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7 Healthy Cafes In Canggu You Need To Visit At Least Once

After cafe-hopping around for the last 9 months, I very much have my favourite places that I go back to time and time again…

The cafe scene in Bali offers an abundance of unique, fresh and healthy food like no where else in the world. So narrowing this list down so it didn’t take 2 weeks to write was tricky :). Overall, in terms of great food, ambiance and value for money, these are my favourite cafes in Canggu:

1. The Shady Shack

Since moving to this side of Canggu, this healthy cafe has become my numero uno – some days I may even visit twice. Tucked away in the palm trees and with a delicious vegetarian/vegan-friendly menu, it’s no surprise that Shady pulls in the crowd.

Personal favourites from The Shady Shack menu include: All the smoothie bowls, the banana oats, all of the salad bowls – especially the halloumi one, the Shady burger, the coffee, cacao smoothie… Pretty much the whole menu :)!

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the shady shack best vegetarian cafes canggu

2. Peloton Supershop

Peloton is hands down the best (dedicated) plant-based, vegan cafe in Canggu. Before we moved to the Batu Bolong-side of Canggu, this was my go-to. I love their conscious-living philosophies.

When it comes to Peloton’s menu, like Shady, it’s all amazing. Think super creative and flavoursome salad bowls, smoothie bowls, burgers, lettuce cup tacos and nasi campur. Couple your meal with something from the drinks menu and/or a sweet treat from those on offer.

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peloton supershop best cafes canggu

3. Cafe Vida

Vida has great vibes and a yummy, healthy menu that caters to any meal of the day. I love the little tropical, Balinese area out the back where you can sit on cushions.

As for the food – the Cafe Vida menu is huge. Favourites include the tropical fruit salad, dill salmon eggs, vitality green breakfast bowl, fish tacos, healthy bowl, summer salad and Thai green curry. The smoothies and coffees are fab and they also serve the delicious cheesecakes and tarts from the incredible Made’s Banana Flour Bakery up the road (also a must-try while in Canggu).

cafe vida best cafes in canggu

4. Quince

Quince cafe & lifestyle boutique is owned and run by Armen andMichelle, a lovely Balinese-Australian couple who relocated from Melbourne to Bali, to continue sharing their love for quality food and interiors, while bringing up their son amongst the beauty and traditions of this island.

What they bring to the Canggu cafes scene is a breath of fresh air. It’s a beautiful setting, the service is unrivalled by any other cafe in Canggu, and thanks to the high quality ingredients that they use, as well as the the carefully crafted recipes, the flavours in each dish seriously ‘wow’ your tastebuds.

As for the menu – if you feel like something savoury, try the spinach fritters. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, try the coconut crumpets. The salads are a great lunch option and the trusty avocado on toast with eggs and greens is always good! If option anxiety still prevails, Armen will be able to help you pick the perfect plate.

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quince cafe canggu

5. Coffee & Oven

Coffee & Oven is effortlessly awesome without needing to be hipster and trendy – probably why it’s so popular amongst the local expats. The coffee is great and the menu is filled with simple, fresh meals that honour tradition. To top it all off, the prices represent incredible value for money.

Highlights from the menu include the omelettes with fresh bread baskets, egg omelette sandwich, fruit pancakes, shakshuka,  beetroot burger and avocado shake. Though keeping it simple with their pastry and bread baskets will be equally pleasing!

coffee and oven best breakfast canggu

6. Betelnut

I love the novelty factor of eating upstairs – it feels like you’re in an oversized tree house!

Betelnut is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner – the menu has loads of yummy options. Personal favourites include the fish burrito, big salad bowl, raw gado gado. The smoothies & coffees are also on point!

Betelnut is also home to Canggu’s best cheesecakes – do not leave without trying one. I’ve done the hard work for you and can confirm they’re all amazing and worth every calorie.

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betelnut best cafes canggu

7. Crate Cafe

Crate is hipster central but popular for good reason – it has great food and great coffee. I avoided it for a long time because it’s always so crowded, however have discovered that going early allows me to enjoy both the best part of the day and what Crate has to offer.

Their coffee is amongst Canggu’s best and the menu is cheap, healthy and caters to everyone. Right now I’m loving their new chia cups, however the breaky platter, peas please and fritters are also wise choices.

crate cafe best cafes canggu

Now it’s your turn. Which one from this list sounds best to you? Or if you’ve been to Canggu, where’s your favourite cafe? Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from you. 

P.S. Who do you know that’s Bali-bound and may find this article helpful? Share it with them now, they’ll thank you for it later!

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  1. Amazing list. These really are the best cafes and coffee spots in Canggu. I love the Shady Shack and Crate. As you say, they’re busy, but for good reason.

    1. Hi Tina, thanks so much for sharing – I love hearing other people’s favourites. I love Monsier Spoon too, particularly for breaky or dessert in the garden is so peaceful. Have you tried the apple pie or choc tart (oh my!). I also find Eden, Machinery and Nude great to do some work from (especially due to the air-con) but not necessarily the best when it comes to food. Though the choc-mint smoothie and hulk smoothie bowl at Eden are so yum!!

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