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5 minutes with Fiorella Kis-Major, The Nourishing Goddess

In this interview the divine Fiorella Kis-Major shares her personal stories and insights around self-care, meditation, yoga, rituals and creating success on your terms.

After collaborating with Fiorella (and other divine souls) to bring you our free mini eCourse in Mastering The Art of Self-Love, I knew you needed to know more about this gift of a woman. Enjoy the read and be sure to leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

Can you share a little bit on when, why and how you became a Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Wellness Coach?

10 years ago, I was a very different person, and completely wore out my poor body through the rock and roll lifestyle. Eventually, I didn’t have my periods for over 6 months, and this was a huge wake up call for me. Through yoga, meditation, whole foods and traditional Chinese medicine, I began to heal. On my first ever yoga retreat, a facilitator laid her hands on my back during child’s pose. I felt so incredibly nourished and nurtured from the inside out, that I thought to myself “this is exactly how I want to make other people feel”.

What is your mission as The Nourishing Goddess?

My purpose, passion, vision and mission is for women to realise how incredibly worthy they truly are. We tend to put ourselves way down the line on the never ending ‘to do’ list and usually end up at breaking point as a result. The more we step into our feminine and put the oxygen mask on first, the stronger we will be for our loved ones.

Fiorella Kis-Major Workshop
Fiorella leading women in the art of self-care. Source: @the_nourising_goddess / Instagram

What does self-care mean to you and why is it so important?

Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. Without it, our mental, physical and spiritual self suffer, sometimes to the point of no return. To me, it means making the time regularly to fill up your own cup, in whatever way makes your soul sing.

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What are the main inhibitors to self-care?

The main inhibitor I’ve found in the lives of my clients is not feeling worthy enough to look after themselves. They’re either too hard on themselves or don’t want to come across as selfish. Mindset really is a huge obstacle to living a life of self-care but once overcome, can create miracles.

When we’re experiencing feelings such as fear, lack of worth, sadness, anxiety or loss of control, practicing self-care in these moments can be the last thing we feel like doing.

What steps do you recommend taking to transition from these thoughts and feelings, and stepping into the act of self-care in that very moment?

The number one step I would recommend is to firstly be gentle with yourself. Allow your breath to quieten those voices that are screaming in your head what you could’ve done better or what you should doing. Turn up the volume on thoughts of a more compassionate nature, as those are the ones of your higher mentor, encouraging you on the right path.

Quotes and affirmations are also a wonderfully powerful tool in times of darkness. My favourite one to blast through any myths of self-care being selfish is by Margot Anand:

Loving yourself does not mean being self-absorbed, narcissistic or disregarding others. Rather, it means welcoming yourself as the most honoured guest in your own heart; a guest worthy of respect, a loveable companion.

What are your favourite rituals to practice self-care?

My favourite self-care ritual is meditation, hands down, and not just because I am a meditation teacher! It’s literally the first thing I do in the morning when I wake up. I practice 20 minutes of Transcendental Meditation, and it allows me to glide into my day. The difference I feel on the days when I don’t is palpable.

I also love to keep a gratitude journal and record 5 things daily that I am grateful for. Seeing on paper what an incredibly fortunate life I lead brings joy to every cell in my body. It’s quite easy to forget the little things.

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To feel like a true goddess, once a week I lock myself in the bathroom with meditation music and candles galore. I scrub, shave and moisturise every inch of my body! Creating a day spa at home is a delicious self-care experience.

Fiorella Kis-Major
Fiorella practicing self-care with rose quartz crystal for the heart. Source: @the_nourishing_goddess / Instagram

What do you recommend as the few best things or quick wins that are that one can do to practice self-care?

  • Going for a walk nature after work
  • Reading a personal development book, instead of watching television
  • Book in a monthly, or even fortnightly, massage
  • Cooking nourishing meals in a batch, so you have clean food ready to go
  • Buying yourself a bunch of flowers each week for the home or office.

What type of yoga do you teach and how can people get involved?

I teach yin yoga either 1:1 in the comfort of people’s homes, or in workshops and retreats. After years of working in studios, I love the kind of deep connection and focus that comes from private sessions, or a workshop environment.

What does your own yoga practice look like?

At this point in my life, meditation is the main focus of my spiritual practice, and yoga enhances this. I aim to practice twice a week, with one restorative yoga class and one yin yoga class. As I work out intensely 3 times a week, this is a perfect counter balance for mind, body and spirit. I either practice at home or try different studios, as more and more of them are adding a slower style of yoga to their classes. This is wonderful to see, especially for us stressed Westerners.

How did you discover meditation?

Meditation has been part of my life since I was a teenager. In high school, I had a part time job at a spiritual supplies store and often bought guided meditations on CD from there. It amazed me how by simply listening to a guided story and closing my eyes, I could feel such peace flowing through my veins.

Fiorella Kis-Major Meditation
Fiorella leaded a guided meditation. Source: @the_nourishing_goddess / Instagram

What’s your message to people who say they can’t meditate?

Start small. Empty your mind for 1 minute whilst the kettle boils. Sit still in a park and stare at the grass for 2 minutes. Go to the ocean and listen to nothing but the waves for 3 minutes. We have this concept of meditation that it has to be serious and long, when in actual fact just clearing your mind and observing the present moment can do wonders. Also, make sure to try different meditation techniques, as everyone is very different. Some people really love guided meditations, where as others only stick to more traditional methods.

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What have been the critical success factors that have taken ‘The Nourishing Goddess’ to the next level of wellness coaching, allowing you to spread your message and create a loyal following?

I would say 3 things:

  • Being of service – I saw clients and worked at workshops/retreats on a pro bono basis in the beginning, and every single one of those opportunities either raised my profile or eventually resulted in paying clients. Don’t be afraid of being of service or volunteering to begin with, you never know who you may meet or connect with!
  • Consistency – I blog, post, respond, create on a regular basis. My clients and audience never have to wonder when they will hear from me next – for example (on my blog) my Monday Meditations always comes out on a Monday morning AEST.
  • Creating a she-boss tribe – The old saying it’s not what you know, but who you know, couldn’t be more accurate. Over years of networking and connecting in a heart-centred way with women around the world, I’ve created rich and rewarding relationships that have resulted in sponsorships, partnerships, interviews, collaborations and amazing opportunities. Be good to your people and be open to receiving.

What advice do you have for those thinking about becoming a coach or starting out of their coaching journey?

Don’t give up. Like any industry, it can be tough to make a living from coaching in the beginning. But don’t give up. Remember who you want to serve and why. Why do you want to help this target audience? So many times I had to remind myself to keep going, because womankind needs me.

Too many women are in pain and suffering with crippling self-talk, and that keeps me motivated on a daily basis.

What’s next in the life of Fiorella Kis-Major, The Nourishing Goddess?

I’ve recently relocated to London and am in the process of establishing my tribe here. It’s an incredibly vibrant city with an amazing wellness scene. My goal is to take the town by storm, give talks, run workshops and find a new wave of women that I can empower through my wellness coaching. Exciting times ahead!

Now it’s your turn – do you have a question or comment for Fiorella that you’d like to share? Please do! Pop them in the comment section below and tick the ‘notify me’ box to receive your replies. X

CDK Interview with Fiorella Kis-Major
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