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Expert Product Review: Eat Right For Your Shape, by Lee Holmes

Lee Holmes has launched yet another beautiful book in her ‘Supercharged Food’ series, called ‘Eat Right For Your Shape‘. Utilising Ayurvedic lifestyle philosophies, the book explains the Ayurvedic approach and equips you with the knowledge and inspiration to navigate your way to holistic health.

After reading the book from front to back, and trying a few recipes, here’s my thoughts.

Overall impression:

I absolutely adore this book. It’s so much more than a recipe or ‘diet’ book (neither of which usually interest me), and much more of a wholesome living guide. It refers to Ayurvedic principals to assist you in nourishing and healing your body (or your ‘constitution’ as Lee would say).

Whilst I’m not usually one to follow recipes, the Ayurvedic recipes in this cookbook really whet my appetite. Eat Right For Your Shape somehow inspired me to get into the kitchen and try new dishes both that are designed to fuel my dosha and that just looked super yummy (see which recipes I tried below).

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Beyond the recipes it’s an alluring and interesting read. I enjoyed learning more on how to reduce toxins from my lifestyle; about the importance of portion sizes (there’s more to it than you think) and about the benefits of intermittent fasting and particular yoga poses. In an easy to read manner, Lee explains the how’s and why’s behind these principals. So if like me, you need more information and evidence before you’re sold on a concept, you’ll love this book book.

As a devoted yogi, I was excited to see that some of my favourite poses – such as supine twist and triangle pose, that stretch out the stomach, massage the abdominal organs and improve digestion – are also great for my dosha. As a Pita, Lee suggests that my yoga practice should be cooling, compassionate and not rushed. This resonates with me wholeheartedly. Lee’s yoga pose pictorials in the book, together with a few tips for an effective yoga practice at home, make it super easy for anyone to do some gentle yoga without having to pay for a class.

Recipes I tried:

  • Minted Strawberry Slushy – how have I not thought if this creation previously?! I have a soft spot for sparkling mineral water and love strawberries and mint, so this is my latest discovery that won’t be phased out any time soon.
  • Baby Spinach, Pine Nut & Pomegranate Salad – I love a good baby spinach, pumpkin, feta and pine nut salad so was instantly drawn to this one. Such a simple and great combination of flavours, and definately a winner if you like pomegranate. It was super quick to make and my partner had chicken on the side. The dressing was a great combination of flavours and I enjoyed taking the stems off the spinach for a change and dry frying the pine nuts for something different (compared to toasting them under the grill).
  • Carrot, Mango, Rocket and Sunflower Seed Salad with Orange Dressing – Again, I don’t like spending lots of time in the kitchen unless I’m prepping for the week ahead, so this salad is perfect for when I get home from work on a hot day and want something quick and light to eat. My partner had a piece of fish on the side – I imagine the flavours paired well together.
  • Baked Pumpkin, Quinoa & Kale – This was freaking delish. I really enjoyed cooking this healthy mean on a Sunday evening. It felt (and tasted) like such a nourishing meal to sit down to at the end of a big weekend. I normally mix so many veggies into my quinoa, so the simplicity of this dish was a refreshing change. I want to say the spices and pepitas really made the dish, but the pumpkin was on point too (I did swap the ghee for coconut oil though.

I’m also really looking forward to making many other dishes, like the Oven-baked Peach and Berry Pancakes and the Coconut Bark with Rosewater, Pistachios and Raspberries (see the links for the recipes so you can try them too)!

Who I’d recommend this to:

First up, I’m going to share it with my best friend. Like me, she loves wholesome recipes, being in tune with her body, mindful living and yoga; so I think she might like this book… And then Sharee James, as Lee’s recipes and Ayurveda are two things I know she enjoys!

In general, I’d recommend Eat Right For Your Shape, by Lee Holmes to anyone who is new to natural health, who wants to get their health back on track, who wants to learn more about Ayurveda, or who is intrigued to learn more about how to nourish and nurture their self using a traditional and holistic approach – think wholesome nutrition, yoga, meditation, mindfulness & reducing toxins from your environment.


Have you got a story from when you’ve an Ayurvedic diet or lifestyle in the past? Or are you interested in learning more? I’d love to know your thoughts and to hear from you. Connect with me via the comment section below!

eat right for your shape by lee holmes book review
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Recipes and Images from Supercharged Food: Eat Right For Your Shape, by Lee Holmes (murdochbooks)

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  1. Where can I buy this book! I’ve been looking for a new recipe book to try-one that is a bit different to the usual and this sounds perfect.
    Carly, I’m excited to try the pumpkin salad after a nourishing yoga class. Thanks for the insightful review! My belly is rumbling already.

    1. Hi lovely, yes it’s filled with so many delish recipes to try! You can order a copy from the book shelf on Lee’s website (the link above – just below the Pinterest image takes you straight there), otherwise you can buy it on and Would love to know which ones you end up trying and love! x

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