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Via the comments below (and in 25 words or less), share why natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important to you. When submitting your entry via the comment section below, be sure to include your name, and use your active email address – it’s how we’ll contact you if you’re the lucky winner.

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Carly Taber
Carly Taber Founder - CASA DE KARMA

Passionate about creating impact, income & freedom, Carly is a Business Strategist & Coach for Wellness Entrepreneurs by day. When she’s not working with ambitious entrepreneurs, you’ll find her practicing yoga, relaxing by the sea or enjoying a coffee with loved ones.

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  1. In order to know that everything that goes into your body will nourish you rather than do the opposite, which will have an effect on your skin, health, mood, etc.

    1. Nature knows best when it comes to food, skincare and a healthy lifestyle, full of vitality and free from harmful chemicals.

      1. Products made by companies like hurraw are important to me because they’re helping to create a more sustainable world that our future children can enjoy.

  2. For me any product that is natural , chemical and cruelty free is the first choice as it is closer to the nature and is less harmful on us and the eco system

  3. I believe that all living beings should be treated fairly and ethically. This philosophy should be applied to all aspects of our lives, which is essentially the basis behind fair trade, vegan products.

  4. Since switching to organic products and becoming a vegan, my numerous health conditions have improved significantly and I feel happier than ever.

  5. It will not be good for my skin by also good for the world! With products being natural and organic, I know what is going into my body and that there are no nasty chemicals which may leave my body unhealthy and my skin not nice!

  6. Natural,vegan and organic lip balm is important because I don’t want to ingest chemicals into my mouth.I am one of those people that simply have to apply lip balm!

  7. It’s important to me that products I use don’t cost the earth, harm workers and communities or harm living creatures.

  8. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important to me because the additives and preservatives just aren’t needed or wanted!!!

    1. Hi I just noticed that your email address is showing and I just wanted to suggest that you remove it because I have someone using my email address without my permission and when I go to enter I get a message saying that my email address has already been entered or please enter a valid email address.I can’t enter any competitions on this site now as a lowlife scumbag is so desperate to win that they are cheating by using multiple emails.So for your own security just remove your email address or the cheaters will use it.Hope that I have helped you

  9. Chemicals cause cancer, and many other ailments. It is hard enough sourcing all natural foods for myself let alone all natural facial and skin products.

  10. I remember seeing a documentary about animal testing — at the time they were testing eyedrops on bunnies. Ever since, I’ve been fanatical about how products are tested, sourced and distributed. Gotta love the bunnies.

  11. Low-tox products are important to me because skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you put on it – within 20 seconds it can be found in the liver! So if you’re putting toxic stuff on? Scary stuff! That’s why I choose options with no nasties!

  12. My body is important to me, but more important to me are the lives of the people, animals and environments affected by my privileged decisions.

  13. Raw, fresh and healthy- it just makes sense to keep things pure;
    In products and in lifestyle – no arguments I’m sure!

  14. Because I care about the health of my young children and the planet. Educating our Littles is so crucial in nurturing our Mother Earth xo

  15. These products ensure that I can live clean and healthy without any damaging toxins or chemicals and without testing on animals.

  16. i always make sure the products i use were not tested on animals and are natural, we need to look after the planet the animals and more importantly ourselves!

  17. I believe natural, organic, vegan fair trade products are essential because everyone should have the equal human right to ethical working conditions, and there is nothing better than a beautiful chemical free product that is sourced from the Earth. without causing harm.

  18. It’s important to me not to sacrifice/exploit the lives of any living beings. It gives me a clear conscious and sets a positive example.

  19. My daughter is vegan and has opened my eyes and educated me on the importance animal cruelty , environmental issues and chemical free.. there is an ethical way !

  20. As a living organism sharing this planet, I only want to use what nature provides. Very important to me where goods are sourced from and how they are created for our use, natural is always best.

  21. Organic is the way nature intended things to be and fairtrade ensures a good distribution of resources to those involved in a products manufacture

  22. Since going vegan I’ve felt healthier and happier, I have more energy and just overall love knowing that the food I eat and products I use aren’t hurting any animals.

  23. Such products are absolutely necessary to ensure a holistic and well balanced life, where one’s social conscious can be at peace.

  24. Look outside, see the trees
    Watch the flowers in the breeze
    Things won’t be like this in a year or two
    If polluting is all we do
    Seize the night
    Seize the day
    Things won’t always be this way
    Thousands of people are dying
    In the night you hear children crying
    Let’s stop the war
    Our people are sore
    The world can’t help itself
    Who cares about your wealth
    Help me to help you
    Show the world what you can do.

  25. Fair trade is so important for giving workers a decent wage
    Natural and organic means health and earth friendly, all my conscience assuage!

  26. An inspirationally intrinsic kaleidoscope of natural, vegan, organic, fair trade products enlighten genuine love for our planet, the environment and each other, united heartfelt vision.

  27. When a person decides to be vegetarian or vegan, they should be able to find products to use on their skin/lips that follows their own beliefs.

  28. It’s about time the world tuned into making, and us buying, organic fair-trade products. Why let large pharmaceutical companies control most beauty product manufacturing……

  29. I believe that simple and natural resources of skincare products are the best for my body with minimal environmental impact. The natural solution is also for long term users.

  30. My daughter started getting echzema on her legs when she was a baby, and it became my life’s mission to weed out as many of the harmful and unnecessary chemicals from the home and diet as possible, and along the way I learnt a lot about so many things that are just that-unnecessary and harmful to our health.

  31. Since becoming vegan 13 months ago I have realised that it’s vital for optimal health to live a cruelty free lifestyle, and protect animal exploitation.

  32. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun making more considered choices with my purchases- when a product is this good and still ethical, its really a win-win.

  33. The best thing about natural, vegan and fair trade products is that nobody and nothing is compromised in the process. It’s how it should be!

  34. Fair trade, natural, vegan and organic mean that I know that whatever I’m buying has been ethically produced, that no people or animals were harmed or taken advantage of, and that I can feel good about what I’m using, knowing that my one small action is an action towards a better world.

  35. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important to me because they symbolise my beliefs in using pure ingredients that don’t harm animals or the planet and are don’t exploit humans.

  36. natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important to you – simply because it’s fair, it’s good for the environment and I don’t want to pump my body full of chemicals!

  37. Kind to the environment and cruelty free,
    people can feed their family.
    Vegan, organic and fair trade
    I love these for being ethically made.

  38. Purity for my health, no cruelty to animals. Replenishing the EARTH. Conducting business to benefit all! FEELING you’ve done something WORTHWHILE!

  39. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade items are important to me because as humans we feel suoerior to every toher species for no good reason. we were not the first species here and we will definelty not be the last. We do not have the right or importance to sacrifice another life for a bit of pleasure.

  40. Simply the matter of ego vs eco, by having a vegan beauty products/ lifestyle it allows for you to be at one with the environment and aware of the damage that animal bi products cause.

  41. Nothing feels more indulgent than pampering oneself whilst caring for our environment, social justice and keeping our bodies free of nasty chemicals!

  42. For inspiration beautiful and healthy skin for my personal beauty care is an important to look after our environment too. Because happiness is sharing truth, virtue and beauty.

  43. A footprint leaves a mark of the times. While humans are capable of love and soul, we have to be careful we don’t stain the world in which all living things grow. This is our only life sustaining planet – we can’t take our wealth with us so why not sustain our lives with organic wholesomeness that breaths life into all things natural.

  44. It’s important for my family to reduce chemicals by using only organic/ vegan household and Beauty products to keep us free of exposure to unnecessary chemicals

  45. People complain it all costs to much, they say buy the cheap stuff, chemicals, junk food all that terrible stuff. Spend the money on something that improves your life, and spend less years dealing with things that will put you in a hospital bed.

  46. Since being very ill I have had to change my whole life from the food I eat and products that I use on myself and around the house.I can’t afford to risk using products that have nasty chemicals and toxins.Organic products have improved my health and really changed my views to totally supporting these products and as for Fairtrade Why not? We need to look after our planet as we’ve already done enough damage.I am a vegan and only use organic products and try to buy as many Fairtrade products as I can.I don’t just want to look after myself and what I put into my body but also look after the planet for our future generations

  47. For me any product that is natural , chemical and cruelty free is the first choice as it is closer to the nature and is less harmful on us and the eco system

  48. The only reason to rub animals on your face is because you’re hugging them, not because they’re an ingredient in a product!

  49. I’ve only just been getting into the vegan life style and wish i did it sooner. Animals deserve a great life (including humans) . Really everything should be Natural, vegan, organic .

  50. It’s so important to me that I’m using products that have not put the environment and another beings life and welfare at risk in order to create it.

  51. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products promote animal equality and it is good for your body. This is why it’s so important to me.

  52. Sustainable practices are the key to prolonging our beautiful world! And… what good is a world without bunnies (better not hurt them).

  53. Natural – fake is so short term.
    Vegan – clear conscience, sleep easy.
    Organic – keeping it simple in a hectic world.
    Fair trade – a fair go!

  54. It makes sense to keep beauty natural, and I’ve been slowly working on switching over from all the chemical-filled products I’ve grown up using.

  55. So fresh and pure I’d eat them. Toxic, fake, full of artificial products should not get lathered on my body, so I stay natural and real.

  56. Using these would make me look great and feel great as I’d know they are ethical beauty products. So awesome!!

  57. Natural, organic and fair trade goods and services are important to me because over 56 million farmed animals are inhumanely treated and killed by humans each year for products that are not vegan and fair trade.

  58. I suffer from allergies so I need to use a product that is natural and allergy free. I’d love to win so I can try your product.

  59. It’s important to me because no animals are hurt, there are no dangerous chemicals and everybody involved in making the products are treated fairly.

  60. Natural, organic and Vegan makes me feel healthy and happy, I know when using these products that I’m helping to make the world a better place

  61. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products highlight how beautiful nature can be without harming animals. They are also much more nourishing than chemical-filled products.

  62. I have been helping the environment protecting it from any harm. I’m also looking after myself and proving that nature is the best way to become a better person as well.

  63. Organic, fair trade, vegan products are important to me because every living being deserves to live happy and healthy and not be in pain or suffering and to make the earth and world a better place and to lessen pollution etc

  64. I think it is a fantastic idea to reduce the animal content we eat, and use. I recycle, grow my own salad items, am careful re energy levels.. Little steps help too

  65. when im using clean and natural products i feel that im helping the planet and its environment as well as helping my body is really important especially when peoples lives count on it. As well as when they test these chemicals on animals , it breaks my heart knowing that they are suffering. It makes me feel good using the products that are natural and makes me look good as well 🙂

  66. Hurraw – whole, clean simple ingredients, cruelty free and fair trade – theyre the best for your body and leave the planet with little to no damadge.

  67. I seem to develop awful all over skin rashes if I use chemical products. It would be so nice to win and indulge without suffering.

  68. Natural vegan products are important to me and my family as they are not only good for our bodies but they are also good for the planet. I believe beauty is a natural state and that our beauty products should also be from a natural sate that doesn’t harm the environment. They are more nourishing for my body then any other chemical based product!

  69. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important because they ensure the safety of animals, people and the surrounding environment in which we live, all together making the world a better place for everyone.

  70. It’s the only way to know that nothing that can feel pain did in any part of the manufacturing process…. Including the person using it post production 🙂

  71. I bought one last week OMG best lip balm ever, no reaction as its chemical free, i loved the texture and it keeps the lips moist and smells amazing, fabulous product.

  72. That the vulnerable are still being exploited to profit others is criminal. Buying fair trade products can put an end to this evil practice.

  73. I would love to win a Harrow pack because environmentally and socially responsible products are very important to me.

  74. Personally fair trade is the most important thing. Knowing that people were fairly treated when making this product is the best part of any product.

  75. Anything that is good to our environment and cruelty free is a good product! As long as they don’t torture animals, I am happy to try and buy!

  76. Natural, organic products are really important to me because it is quite clear that they heal dry lips and hands a lot faster than most other products. I’m hoping more people make the switch as they will get better results. I was sooooo excited when I found this brand and would love these wonder products all to myself.

  77. I think organic and vegan makeup is important to me because it’s has not been tested on animals and that means the world to me

  78. It’s important to me to purchase ethical, sustainable products so that i know they are free of harmful chemicals, ingredients and toxins often found in non organic mass produced brands. Animal welfare is very important to me and purchasing vegan products that are not tested on animals is an important part of my decision to purchase natural holistic alternatives.

  79. The knowledge that the products have been produced ethically and in the better interest of everyone gives a much more satisfying feeling when purchasing.

  80. PETA’s Meet Your Meat was very influential in my decision towards going vegan,
    After being made aware of the cruelty animals suffer, I could not in good conscience continue to be responsible for that, even if indirectly. Buying products that are natural , chemical and cruelty free is the first choice as it is closer to the nature and is less harmful to us in general.

  81. I’m saving my skin, saving my body and saving the world so what is there not to love about this incredible triple threat!

  82. Its about taking steps to make a better future for our world ethically, environmentally and for ourselves with our own health. Its essential to my life and my family’s

  83. Natural and organic products are generally more healthy and are better for you than chemical products, as natural products are much less harmful and are a gift from nature. I feel these organic products are much safer and actually do feel better to use, and people to should start to use them over chemical products.

  84. Natural products are important to me to ensure my skin and body is free of harsh chemicals and toxins !these lip balms would perfectly fit my vegan lifestyle

  85. Kindness

    Words to live by and remember with my daily ritual of using Casadekarma lip balms.

  86. I spend most money on my lip products because I love to change the colour when the weather ,my mood and clothes changing.Lip Balms is very important to me because I will look prettier and juicy and able to kiss my lovely bf^^

  87. Looking after our planet is just as important as looking after ourselves. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products help us help ourselves!

  88. Because I feel that when the products are cruelty free, fair trade and organic makes a difference (no matter how small) to the world.

  89. I like to know where products come from and that they are natural.My sister is also vegan and has gone through a lot in the last year and this would be a great gift to her.

  90. Fair trade is important in me because . I know that I am wearing or using a product that supports higher ideals for everyone.

  91. I love using products that are good to my skin as well as the environment, and fair trade is also such a bonus.

  92. We’ve only got one world, and by ensuring we live a life that leaves less of an imprint than the generation before us ensures that future generations have a chance. Vegan, organic and natural – the only way to be.

  93. I feel very passionately about the environment, i am vegetarian. I just love to know that what I am using on my face is not harmful in any way to the environment. I love using lip balms, but I feel some lip products just do not give the results I want. When I have purchased natural lip products, I have always been so happy with the results! I would just love to be given the opportunity to use more!

  94. After centuries of poking and prodding animals do we seriously need keep torturing them for our own benefit?! Its so stupid!

  95. this product is natural and its good to be using something that is officially labelled as vegan and natural it makes us feel good and proud

  96. I am not going to rub an animals corpse on my face, because that’s not healthiness nor happiness. Healthy and happy is pure, natural and vegan.

  97. Veganism and natural products are important to me as animals should be treated fairly and not inhumanely. What if we switched roles and were killed?

  98. I like organic products because it’s comforting to know you are taking care of your skin without having to rub toxic chemicals into it.

  99. I believe if I nourish my body with pure and natural products I should look and feel good at my grandchildrens weddings.

  100. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products beautifully display how we can live in harmony with animals whilst still having amazing beauty prducts

  101. Over the past year I’ve completely overhauled every beauty product I use. First I started with shampoo & conditioner, then my (expensive!) makeup & beauty collection made it’s way to the bin. My lips have always suffered with being dry, I can’t believe some of the things I have ingested over the years, lipsticks and seemingly ‘natural’ balms that are full of toxic ingredients. The Hurraw lip balm was the first thing that worked for me after this lifestyle change, I use it every. single. day. The best thing is that people around me are noticing these lifestyle changes and making changes of their own. I think we all have a responsibility to shop natural & fair trade, and support businesses who enforce the same ethics!

  102. All my pets in my lifetime have shown me nothing but utter love and respect, and it’s the least I could do for them!

  103. Fair trade and cruelty free,
    That’s the way to be,
    Love my lips with products made clean,
    Hurraw is the one that gives the sheen!

  104. I like to know exactly what is in the products I put in and on my body! I also like to know it was made without harming animals or the earth!

  105. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are extremely important to me because my friends have shown me the health benefits!

  106. I’m so incredibly grateful to be put on this earth in the first place, so to be able to give back in any way is amazing!

  107. I’m known to carry about 5 lip balms in my handbag and always have one handy at my desk! I belive in free rights for any living creature, i hate animal testing with a passion! I like to know where my products have been before applying them to my face as most of the beauty products have mica and harmful parabens in them. I really hope i win these and i promise to promote these to my colleuges!

  108. For so long I have been looking for a product that is reliable and is great for the planet and animals.
    I feel so great knowing that this won’t only be helping me, but helping our future planet. <3

  109. we would all benefit from having less chemicals in our systems, our over all health would improve, less time spent at doctors and those rather expensive medications they love to give you. all natural is the way to go

  110. Knowing that what I put on my skin and in my body, is not only great for me, but is great for the environment as well as those that make it.

  111. It’s hard for me to find organic products because I’m a young vegan and I don’t get to go to the stores quite often.

  112. Knowing and understanding what you are putting on your skin is important to know that everything is clean and you know where it has come from. Inherent in these ingredients are beneficial properties that can heal, soothe and be gentle on the skin.

  113. It’s important to consider the world when I buy – we need to care for the earth as it supports us – even my lip balm! hence why have been vegan for 3 years now

  114. I love Hurraw!! I am vegan, and I know this natural vegan products are good for me, good for the animals, and good for the environment. What other reasons do we need to make the right choice!!

  115. I tried Hurraw for the first time last month my lips haven’t looked so nourished or healthy in a long time, I love that they are chemical free and smell so good.

  116. The Great Wonders of Nature, rainforest’s deserts, rivers, mountains. Breathe in the Beauty, soak in tranquility, Shout Hurrah as your senses are awakened and transformed!

  117. All this shouting for a better world dries my lips out! And what could be better than an all-natural, ethical lip balm to keep my lips soft while we fight for Mother Earth? Hurraw to that!

  118. I have recently swapped all my skin and household products to vegan, natural ones and am loving it, just needing to find great lip products!

  119. I’m eager to try this lip balm, and it’s all the more important to minimise/eliminate toxins in one’s body, especially after the trauma of bowel surgery!

  120. This lip balm sounds perfect! By using vegan products I know everything is natural and not harming our beautiful environment! Would love to give this a try

  121. For the quality of all lives involved plus
    as a mentor to my daughter I need to practice what I preach
    which also means not only consuming appropriate items but
    also keeping skin care real and natural.

  122. Sustainable beauty is not only better for you and the world; it makes for better quality products. Go natural, vegan, organic and fair trade!

  123. I’m inspired by ancient and modern ideas, enhancing everyone’s life and prolonging years. Animal free is the hoo-ray Hurraw’s brand guarantee.

  124. I’m a strong believer in only using and putting into my body natural, healthy organic products. That is the way that God intended us to live.

  125. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products protect the environment and help my body stay healthy, strong and focused. My partner longs to try Hurraw!

  126. I personally love vegan and organic products, especially for when them are for use around my mouth and face but more importantly I have a bub that gets horribly chapped lips and rashes around her mouth so I would love to have these lip balms that I know will be safe for her too if we get stuck on the go and her little lips start cracking! Thanks!!

  127. Vegan lifestyles promote the health and wellbeing of animals and impacts their way of living because vegan products do not harm our natural environment.

  128. I love the feel of goods beauty products. Best about these: they tick all the right boxes! and they are sensational!! Can’t live without them 🙂

  129. We need more products like the Hurraw, i suffer from skin problems and is always a struggle to find products made 100% Natural!

  130. As an Ecologist I care about the environment religiously; from pollutants to poverty, I want to find my way to an environmentally fairer lifestyle!

  131. All natural products are going to be kind on your body and skin, this is an important part of why I only use natural products.

  132. Low-tox, ethical products matter to me because I have a conscience about how a product was made, as well as its ingredients. Purer the better!

  133. It is critical that we use vegan products and support vegan companies to ensure that we are causing no harm to the animals or planet. It is time people develop a conscious wallet and make ethically responsible decisions that reflect their values and beliefs. Also I love hurraw products. Thanks for running the competition xx

  134. Anything which is natural , chemical free and cruelty free gets my money. Simple as that! And it’s good for my skin and inside too!

  135. I believe that testing on animals is not necessary for my health and that natural ingredients are better for my health and well being.

  136. natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important to me because number 1 in a vegan and number 2 it’s all natural from what Mother Nature has supplied us with and it doesn’t hurt the environment or any animals which are the main reasons why I’m vegan…

  137. We need to start looking after this planet, including everyone and everything in it. Of all the chemicals that are in everything these days, we need to -for a lack of a better word- get back to nature.

  138. Environmentally friendly, organic, not tested on animals. Ive tried almost everything on my lips for being dry, windburn or cracked and this could resolve it.

  139. It prevents the exploitation and cruelty towards animals, and by not producing animal products it reduces our carbon footprint, and maintains our beautiful planet.

  140. Fair trade is very important to me, everyone on this planet needs to be rewarded equally for their work. If it’s not fair trade, then I see it as stealing.

  141. Being a natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products, I know this product is ethically friendly business that I can trust applying to my lips.

  142. I would love this pack because my lips are always dry and crackly. I find that the best things for my lips are organic. this pack would really help me and my body.

  143. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important to me because I like to know exactly what’s going on to my skin and in to my body!

  144. With everyday living we have so many chemicals and toxins entering our body. I’d rather not be inflicted with anymore than I have too!

  145. Natural, vegan and organic and fair trade products are important to me because they are safe, natural, its nice knowing there is something we can know and trust to be a great natural product that is safe to use unlike the products that populate the shelves in shopping centers

  146. Natural organic and vegan are important to me as 80% of what I put on my skin my body will eat! I like eating the right things for me and for the planet. I care about animals and I don’t want to kill them.

  147. we need to protect our mind, boy and spirit, as well as our natural nature resources and animals and this is a perfect example by using natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products.

  148. i think it is very important because it protecting our world and not harming animals, great for vegans who don’t want . And come on! Animals are adorable, why would you want to harm them? xx

  149. Natural and Organic products are important to me because i believe that we should live in an eco-friendly world and i want to protect my body from harsh chemicals other product might possess !

  150. Natural, organic, fair trade vegan products are better for me, the animals and the earth! It’s a good feeling knowing we can coexist together.

  151. Why anyone on Earth would ever use a product that was not natural, vegan, organic and fair trade beggars belief. Conscience is a great thing.

  152. I only want vegan, ethical products in or on my body. How could I put something on my lips if it was made with animal cruelty! I love hurraws mission!

  153. A healthy and happy body can be treated and maintained with natural products, without the harming of the physical environment around us.

  154. I believe it’s just so much better for your body and wellbeing and it benefits other living things and people around you too.

  155. Because I always feel more nourished, vibrant and healthy when using natural vegan products – they work better and leave you feeling better as a result

  156. As a vegan and health professional, whatever I put on my lips must be consistent with the message they are spreading; Hurraw reflects exactly that.

  157. This product doesn’t just maintain/sustain our health, but also the health of the planet and those in/on it. That’s what I’m about.

  158. I believe that a organic lifestyle is a healthy and motivating lifestyle! I feel so much happier and vibrant knowing that I’m using natural products and I will continue to use them as I truly believe they are healthy for the mind. It’s helping the envorment and others using these products and I feel as though organic products give me a glow that I don’t get from ordinary products. These products are important to me because I like to know what I’m using and I get reassurance in knowing that it’s good for the environment, myself, other and has an effect on our social wellbeing!!

  159. I would love to try these, since finding out I am pregnant, I have swapped to natural products, as I react to nasty products. As well as looking after my expectant bump I am looking after our planet.

  160. natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important to me as I know that not only they will be better for the planet but also so much better for me.

  161. Organic and vegan products are good for the body with natural nourishment and care. This is important with healthy lifestyles and special needs for yourself.

  162. Each purchase leads to others questioning why. Every conversation helps educate and spread awareness, just like this competition.

  163. As an animal lover I am a massive fan of organic vegan products knowing that animals have not suffered for human beauty products.

  164. Because the idea of using waste product from the Oil Industry (or chemicals that have been linked to cancer) on my lips is just wrong.

  165. Why should my body go through the turmoils of toxic products?
    It shouldn’t.
    That is why Hurraw is my savior in every way.

  166. As a vegan, I support cruelty free! Plant based and environmentally friendly. No chemicals and safe for my skin. Ethical products, it’s a win-win!

  167. Using vegan, fair trade and organic products makes you feel good – you’re not applying harmful substances to your body, and you’re not hurting any other living being or the environment by doing so.

  168. Mother Nature has been around longer than anything we can comprehend. Why do we think we know better then her? It’s simple natural, organic products whether food or beauty are the only way to go.

  169. We need to live in a more sustainable world that is worth living in, and organic produce is definitely the way to go for the future.

  170. It’s so good to be vegan because of the cruelty to animals. It’s sad that some people don’t think that beeswax is cruel too!

  171. All natural vegan products are important to me because as an animal owner I love my pets they are apart of the family and to think of someone hurting them with dangerous chemicals breaks my heart.

  172. Only products that aren’t detrimental to animals, the environment or to others, are the ones that I can wear proudly without guilt of any wrongdoing.

  173. There are more slaves in 2015 than ever before in history. As a way to be a more conscientious buyer, I always opt for fairtrade.

  174. Synthetic products can sometimes act as hormone disruptors which can lead to tiredness and weight gain. Natural is always best.

  175. Organic and natural products are super important in knowing what I am putting on or into my body, as we only get one life, and possibly one love.

  176. Organic means no toxins, higher standards, better for communities, water quality and the soil, protects farmers’ health, uses less fuel, & better products for us!

  177. We are slowly killing ourselves to industrial made gunk, I don’t think much of that rubbish they call food is good for us, big corporations getting rich and not caring what they give us, I’d rather help a little guy put food on his table than to help a rich corp buy another house!

  178. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important to me because by supporting and consuming them, I am not harming anyone – I am using my consumer power as a weapon against itself.

  179. I love that it’s fair trade, it’s always higher quality product and I feel good knowing someone was paid a fair wage for the work they put in.

  180. Because it’s better for me, my skin, body, and the environment. There’s no need to worry about damaging chemicals, which is a huge peace of mind.

  181. It’s important because it’s free of GMO’s, are not irradiated, improve biodiversity, doesn’t use synthetic pesticides or contaminate waterways and overall is more ethical!

  182. Because it’s better for me, it’s better for my skin and my body but most importantly it’s better for the environment which includes lives of animals, wildlife and nature. We only have ONE body and ONE earth, we need to start treating it right.

  183. All natural products are very important to me.
    I’m all about saving the environment.
    I have never tried this brand & I am always keen to try something new.

  184. I believe that Hurraw products are essential to a person’s wellbeing, as they are 100% vegan and organic, meaning that I have no problems sleeping as animals have not been unfairly treated for production of Hurraw’s lip balm. The organic products keep me at ease as I don’t need to worry about what chemicals are entering my body, because all the ingredients are natural and nourishing for the body.

  185. We like to use natural products as my son suffers from eczema, flare ups are common with all the chemicals and additives in products these days. Natural and organic products give him the relief he needs, makes me a happy mum 🙂

  186. I have an eczema management program that works for me and using natural and organic products work best to keep my skin healthy. I also use vegan and fairtrade products because I respect animals and people who work hard to make a living.

  187. Because i have 3 children and i dont think its necessary to expose them to the nasties that are commonly found in everyday products.

  188. Having natural products and fair trade is a win for everyone. Good for the people who use it and great for the people who make and sell. Everyone should do their little bit to help

  189. I use and prefer natural, vegan, organic and fair trade because I CARE! I care about the environment, animals and people getting a fair go! 🙂

  190. Mother Nature knows best,
    Chemicals cause us stress!
    Plus knowing both animals and people cared for,
    It’s good karma galore!

  191. Natural, vegan, organic and fair trade products are important to me because I have sensitive skin and I’m a vegan with a conscience!

  192. Fair trade benefits both sides. Natural products produce soft, smooth skin without the harsh chemicals that affect my body, the environment or animals.

  193. Natural, vegan, organ and fair trade, products under this category is worth recognising on the effort to conserve our beautiful but now fragile planet.

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