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How I Fell In Love With Myself & How You Can Too

As I type this, I’m sitting on the back patio of my two-bedroom shack, high up in the mountains of the picturesque Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There’s no internet, no traffic, no regard for the time and no busy-ness. I feel peaceful, grounded and calm.

There were many reasons that I swapped my life at ‘home’ in Brisbane for travelling around the world…

  • The job I liked, but didn’t love
  • The ending of a long-term relationship
  • The yearning for more meaning, more freedom, more excitement and more connection to myself, to others, to the world, to Source.

But to fall in love with myself? That was not a reason. Never in a million years did I think that would be something to come from my travels… But it happened.

life with che at airport

How it happened

Since I left I’ve worked as a Camp Counsellor; jogged around and picnic in Central Park; immersed myself in a Kundalini Yoga festival; experienced a native South American sweat lodge; practiced yoga and meditated at an Ashram; hiked in exotic locations; slept under the stars; gone to a Mexican rodeo and volunteered at a dog refuge – a bit different to life at home!

I’ve been cracked open. My mind has been broadened. My soul has been awakened. I’ve been reborn.

Before I left I expected I’d meet rad people, have life changing adventures and fall in love with cities and all of their gloriousness. And it’s all happened!

But, as you may or may not know, when you travel alone, you have no-one to call when you get off at the wrong metro station; no-one to console you when you are homesick; no-one to reassure you when you feel like an outcast; no-one to talk to at the airport when you’re waiting for a flight; no-one to problem solve with when your luggage goes missing; no-one to assist you when you’re lost in translation; and no-one to entertain you. That is, no-one except yourself. 

life with che interview

And the funny thing is, you make it through all of these experiences alive and well. They may be uncomfortable and sometimes scary, but you make it through.

It was through these very experiences that I’ve been gifted with on my Solo Soul Journey, that I’ve realised exactly how wonderful, resilient and capable I am. And from there, I’ve grown a deep and unwavering, loving relationship with myself.

Here’s how you too, can fall in love with yourself (and from where ever you are)

  1. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try new things – say yes to things you’ve not done before
  2. Take yourself on a solo weekend away
  3. Enjoy a date with yourself
  4. Sit with your uncomfortable emotions and feel and breathe through them, without relying on those around you to soothe and console you
  5. Have a go at solving your own problems, before calling on your partner/friends/parents/colleagues

Do these things and I promise that in time you’ll find a healthier and more loving relationship with yourself.

You’ll realise that:

  • Everything you need is within you
  • You are intelligent and resilient and capable
  • You can sit more comfortably with uncertainty and fear

And you’ll learn:

  • To surrender to the unknown – perhaps you’ll even grow to enjoy it
  • That you are wonderful, unique and amazing

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Ultimately, you too will fall in love with yourself – just as I have.

How I Fell In Love With Myself & How You Can Too
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Che Johnson Self-Love Gypsy

Che is a happy-go-lucky lady on a mission to inspire the women of this world to dream, big, live boldly and pursue happiness. She loves all things self love, self care and spirituality. In her spare time you’ll find her exploring the world on her ‘Solo Soul Journey’, laughing loudly, journalling and being inspired by the small things in life. She is the Author of ‘Becoming Whole: your step-by-step guide to creating a D.I.Y personal retreat’. Get her free guide, 365 Days to Happy: inspired steps to create a life you love’ at

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