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How To De-Stress At Work With Mindfulness

Does your workday feel like an epic grind, leaving you hanging for the weekend or living for your next holiday?

We spend a huge chunk of our lives at work, and while I can’t promise I can make your actual job better, I can show you how it can be less stressful for you – by applying the concept of mindfulness to your workday.
So much of our stress is brought on ourselves due to our poor mental habits of rejecting the present moment and overwhelming ourselves with future worries or past obsessions. But when we practice mindfulness at work and pay attention to the present moment, any task can become a source of joy and peace – or at least become less stressful!
What is mindfulness exactly? According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, it means “paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally”.
Below are 7 simple mindfulness tips and exercises that you can try, to get the most out your work day. They will not only help you to stress less, but they will also boost your focus and productivity.

1. Set your intention to honour the present moment

Create a habit of each morning, taking a couple of moments to breathe deeply and mentally set the intention to stay calm, present and focused throughout the day.

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2. Do one thing at a time

There are so many mindfulness tips and tricks but this one has to be one of the best. Practice focusing your attention only on the task you are doing right NOW. Slow your movements and thoughts down until you are completely focused and absorbed with the task at hand.

3. Find moments of pleasure

Whether it’s having the occasional gaze out of the window, stopping to laugh with a colleague or appreciating a task that you enjoy or do well, savour the moments you find fun or enjoyable. The more you notice and enjoy them the more you will find.

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4. Be present with others

Stop what you’re doing or thinking when someone is speaking to you, and really listen to them and pay attention.

5. Get back in touch with your physical body regularly

As often as you can, especially on your breaks, see if you can drop down from your ”thinking mind” into your “feeling body”. Have a little stretch, go for a short walk, or do a few minutes of deep breathing. When eating your lunch or having a cup of tea, slow down and pay attention to the physical sensations, the taste and texture of the food, or the warmth of the tea.

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6. Set reMINDers

To help you to stick to your mindful intentions, place a few small stickers  on your computer, phone, desk or on anything you see and use regularly. Every time you see the stickers, use them as a reminder to pause and bring your awareness back into the present moment.

7. At the end of the day, return to your breath

At the end of the day before you rush off, take another few minutes to focus on your breathing and congratulate yourself for your mindfulness. Importantly, set the intention to leave your work behind you for the day. It’s finished. Carry your mindful attitude home with you so that you can truly enjoy your recreational activities and precious time with friends and family.

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Do you struggle with stress or practising mindfulness at work? Share what do you do to maintain or get back into a state of calm via the comment section below – I’d love to know!

Tips and Tricks For Mindfulness At Work
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Sharee James Naturopath and Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Sharee James is a naturopath and a yoga and meditation teacher dedicated to helping people like you to live your life with more calm and less struggle. You can start now with her free cheat sheet, 'Stress-Less: 10 Quick & Easy tips to Help You Slow Down, Find Calm & Enjoy the Moment' (grab it now at

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  1. I practice setting intentions at the start of my day most days out of habit and it really works – I LOVE it. But I really like the idea of doing it again at the end of the day, and set an intention to “leave work at work”. I wish my office would make us do that together – maybe if I have my own business one day I can incporporate that into the culture :). It would be such a beautiful ritual and probably allow people to go home and rejuvenate so they’re fresh for the next day. x

    1. Oh, it would be so great if companies practiced mindfulness with their staff…some forward thinking companies already do, hopefully it will catch on! Glad you enjoyed it

  2. I love, love, love, love, love this article Sharee – such great tips and overall message. Thank you for sharing. I may even have to print this out and pop it at my desk! X

    1. Hi Tasha, why don’t you print the article out and put it up somewhere near your desk so you remember Monday morning. Some days we need reminders!! Have a fab weekend 🙂

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