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Expert Product Review: Empowered Happiness, by Carolyn King

It’s with much joy that I’m sharing this book review with you as the author Carolyn King, is a contributor to CASA DE KARMA and our go-to Kinesiologist; so I’m thrilled to spread the word about her latest offering. 

You can browse through Carolyn’s articles on topics such as happiness, crystals, essential oils and kinesiology right here.

Overall impression:

An easy-to-read and inspiring, self-help resource. The visualisations and meditations were my favourite!

Carolyn’s words in this book are both raw and uplifting. I loved her honesty and found myself looking forward to coming home at the end of the day to read the book and find out more about her journey from depression to empowered happiness.

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Whether you’ve experienced depression first-hand or not, I imagine everyone who reads this book will be able to relate to the experiences and feelings Carolyn speak’s of. Each chapter also finishes with action steps, making the book a practical tool that invites you to actually put what you’re learning into practice.

The tips and strategies shared are relevant to everyone at some point, even if it’s just for dealing with stress or a bad day. They’re also great to know should you feel the need to share or suggest them to someone else.

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I also feel as though I have a much better understanding of what those who go through depression may be experiencing. If you know someone who is going through depression, this book may help you better understand what they are going through, how they are feeling and how to be the best support you can be.

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes, absolutely.

Who would I recommend this book to?

Everyone who is interested. In particular I imagine it would be a helpful read for those:

  • Suffering depression, to hear someone else’s  experience and how they dealt with it (of course a complete health care plan with a qualified practitioner is still essential).
  • Who have someone in their life who is experiencing depression, to better understand how this person may be feeling and how they can be supportive.
  • Feeling down or having a bad day (which we’re all susceptible to!). It would be a great book to have on the book shelf and be able to pick up and read a few pages for a bit of uplifting inspiration when you’re feeling flat.

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Tell me, have you or do you know someone who has experienced or is dealing with depression? What resources did you or they find helpful. Help other readers and CDK tribe members, by leaving your tips and stories in the comments below.

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Carly Taber Founder - CASA DE KARMA

Passionate about creating impact, income & freedom, Carly is a Business Strategist & Coach for Wellness Entrepreneurs by day. When she’s not working with ambitious entrepreneurs, you’ll find her practicing yoga, relaxing by the sea or enjoying a coffee with loved ones.

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  1. Thanks for this review Carly, sounds like it’s a good read and would be a good one to keep handy on the bookshelf in most houses.

    1. Hi Anne, it sure is the kind to keep on the book shelf and pick up when you’re in need of a pick-me-up. In the coming weeks we’ll be running a giveaway with Carolyn to give some lucky members of the CDK tribe the chance to win this book, so stay tuned 🙂

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