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Best Airports For Duty Free Beauty & Health Products

The duty free market is experiencing a boom, with sales in Korea alone increasing by 35% in 2018 and as a result, many beauty & health brands are providing their best products and offers yet, to those in transit. Products are priced differently depending on location, so it is important to know where the best deals are.

Here is what you need to know to hunt down a bargain in the airport duty free, and achieve your beauty goals:

The cheapest airports to shop at

With duty free prices, you’re bound to find a bargain, though some airports are cheaper than others. In general, you will find the cheapest prices at Grand Cayman, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. If you can get a flight that connects at any of these airports, then you will have the best chance of snapping up a good deal on everything from organic bath bombs, to travel products such as suitcases from Qantas store. Here is where to get the best products at the cheapest price, when it comes to skincare, makeup and fragrances.

  • For skincare: A shop for makeup and perfume wouldn’t be complete without purchasing some incredible skincare products. Airports have all the best brands, along with a few exclusive and luxury lines, often at a significant discount. Some airports will cost more though, so confine your search for moisturisers to Singapore Changi airport or JFK if you are flying domestically. Travellers report these places to have the cheapest skincare range.
  • For makeup: Makeup can boost confidence, and it is an essential part of any wellness lover’s packing list. If this is your main priority, then aim to fly via an airport with a large and affordable stock of beauty products. You will find this in Vienna, London, and Dubai. These are large and popular airports, so you’re bound to pass through at some point if you travel frequently. When you do, make sure to stock up on lipstick and eyeliner.
  • For fragrances: A splash of perfume has been shown to boost confidence, so it’s an important part of your self-love routine. Airports are full of fragrance bottles, generally at a decreased price. However, some airports will charge more than others. If you want the best deal, then head to London, Madrid or Porto airport.

Arriving a few hours early to an airport is an important way to practice self-care while travelling. Doing so will alleviate the stress or anxiety of missing your flight and give you time to browse the duty free shopping area.

Which of the destinations mentioned are you heading to next and will you be making any duty free purchases? Share in the comment section below 🙂

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