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Financial Apps That Can Simplify Your Life

When you want to manage your finances properly, you can use apps to simplify everything. The four apps listed below will help you manage your money wisely, and you can use these apps to make educated decisions in the future. Download all four; use them in your own time, and save money in the process.

Western Union

A free money transfer app is helpful when you need to send money to your overseas office, to friends, or to someone who is on vacation. Likewise, you can receive money if you get stranded on vacation, or you can receive money if your overseas office is paying your salary. The app allows for many free transfers, and you will pay small fees for international transfers.


Mint is a budget tracker and money planner. You can enter your budget into the app, make plans for the future, and check your progress. You can see how much money you are making, and you can check your expenses. If you are spending too much money, you can cut your expenses. If you start making more money, you can decide what to do with that money.

Also, you can add your savings accounts or investment accounts. You need to know how much money you can save during the year. You will learn how to save money for a vacation or a big purchase, and you can change your goals at any time.

Credit Karma 

Credit Karma is not a money app. However, it helps you earn money, manage your money, and improve your credit. Credit Karma gives you a look at all your credit scores. You get alerts from Credit Karma when your score improves, or you get alerts when your score drops. Credit Karma sends you alerts when changes happen, and you can even dispute portions of your credit report from the app.

Credit Karma sends you alerts during the day, and these alerts tell you about new cards you qualify for, loans you might need, or other financial tools. 


Acorns is an investment app that asks you to invest as little money as possible. You can set up your account with just a few dollars, and you can watch how the investments grow over time. The app allows you to choose a liberal, moderate, or conservative investment approach. You might want a debit card that uses the money in your account, or you can send money into the account every month to save money.


When you want to manage your student loans, refinance your debt, and find a better lender, you can try Sofi. Sofi allows students to refinance their loans, and you can refinance your student loan debt at any time of your life. You can turn to Sofi if you need a personal loan that will help you get through a tough time, or you might use Sofi because you want a business loan. This company offers better terms, quality customer service, and several options for every borrower.


When you want to manage your finances properly, you can download all these apps on your mobile phone or tablet. You can use each app to do something completely different than everyone else. If you want to save money, you can use Acorns to keep that money away from a traditional bank and their outrageous fees. You can invest your money without spending all your savings on one stock, and you can refinance your debt. Send money transfers around the world, receive money transfers, and set up your monthly budget. Check your credit score, and ensure your finances are in order.

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