyle!

Photo credit: @vanessagoesvegan

47. @chloe_mcleod_dietician

Chloe is a Sydney-based Dietician, so naturally her feed offers lots of practical healthy eating – and living – inspiration. She’s also an in-house Dietician for one of our fave health brands Goodness Me Box – an awesome health food sampling service where you get a box of new yummy, healthy snacks to try each month, delivered straight to your door – check it out.

Photo credit: @chloe_mcleod_dietitian

48. @nadiafelsch

If you want to overhaul your relationship with food, Nadia has a really beautiful philosophy that you might like to explore. She values a wholefoods lifestyle, where you know the source of your produce and go for quality over quantity. For a bit of light-hearted, healthy living inspiration, fun (nutrition) facts and mouthwatering-yet-practical meal ideas, Nadia is your woman.

Photo credit: @nadiafelsch

49. @laurafordnutrition

Follow Melbourne-based Nutritionist, Laura, for mix of posts that promote balance, normality, and a mix of healthy food inspiration that’s eaten out and at home.

Photo credit: @laurafordnutrition

50. @holy_cacao

Last but definitely not least, Sarah knows how to create a mean breakfast bowl that will have you poking and your phone as you try to pull it out so you can eat it! We’re also really loving her blue theming to many of the pics (as per below) which really makes her stand out of the crowd and catches your eye as you’re scrolling through your feed. Bravo Sarah.

Photo credit: @holy_cacao

Think we missed someone? Add to this list of the best healthy Instagram accounts and add their Instagram name via the comment section below.

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  1. I love clean eating instagram accounts. It’s in this way that social media has the power to positively impact and inspire people to be healthier, and get free healthy food advice. Thank you for this list, have followed a few just now x

  2. Awesome list – really found a good bunch and saved us some time! Great for some inspiration. Have also followed some now! Thanks.

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