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Expert Product Review: Heal Your Gut by Lee Holmes

When we heard the lovely Lee Holmes was bringing out another book in her Supercharged series called Heal Your Gut, we were eager to put it to the test and give you the expert lowdown. So our resident Naturopath & Yoga Teacher, Sharee James and Nutritionist, Camilla Ryals got to work, reading the book and testing the recipes. If you’re keen to learn how to restore good gut bacteria, keep reading. Here’s what they had to say:

Sharee’s Review of Heal Your Gut, by Lee Holmes:sharee james

Overall Impression:

Gut dysfunction is the hidden factor behind lowered vitality and countless chronic health conditions and after reading and testing the recipes from Lee Holmes’ new book “Heal Your Gut”, I do believe it provides a practical and simple healing protocol that has the potential to transform your gut (and overall) health in a powerful way.

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Recipes I tried:

  • Grandma’s Chicken Soup – I have loved cooking Lee’s nourishing and comforting chicken soup in a big batch for healthy weekday lunches.
  • Avocado Lassi – this is a cooling and soothing smoothie. It’s great for breakfast or a snack.
  • Sardine Mash Pot – This is now my super-quick, super-cheap go-to dinner when I don’t want to cook!
  • Anti-Inflammatory Squash Whip – I couldn’t go past trying this for dessert. It’s sweet creaminess really hits the spot… It’s hard to believe it’s so good for you!

Who I’d recommend this to:

I think anyone living in the modern-day world should go through this program at least once a year, but people suffering from chronic inflammatory or auto-immune conditions, or digestive issues will get the most benefit from this book. If you want to learn how to restore gut flora after antibiotics, this is a great read for you. When I was working in a naturopathic clinic, I gave a gut healing protocol to nearly every one of my clients, but must admit that I struggled to come up with really great recipes. So had this book been out then, I really would have recommended it to all of them!

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Get your copy of ‘Heal Your Gut’ by Lee Holmes here

And here’s what Nutritionist, Camilla Ryals had to say about the book…

Camilla’s Review of Heal Your Gut, by Lee Holmes:

camilla ryals

Overall Impression

As the old adage saying goes, the gut is the second brain, so it makes sense that Lee Holmes’ book/plan to improve gut health, is potentially life-changing.

Heal Your Gut is an educational, fun and well thought out read. Holmes’ emphasises that what goes into your body is the deciding factor for what bacteria thrives: the good, the bad and the ugly. And really, that kind information is gold to everyone.

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Recipes I tried:

  • Mushy Peas – Working with simple and easy ingredients is ace. I didn’t have to go out searching for unique ingredients, I had them in my freezer – ready to go. Best of all the dish was delicious.
  • Avocado Lassi – I’m a big fan of avocados. They’re packed with nutrition and help to maintain a healthy weight. This lassi requires minimal mess and is as easy as throwing the ingredients into a blender!

Who I’d recommend this to: 

Particularly to people with gut disturbances who want to know how to heal gut flora and heal gut inflammation, and anyone who want to boost their overall immune system, reduce allergy development and who wants to maintain healthy blood glucose.

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Get your copy of ‘Heal Your Gut’ by Lee Holmes here

Have you gone through Lee’s new Heal Your Gut program? So many people want to know how to heal the gut fast, so we’d love to know how you found it – let us know via the comments below. 

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