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How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy Using Crystals

Energy is all around us, some positive and some negative. If you are sensitive or choose to tune in you will be able to feel the difference. Positive energy feels light, buoyant, freeing, happy, uplifting. Negative energy feels heavy, dark, draining, depressive. When you are able to discern the difference, and feel you are around negative energy or you feel the negative energy surrounds you (from within or outside of you), there is something you can choose to do about it.

Crystals come in many shapes, sizes and textures (check out my last article, about my favourite 12 crystals and when to use which one). What I love most about crystals is that they can be programmed for personal use. This means you are ask the crystal to help you with personal needs, such as clearing out negative energies.

Which crystals help to get rid of negative energy?

Most crystals that are black or dark in colour are great for dispersing negative energies. A few examples are black and rainbow obsidian, jet, black agate, black tourmaline, onyx and hematite. Citrine is also are great crystal for increasing positive energy.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy Using Crystals

If worn, or placed on the body, they can absorb the negative energy of your surroundings, or from your own negative energy deep within you. For example, if you have to work with negative people or your work place has a negative vibe, carry a crystal on you. Or if you are going to a crowded place such as a shopping centre or concert, placing a crystal on you can help to protect you. Lastly, if the negative energy is residing within you, wearing a crystal can help disperse it out of your body.

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Before you begin, you need to find a crystal that you are drawn to. Go to your local shop or buy them online. When you bring the crystal home you first need to cleanse it of all previous energies. Many people may have handled the crystal before you purchased it and you have no way of knowing who and what energy they were carrying.

Cleansing a crystal

Most crystals can be cleansed by running them under fresh water while visualising a white light energetically passing them through. Your intent has to be to cleanse the crystal while you do this.

Another way to cleanse a crystal is to place it overnight in the earth on a full moon. Mother Earth will gently draw out the all energy previous imparted on the crystal.

Programming the crystal

Next you need to imprint onto the crystal the energy you would like it to emit. Firstly place the crystal in the palm of your hands, cupping it. Then ask the crystal for its permission. It is as simple as “Can I please ask you to help me for the following purpose [name your purpose]….” The answer would usually be yes, but if it isn’t you may need to wait a few days, re-cleanse the crystal or chose another crystal.

Once a yes is received, send your thoughts to the crystal asking it to protect you when you need it. You can be as specific as you like here. For example, you may ask for it to protect you when you are at work, or around a certain person. Or it could be as general as, “Please protect me from all negative energies I encounter today.”

Sit with the crystal for a few minutes until you feel that the crystal has taken in what you have requested. Now you are ready to wear the crystal or place it on your body.

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Depending on the day you have had or where you have worn the crystal, it many need cleansing each night or every week. Tune into the crystal to see how it feels. If it feels murky, dirty or heavy, cleanse it again before wearing it.

Once cleanse you should be able to tune in quickly and ask for it to continue its work protecting you from negative energy.

The above process will also work on a larger crystal sphere or piece that you can place in your house or work. This will then protect the room or office from negative energies entering and help you feel clear and protected.

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Do you use crystals to get rid of negative energies? Which ones are your fave? Share your experiences in the comments below so we can learn and be inspired by each other 🙂 

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Main image source: @turquoise temple via Instagram (they have a gorgeous range of crystals to wear and use!)

Carolyn King Kinesiologist

Carolyn is a certified Kinesiologist based in Berwick, Victoria. With over 5 years experience, she's passionate about using kinesiology for a variety of situations, but particularly to work through: Learning difficulties, emotional wellbeing, depression, chronic fatigue and kinesiology for kids. She's also the author of 'Empowered Happiness: Discovering Bliss beyond Depression' a must-read for anyone battling depression or struggling to escape your own darkness. Carolyn also co-authored SHE Leads and “Book of Inspiration” and runs a Facebook Group empowering others with tools to find their happiness.

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  1. Hi Carolyn where can I get a copy of your book EMPOWERED HAPPINESS: Discovering bliss beyond depression, I have 2 family members battling with depression at present and would love to read your book for some ideas, thanks
    Kim Cornell

  2. How can I get rid of negativity energy that my son girlfriend bring into my house and bring back positive energy into my house this might sound weird but I can feel her negativity when she comes in the house I need a lot of help in this area I am a kind of new to what crystals to use and when to use them and I have another question what age should I teach my grand daughter about crystal she is 9 is that too young to teach her please get back to me about this I use to be really happy until my sons girlfriend moved in I got her to move out but they are still going out and her negativity is still in my house and when. She comes over I can feel her negativity can you help me can you help me bring back my happy and bring back the positive energy please help thank you

    1. Hi Tammy,

      With regards to the negative energy I would get some Black Tourmaline and a chunk of it at the door where she enters. This is a great crystal to remove negativity and to protect the house, so you could also place a chunk at the four corners of your house (inside).

      Selenite is also another fantastic crystal for absorbing negativity and I love the look of it so it could sit in your kitchen or family room or the room she spends the most time in.

      You should be able to get nice chunks of both crystals relatively cheaply. There is no need for the polished version. Remember to regularly cleanse the crystals too, as they will absorb the negativity.

      With regards to children and crystals, I don’t believe they are ever too early to learn about crystals. At that age I would let her choose what she likes best and then explain to her what the crystal does. I have found that children are naturally drawn to them.

      I hope this helps. Wishing you a lovely day,

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