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Expert Product Review: Amazonia Raw Cold & Flu

Amazonia have just expanded their ‘Raw’ nutrition and wellness range, adding a new Cold & Flu Relief spray (size: 50ml,  price: $34.95) to the line. In response, our health experts – Naturopath, Alison Mitchell, and Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist, Carla Brion – have trialled and reviewed the product, to share their experience and expert opinion with you. Here’s what they had to say:

Alison’s Review of Amazonia Cold & Flu Relief:

Alison Mitchell Naturopath Sydney

Looking at the ingredients, the formula seemed promising (in fact, this was close to a formula I would have made myself)…

‘Andrographis’, also known as the King of Bitters, is a classic herb I use for treating infections as it is not only immune boosting, but also anti-bacterial and anti-viral. ‘Mullein’ is another frequently used herb of mine as it supports lung health and reduces the spasm of an irritated cough, and provides a soothing action to the respiratory system. ‘Thyme’ is another staple of my cold and flu mixes, due to its antiseptic properties and ability to soothe a sore throat.

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It’s delivery of a spray is handy as it can bypass some of your taste buds which believe me, is something you want when taking Andrographis. The spray proved a little difficult to get going, requiring a about 20 or so hefty pumps into the sink in order to start the flow. Once that started I was rewarded with a jetted stream of lemony, herbal medicine directly onto that sore part of my throat. The result was akin to that of having sucked on a throat lozenge – a slightly numb and slightly funny taste. Not a terrible taste as far as herbs can go, most likely due to the lemon oil in the blend. I was pleased: my throat felt soothed for a few hours and combining that with some salt water gargles, the cold was stopped in its tracts.

  • Product star rating (out of 5 – 1 being poor, 5 being excellent): 4 – really good
  • Would you recommend it to a friend or client? Yes
  • Ideal for: People on the run, those who can’t make it to a naturopath or herbalist to get a tonic made for them, those who want to use herbs but can’t fully cope with a standard formula.
  • Tips for usage: Spray into the sink to get the flow started, then you’re on your way. Combine with some other nutrients for immune health like zinc and vitamin c, and if possible some salt water gargles. And get plenty of rest!

And here’s what Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Carla Brion had to say: 

Carla’s Review of Amazonia Cold & Flu Relief:carla brion casa de karma

I’m loving that this product is 100% natural! With nothing synthetic added and being completely herbal, it really can be a great way to boost your immune system. The main ingredient ‘Andrographis’ is also a traditional Chinese medicine herb called ‘Chuan Xin Lian’ which clears heat in lungs and throat. It also contains Mullein, used for respiratory conditions like influenza and has antibacterial properties, making it easier to fight colds & flus. I am around sick patients all the time but after having this product on stand by at all times, I haven’t been sick at all.

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I’ve found Amazonia’s Cold & Flu Relief to have a strong yet pleasant, medicinal taste yet it leaves a fresh taste in the mouth afterward, because of the thyme and lemon oil it’s infused with. The 50ml bottle is well priced – you’ll get 35+ doses out of it so it should last you a few seasons! It’s so easy to use – you can take it with you anywhere, even on planes (which I highly recommend with the recycled air, you never know what bugs are flying around up there, literally). I like the convenient spray bottle because you never know when you’ll need it. No water or measuring spoon need, just spray and away you go!

  • Product Star Rating (out of 5 – 1 being poor, 5 being excellent): 4/5 – really good!
  • Would you recommend it to a friend or client? Yes – I have already suggested it to some of my patients (to have it in their pantry/bathroom/handbag for easy access and regular use). I also shared it with my housemates when they felt run down
  • Ideal for: Busy people on the go; Immune-deficient people, e.g. low immune system/constantly sick; childcare workers/teachers; anyone working in health care e.g. hospitals or doctor surgeries.
  • Tips for usage: I like to spray it under my tongue as this way it is absorbed better. Also, I recommend holding it close to  your mouth as the spray doesn’t shoot too far and is a thick syrup (and you don’t want it to end up on your chin).

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Now it’s your turn. Have you used this product and found it helpful or unhelpful? We want to know – Let us know what you think via the comment section below.

Note: These product reviews are not paid for or sponsored. The product was supplied by the brand – we do invite brands/PR to supply products to be reviewed, noting that all opinions will be expressed in full, for the benefit of our community and readers.

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