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How To Find Soulful Connections With Others

When I’ve been in the company of people who I have a truly soulful connection with I feel energised, full, rejuvenated, high, empowered, inspired, light, happy – deeply happy. Let’s explore how you can find these connections too.

First lets define what a soulful connection feels like:

  • You are both like-minded and ‘get’ each other
  • You share ease-filled interactions and conversations
  • You enjoy similar recreational activities
  • You make each other laugh and smile
  • You share common values and morals
  • You challenge each other and help one another to thrive and to grow
  • You raise each other up, believing in the other’s greatness.

But how do you find these connections?

Some might suggest you have coaching in social skills. Some might suggest websites and forums that you could join. Some might point you in the direction of yoga studios, art classes or sporting groups.

Me? I will tell you to do just one thing. Fall in love with yourself. Because soulful connections start from within.

Here’s 8 things you can do to do to fall in love with yourself:

  1. Get to know yourself in all of your glory
  2. Learn to accept yourself – warts and all
  3. Discover what helps you to thrive and flourish
  4. Gently investigate what makes you ‘tick’
  5. Enjoy spending time in your own company
  6. Respect yourself
  7. Speak kindly to yourself
  8. Shower yourself in the kind of love you no doubt share with those around you.

Basically, make getting to know, accepting and falling truly and deeply in love with yourself your priority. I promise you that if you do this, in time, your Soulies (as I like to call them) will appear.

I know this, because it happened to me. I was propelled head first into the self-love pool ool near two years ago when I was greeted with an unexpected and heart wrenching breakup (urgh, aren’t they the worst?!). After a period of crying and wallowing and grieving, I decided that I no longer wanted to feel like crap.

I chose to heal. I chose to shower myself in the love that I once shared with my partner. I chose to invite soulful activities into my life (yoga, meditation, time alone and journalling = one happy Che). I chose self-love.

As my internal world began to shift, so did my external world.

I attracted my Soulies into my life – people who ‘fill me up’, enrich my being and help me to be all that I was put here on this earth to be. All because I chose to take my life and my happiness into my own hands and make self love a priority. When you love yourself, you begin to live your truth. When you live your truth, you become a magnet for like-minded Souls.

Keen to get started on your self-love journey?

Here’s some journaling prompts to help get you started right now:

  • How would you rate your current love of self? Write this down.
  • Why do you give yourself this rating? Write this down also.
  • What factors led to you being where you are today, in the self-love department? Write these down and note how you will minimise these thoughts or situations moving forward
  • List five ways you could invite more self love into your life, and then lock away time to do these things this week (and every other week).
  • Define how your life would be different if you made a commitment to do these things.  Write this down and put it somewhere you’ll see it often. Read it often to reinforce why you’re changing your behaviours and thoughts. One day in the near future, you’ll realise that your life is (and has become) what you wrote down.
'Pin Me'  to your favourite Pinterest board <3
‘Pin Me’ to your favourite Pinterest board <3

Just as the choice was mine, the choice is yours too honey. Fall in love with yourself, get to know your deepest passions, dreams and desires and as you start that journey you’ll meet others on the same path.

Oh, and if you’ve got a question about any of the above, pop it in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! X

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Che Johnson
Che Johnson Self-Love Gypsy

Che is a happy-go-lucky lady on a mission to inspire the women of this world to dream, big, live boldly and pursue happiness. She loves all things self love, self care and spirituality. In her spare time you’ll find her exploring the world on her ‘Solo Soul Journey’, laughing loudly, journalling and being inspired by the small things in life. She is the Author of ‘Becoming Whole: your step-by-step guide to creating a D.I.Y personal retreat’. Get her free guide, 365 Days to Happy: inspired steps to create a life you love’ at

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