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Expert Product Review: ECOBARS (Raw Energy Bars made with Cricket Flour)

One of our favourite Sydney-based Nutritionists and regular contributor to CASA DE KARMA, Camilla Ryals, has just launched a scrumptious range of raw energy bars made with cricket flour. With 3 flavours in the range, the bars are 35g in size and priced at $3.75. They’re fast becoming available in many health stores across the country including Healthy Life – see a full list of stockists here and you can also buy ECOBARS individually or in bulk here. Intrigued by the sound of the bars, our resident Self-Love Addict, Erin Williams and our resident Kinesiologist, Carolyn King eagerly put their hands up to trial the product and report back. Here’s what they had to say:

Erin’s review of the ECOBARerin williams in our stillness head shot

Overall rating out of 5:

4/5 – really good

Erin’s review:
I loved these bars! I was quite surprised to find out that they were made with cricket flour and was unsure how the bars would taste. While I don’t know what crickets taste like on their own, there was nothing weird about the taste at all. In fact, the bars were delicious. These raw energy bars are nutritionist-designed and you can tell. There is a great mix of natural ingredients and the bars are full of protein and good fats. The bars are made with sustainably sourced cricket flour, raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit. The ingredient list is short and consist of only real foods (no chemicals or numbers in sight). The Chia Spirulina bar was my favourite and didn’t taste too green, as spirulina sometimes does. The Mango Orange flavour is also great and due to the dried mango, has a sweeter flavour.

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The consistency is superb. The bars don’t fall apart or crumble at all. They are also the perfect mix of dense and chewy – exactly what I want from an energy bar. Another plus, these bars kept me full for ages. Being pregnant I’m hungry all the time, but an ecobar easily kept me going until my next meal. So if you’re very active, pregnant or simply a hungry person, these bars are a great snack option.

Would you recommend it to others?


Who would you recommend it to?

I would recommend it to people who are after a quick snack that is healthy, made with natural ingredients, and is of course, filling. It’s perfect for people who are searching for an energy bar that is full of protein and isn’t also full of questionable ingredients. I’d also recommend it for anyone who likes to make sustainable and eco-friendly food choices.

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And here’s what Carolyn had to say:

Carolyn’s review of the ECOBARCarolyn King Kinesiology

Overall rating out of 5:

5/5 – excellent

Carolyn’s review:

First off I have to admit when I saw they were made of cricket flour my first instinct was… “What the…?” But I shared the bars with my hubby and 8 year old son and am happy to say we all really loved them.

Would you recommend it to others?


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Who would you recommend it to?

I would definitely recommend them to others as a healthy snack.  I would even consider giving them to my kids as a school snack and even recommend them to my friends, clients and family.

Have you ever made or tasted anything with cricket flour in it? Let us know in the comments below!

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