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Add the Wow Factor To Your Home With Window Shutters

Having just the right kind of window dressing can really make or break the look of a room inside your home, and the same applies for any external window coverings as well. Our eyes are naturally drawn to windows, so you want them to look their best, as well as the coverings being practical and functional.

One of the most popular choices available today are window shutters, and in this post we’ll take a look at how you can create that wow factor when you have window shutters installed.

Common Options for Window Shutters

It’s always good to have a choice of materials and designs when it comes to window shutters. As far as materials and styles go the three most popular options include:

Timber is always a popular choice for window shutters, as it’s a natural material that adds an organic look and feel, and timber never goes out of style. Another point to note is that, when looked after, timber will last for many years and always looks good.

Plantation shutters have been around for centuries, and get their name from the deep south of America, where they were installed on plantation homes as a way to help keep them cool in a hot and humid climate.

Aluminium shutters are also a fantastic choice, as they are highly durable, lightweight and very strong. The really cool thing about aluminium is it can easily be coloured to any hue. This means you’ll be able to match it up perfectly with your decor when you install interior aluminium shutters, or the colours of your home when installed on the outside of the windows.

Internal Or External – The Choice Is Yours

You have the option of installing shutters internally or externally, as was mentioned above. That’s one of the really versatile aspects about window shutters. When it comes to curtains or blinds, you really can’t have these on the outside of your home. Your only other real option would be installing awnings.

On the interior of your home, window shutters are really a showpiece. They also perform like Venetian blinds, in the way that they have horizontal slats that can be angled to let in the light and breeze, whilst still maintaining your privacy. This is one of the really cool advantages window shutters have over some other forms of popular window coverings, such as curtains.

If installing plantation shutters, you just need to have sufficient room around your windows to be able to open the shutters fully, as they swing out like barn doors.

Not all shutters perform this way though, as there are timber and aluminium shutters that glide back and forth like panel glide blinds, and really do look fantastic.

The greatest advantage to installing window shutters externally is protection of the windows, as well as keeping out the heat of the sun. In windy weather or episodes of hail, external shutters, especially those made from aluminium, will really give your windows the protection they need.

Match Your Shutters To Your Style and Decor

Every manufacturer of window shutters will generally have their own range of colours you can choose from, so it really depends on who you deal with as to what you can actually get.

Shutters made from timber will most commonly be in more neutral and traditional colours, such as a natural wood grain look, white, beige and pastels. However, you can get bold colours in timber as well, if you really want to make a statement in a particular room.

Whether you go for aluminium or timber, plantations shutters or those that glide, you really do get a pretty good choice of colours to suit everyone’s taste and decor. Neutral colours are obviously the safest as they will go with anything, but in bedrooms you might want something darker to keep the early morning sunlight out.

Elegant and Timeless Design

You really can’t go wrong with window shutters for your home, both internally and outdoors as well. They’ll even add value to your home and will stay looking great for years.

Shutters don’t really go out of date, which is evident by the longevity of plantation shutters.

Curtains and blinds can look good too, but are not always very practical or offer much control. With window shutters you get practicality and aesthetics combined.

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