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10 Quotes To Inspire Your Self-Love Practice {Part 2}

It fills me with joy to see so many women preaching the self-love message online. Women who love themselves completely and want to inspire other women to also infuse their lives with self-love.

So with that in mind, in this, the second instalment of my favourite quotes to inspire self-love (see the first 9 self-love quotes that I adore here); I’m sharing the words of some truly amazing women who are absolutely rocking it in the online world. Here they are:

10. “To practice true self-love requires you to see yourself as equal to others, because the truth is honey, you are” – Jessica Kali

As women we often see ourselves as less worthy than every one else. We compare our bodies and our thoughts to those around us, and believe we come up lacking. But the truth is we are all equal. We are all beautiful and we are all deserving of love and respect – especially from ourselves.

11. “If I fully backed myself right now, and oozed confidence in who I am and what I do – what would I be doing differently?” – Tracey Spencer

This is such a powerful question. If you’ve just started playing around with self-love and don’t yet feel completely confident in yourself, imagine what you would do if you did feel confident. Fake it till you make it and start acting and living as though you know your true worth.

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12. “I walk with my head held high when I walk into a room because I know there is space for me in this world — however I may come” – Janne Robinson

You are exactly who you’re meant to be, so don’t worry about trying to change yourself for the world. Love and be proud of who you are, don’t try to mould yourself to fit in. You fit into the world already, exactly as you are.

13. “Self love isn’t about being up yourself! It’s all about being kind, gentle and compassionate with ourselves” – Amelia Harvey

Self-love really can be that simple. Be kind, be gentle and be compassionate towards yourself. That is all you need.

Amelia Harvey Inner Peace Party
It’s all about having compassion towards yourself. Source: @amelia_harvey_ / Instagram

14. “Self-love, really, is a dynamic experience that changes, grows and moves with us as we change, grow and move. It builds out of the actions and thoughts we choose that, in turn, support us physically, psychologically, spiritually and energetically” – Claire Obeid

Self-love is an ever-changing practice and it’s also something unique to each of us. We all practice self-love a little differently, because we all need to do slightly different things to feel supported in our mind, body and soul.

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15. “It’s not about being perfect, nor is it about having all the time in the world to lounge about at the beach. It’s all about practicing and prioritising self-love. It comes down to carving out regular periods of time just for you. It’s also about an attitude of love that you carry with you wherever you go in life” – Kris Franken

Self-love doesn’t need to look or be a certain way. Instead it’s an attitude and choice you continuously make. Self-love means prioritising yourself. It means saying yes to your self-care and giving yourself plenty of time that’s dedicated solely to you. It’s being committed to choosing love, always.

16. Self-love stems from a total and utter self acceptance. Accepting ALL the pieces of you that you love…and don’t necessarily love (yep, that’s your muffin top, your jealous bitch side, your upper lip hairs, etc). Because when we surrender to our wholeness of light and dark, that’s when we radiate love and fullness. We are whole – Rosie Rees

Oh yes, self-love means loving and accepting yourself completely. None of us are perfect. You might have thighs that touch, hair that can never be tamed, uneven shoulders, a big nose or any other ‘imperfection’. But when you accept those imperfections and no longer try to change them, that’s when you can experience a deep, deep level of self-love.

rosie.rees nude yoga
We are whole. Source: @traceyincau_photography via @rosie.rees / Instagram

17. I am enough. And nothing – not the things I do, nor say nor think – will ever change that truth – Meg O’Sullivan

Your actions, your words and your thoughts do not change the fact that you are enough, exactly as you are. Self-love means learning to acknowledge and accept the truth that you are enough. You are good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, funny enough. You don’t need to be anything or anyone else. You truly are enough.

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18. “Become aware and curious and explore your body. See what it can do. Accept what it won’t. Yours is like no one else’s, so don’t compare. Just accept yours for the banging’ beautiful bod that it is” – Claire Baker

So many of us struggle with loving our bodies, as we compare our bodies to beauty ideals that most of us don’t live up to. But the differences between our bodies are what make us all beautiful. As Claire says, ditch the comparisons and then you can start loving how unique and special your beautiful body is.

19. “Remaining open and true to yourself is a life-long adventure, and the only one worth having” – Gala Darling

Gala Darling is the queen of radical self-love. Being yourself and embracing everything that entails is a beautiful part of self-love. It’s also ridiculously fun to stay true to yourself. Say yes to self-love and enjoy the wonderful, life-long adventure that this love will lead you on.

If you’re now feeling inspired to boost your self-love practice then check out My Favourite Self-Care Tools to help get you started.

Now it’s your turn – do you have a favourite self-love inducing quote that you can share? Pop it in the comments below with any other thoughts you have – I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Radical Self-Love Quotes From 10 Women You Need To Know
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  1. Thank you so so much for this beautiful read Erin. I also love how women are coming together online and encouraging us to embody the strong feminine energy we possess… And to stop being so hard on ourselves despite the pressure of our lives and what other media might portray as the ideal <3

  2. I LOVE this article Erin. All these women and their words are beautiful and powerful. I particularly like the words from Rosie Rees, “Because when we surrender to our wholeness of light and dark, that’s when we radiate love and fullness”. x

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