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9 Tools & Resources To Inspire Your Gratitude Practice

I’ve been practicing gratitude since I was 13 years old and I truly believe that gratitude has made my life infinitely better in so many ways. Over the past decade I’ve drawn inspiration for my gratitude practice from many different tools and resources.

Here are 3 of my favourite TOOLS for practicing gratitude, as well as 7 of my favourite RESOURCES that are currently inspiring my gratitude practice.

1. Gratitude notebooks

You can definitely use any kind of notebook as your gratitude journal, to write down what you’re grateful for. I sometimes find myself writing down what I’m grateful for on any piece of paper that I can get my hands on. However, I find that I’m a lot more consistent with taking the time to write down my gratitudes when I have a designated notebook for it. I also get more enjoyment out of it and am more likely to do it when it’s a really cute and well-designed notebook. Gratitude notebooks are popping up everywhere (which is awesome!) and I particularly love the ones from Kikki.k like this one.

kikki.k thankful journal
Kikki.k Thankful Journal. Source: @kikki.k / Instagram.

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2. Thank you cards

I’m a huge advocate of sincerely thanking people and my favourite way to do this at the moment is by sending them a handwritten thank you card. Getting mail that isn’t bills is a rarity these days, so I find that people love getting something special just for them in the mail. I love keeping a stack of thank you cards (and stamps) ready to go, so when I want to express my gratitude to someone in writing it’s super easy to do. I love buying packs of thank you cards from Kikki.k and these ones are currently my favourites.

3. Gratitude tokens

My very first gratitude practice began with a rock. I would carry this small rock with me everyday and used it as a reminder to think of something I was grateful for. Over time my gratitude tokens have been other rocks, a keychain, small crystals and even pieces of jewellery. I find that having a gratitude token that I keep on me most of the time is a really awesome way to be reminded to be grateful throughout the day. My current gratitude token is a rose quartz bracelet by Violet Gray Design.

violet gray design intentional jewellery
Bracelets by Violet Gray Design. Source: @violetgraydesign / Instagram

Here are 6 of my favourite resources that are currently inspiring my gratitude practice:

1. This TEDx talk about the Top Five Movement by Clare Desira.

2. This book by Janice Kaplan who decided to spent one year living gratefully.

3. This guided meditation to start the morning in a grateful way by Melissa Ambrosini.

melissa ambrossini meditation
Melissa Ambrosini leading a meditation at her weekly Goddess Group. Source: @melissaambrosini / Instagram

4. This article by Danielle LaPorte on why gratitude isn’t always the best responses when you’re experiencing something bad.

5. This style of writing down what I’m grateful for — as a short thank you letter to whatever it is.

6. This list of prompts to help you when you’re struggling with what to acknowledge your gratitude for.

Now I’d love to hear from you – what resources or tools help to inspire your gratitude practice? Share away in the comments below!

Gratitude Tools & Resources
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Chloe Wigan Coach | Writer | Blogger

Chloe is a super passionate certified life coach, writer and blogger with a background in psychology, who's mission is to inspire incredible young humans to transcend what they think is possible. She picked up her first self-development book when she was 12, started practicing gratitude and meditating when she was 13, and now she coaches people who want to create a life they love. She is also the creator of The 28 Day Gratitude Project.

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  1. Such a beautiful article Chloe, thank you for sharing. I love Mel Ambrosini’s meditations too. And loved Clare’s Top 5 concept 🙂

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