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PODCAST | How To Start Eating With Intention with Cassandra Bodzak

Best selling Author Cassandra Bodzak, teaches us how to heal our relationship with food and start using our intuition & eating with intention.

If you’re stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle or simply find yourself mindlessly chomping away, this episode is for you.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What intuitive eating is
  • What breaks our intuitive eating behaviours
  • Cassandra’s own journey to and with intuitive eating
  • How to start eating with intention
  • The ways your body will speak to you (and that you can speak to it!)
  • How to create rituals with food, meditation and self-care
  • Cassandra’s top tip to regain control of negative talk when you feel you can’t eat with intention.
  • How to un-do chronic dieting habits or a destructive relationship with food


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