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7 Of The Healthiest Airfryer Meals For Dinner

Using heat, hot air and a tiny bit of oil, the airfryer has revolutionised the concept of whipping up a quick bite to eat. It’s a gadget that’s quickly becoming a must-have kitchen essential across the globe and one of the best features of the digital airfryer is that it is making cooking a fried dish healthier, quicker and easier. 

By reducing the amount of oil you need to make fried foods taste amazing, you can cut down on saturated fats and still enjoy tucking into the dishes you love. We’ve researched 6 of the best and healthiest smart airfryer made meals for dinner so you can follow suit:

Zucchini fries

Tasty, crispy and delicious, zucchini fries are the perfect starter dish or accompaniment with dinner. You decide whether to make them thin and crunchy or chunky wedges.  Keep them as healthy and low fat as possible by dipping in Greek yoghurt for a low-fat tasty treat.

Baked sweet potato

Rich in antioxidants and full of fibre, a baked sweet potato cooked in the air fryer is crunchy on the outside and sweet and tasty on the inside. It’s perfect for a quick dinner after a long day at work or for giving the kids a tasty tea, without spending hours slaving over the oven. Pair with all your favourite toppings to make it extra tasty. Try yours with beans, cheese or avocado and enjoy the healthy and nutritious dinnertime meal.

Fried ravioli

Shake up your favourite dinnertime pasta dish by cooking ravioli in the airfryer instead of boiling it. It’s super healthy and still has the same great taste, with a tantalising crispy texture that adds a little extra something.  Season with oregano, garlic and basil for a guaranteed taste sensation that’s sure to go down a hit with the whole family.

Tofu scramble

The perfect vegetarian dinner, tofu can be used in several different dishes and is a perfect healthy alternative to your favourite takeaway. It’s ideal for making fragrant Thai and Chinese dishes with, all you need to do is mix your favourite sauce and pair with steaming hot rice or noodles.

Falafel burger

A satiating mix of chickpeas, garlic and herbs, a falafel burger is the perfect healthy airfryer meal to make when you’re craving something a little bit naughty. It’s much healthier than a traditional burger but still ticks all the boxes, pair yours with some airfryed chips for a homecooked cheat meal.

Fried prawns

Healthy and delicious, fresh prawns are perfect when cooked in an airfryer and make the ideal starter or main course. Season yours with a little oil and chilli for a juicy, fresh and healthy meal.

 Chicken tenders

A comforting dinner dish that’s sure to go down well with family members of all ages, chicken tenders or strips cooked in the airfryer have never tasted so good. All you need to do is prepare your buttermilk, dip the chicken in, then roll in the breadcrumbs before popping in the airfryer.

Once you start using your air fryer, you’ll be able to eat deep fried food, without any of the negatives that come with deep frying. Versatile and speedy, these are just some of tasty treats you can make, without having to worry about the fat content.

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