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14 Spiritual Instagram Accounts Guaranteed To Feed Your Soul

If you want to inspire, entertain and educate your soul through beautiful photos and meaningful words, then following these 14 spiritual Instagram accounts is a must.

After months of scrolling we’ve carefully hand-picked our favourite Instagram accounts and collated them here for you. To get the most out of this list be sure to follow the accounts that resonate with you. And if you’re looking for extra soul food, don’t miss Mastering The Art Of Self-Love – a (free) mini eCourse designed to help you cultivate a self-care practice. Enjoy the list and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section at the end!

1. @soulshineastrology

Some of us wonder if we’re in careers that are best suited to us and if we are living out our brightest and fullest potential. Let Natalie Walstein expand your cosmic consciousness around your life + career, so you can collaborate harmoniously with the universe, and spread more of your personal brand of much-needed magic out into the world.

@soulshineastrology spiritual instagram account
Image via @soulshineastrology / Instagram.

2. @intuitivekristin

Kristin Marie Rodriguez is a Spiritual Teacher, Angel Intuitive + Energy Healer. If connecting to your intuition, your inner voice and your true self is something you want to focus on, Kristin is your girl.

@intuitivekristin zen instagram accounts
Image via @intuitivekristin / Instagram

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3. @innerhue

Lauren Aletta is a teacher, writer and guide on all things intuition and energy. If your ready to re-connect with your passions, access your intuition, and nourish your soul, then cast your eyes over Lauren’s feed and hit follow. Tending to your heart, Lauren walks the path of inner exploration with you, filling you with empowerment to start creating the life you want to live.

@innerhue Magic Maker Spirtual Instagram Accounts
Image via @innerhue / Instagram

4. @coconutandlime

Leana Marie has created a calming space online where she share everything that inspires her and makes her happy. Through soft colours and flowing words, Leana speak to the ray of sunshine within you. To light yourself up and beam sunshine into the life of others, connect with Leana now.

@coconutandlime Soulful Instagram Accounts
Image via @coconutandlime / Instagram

5. @mona.moon.beam

Mona Moon is a yoga teacher and shamanic healing practitioner sharing her journey from shame to self worth. Yogis and wellness lovers can tap into their true essence by connecting with Mona and scrolling her beautiful, holistic healing feed! Mona is also contributor to CASA DE KARMA. Listen to our incredible interview with her here or read her insightful words here.

shamanic healing practitioner
Image via @mona.moon.beam / Instagram

6. @thedarlingtree

Jo Klima’s posts and feed reflects the core values of art, spirit, creativity, learning, freedom, inspiration, community and self. She is also the designer of the absolutely divine ‘BNE Inner Star Oracle Deck’. Go on and treat yourself to these oracle cards or the ones mentioned below (or both!).

@thedarlingtree zen instagram accounts
Image via @thedarlingtree / Instagram

7. @starseeddesigns

Danielle Noel is the Creator of THE STARCHILD TAROT & upcoming MOONCHILD TAROT. This unique and cosmic deck touches on various themes and styles connected to magic, spiritualism, and the wonders of the Universe. Awaken to the magic of your own heart and voice!

@starseeddesigns spiritual tarot card instagram acccounts
Image via @starseeddesigns / Instagram

8. @wabisabiwell

Yogi & Holistic Trainer Brieann brings us Wabi-Sabi – a holistic cross-pollination of intention-driven movement, meditation and other self-renewing rituals. Her way with words with have you reading each caption till the end, while inviting your to return to your truest Self to live harmoniously in flow.

@wabisabiwell best yoga instagram accounts
Image via @wabisabiwell / Instagram

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9. @thesoulwork

Meg is a must-follow for soulful entrepreneurs & creative gypsies. Meg’s dream is to help you be inspired, to live out your soul’s work. She also offers goddess workshops and creative coaching.

@thesoulwork zen instagram accounts
Image via @thesoulwork / Instagram

10. @goodjujutribe

Boasting hundreds of thousands of followers, this feed consists of beautiful images to inspire you daily and feed your soul. This Instagram account radiates positive energy making it perfect for the free spirits, dreamers, & lovers of life!

@goodjujutribe best instagram accounts
Image via @goodjujutribe / Instagram

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11. @soulsistercircle

Soul Sister Circle is a sacred sisterhood of artists, musicians, designers, healers, holistic health practitioners, wellness coaches, life coaches and initiative’s, all coming together to help one another through collaboration. If you’d like to be part of a strong support network that nurtures personal, professional and spiritual growth, this is not just an account that you can follow, but a circle you can be a part of.

@soulsistercircle popular instagram accounts
Image via @soulsistercircle / Instagram

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12. @emma.mildon

Emma Mildon is endlessly exploring the world of holistic living and sharing her wisdom. From surfing, meditation and yoga, to life coaching and spiritual courses in channeling, to numerology – Emma shares the knowledge she has gained from gurus, shamans and teachers across the globe. She is also the best selling author of ‘The Soul Searcher’s Handbook’.

@emma.mildon best spiritual instagram accounts
Image via @emma.mildon / Instagram

13. @holistic_health_practitioner

Using mindfulness and tantra, Machelle Leigh helps women to tap into their deepest wisdom to find their own power and create the life they love. Connect with Machelle to elevate your self love and capacity to be the most awake and highest version of you. Definitely one of the best zen Instagram accounts.

Machelle Leigh Spiritual Instagram Account
Image via: @holistic_health_practitioner / Instagram

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Helen Jacobs is a Soul Guide, Psychic and Conduit – to your soul’s blueprint, your expanse of spiritual support and the collective consciousness. For those embarking on their soul path, her posts offer insight to help lead you through the various phases of your life. A must-follow for the spiritual being. best zen instagram accounts
Image via / Instagram

Now it’s your turn! We’d love to hear your favourite spiritual Instagram accounts. Help us inspire the thousands of women that visit CASA DE KARMA each month by sharing them via the comment section below.

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