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Meet Australia’s Next Top Wellness Coach, Lauren Darlington

Despite her youthful age, Lauren has already had quite the journey through life.

Here Lauren shares a little about her journey, along with her best advice to help you make big and small transformations in your own life. Dive in and enjoy!

Lauren, tell us something we don’t know about you :).

I am a total word lover. I love reading, I love blogs, I love sending essays to my girlfriends instead of text messages, I word vomit ALOT, and I just love sharing my life with others through words.

In 2017 you launched your business as a Transformation & Wellness Coach. Tell us what got you to this point and about what happened when you fully committed to the decision:

Truthfully? The only thing that worked for me, in turning my life around and finally creating the life that I knew I wanted, was coaching.

I come from a background of mental health, suicide attempts, disordered eating and a constant cycle of feeling ‘okay’ with staying in bed all day. I tried everything and was tired of repeating the same cycles again and again.

Finally I worked with my own coach and that’s when everything changed. I went from being a girl who couldn’t leave her house alone to a girl who travelled internationally solo and began inspiring others.

lauren darlington travel

I went from feeling lost about what my passion was, to feeling inspired and totally aligned. I began to feel confident in who I was and what I was doing because I had the courage to commit to myself.

I began to notice how resourceful I could be in making my dreams become reality!

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What inspires you as a Transformation & Wellness Coach?

Knowing that there are so many of us who aren’t yet living into our potential and knowing the life changing difference that can take place when we do.

Knowing that a conversation can truly change someone’s life.

Knowing what it feels like to be on the other side of a transformation and how unbelievably exciting it is to know I can help facilitate that for someone else.

What does it mean to be a Transformation & Wellness Coach?

I see coaching as holding space and helping my clients navigate life versus having all of the answers. Because at the end of the day, we all have everything we need IN us, but it is the uncovering to get there; the guidance in overcoming the challenges and the SEEING you for who you really are even if you try to hide.

lauren darlington body confidence

I work with clients 1:1 online (so anyone can work with me as long as they have a WIFI connection) in my three month coaching program which includes weekly sessions to help them:

  • Unlock whatever is currently perceived as in their way
  • Heal the relationship they have with themselves and
  • Begin to create a life that truly inspires them.

I also offer Transform & Thrive – a two day transformational program specifically focussed on:

  • Clearing what is in the background and currently holding clients back and
  • Creating a clear vision and plan for what they feel inspired to bring into the world (I did a program like this in 2017 and it changed EVERYTHING for me).

I also offer one off ‘Taste of Transformation’ coaching calls which can be catered to clients individual needs however I find the three month package to be the most valuable (aside from Transform & Thrive) because it gives us the space to really bring some incredible change fourth.

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Who may find having a Transformation & Wellness Coach beneficial?

I work specifically with ladies, and honestly – any lady who is READY and willing to create the change they desire in their life and step into the potential within them. If you are finding that you are constantly:

  • Beating yourself up,
  • Feeling you aren’t good enough,
  • Looking for the next diet fad,
  • Sabotaging yourself or
  • Tired of living the same life every year and nothing changing…

Then I really encourage you to reach out.

lauren darlington mother

People often have resistance to the idea of a coach, and struggle to see how they can be beneficial.  What would you say in response to this?

I totally get the resistance. I found it when I first decided this is really what I knew I was here to do, I felt resistant to call myself a coach because so many people had no idea what I was coaching in. What even is a transformation and wellness coach?

I would ask why it is that you feel resistant to the idea of a coach. If you are reading this and feeling resistance, I invite you to ask yourself why? What have you decided about coaches or about yourself possibly looking for extra support?

We all know (and respect) that people have coaches for physical goals, yes? Well why are our minds any different?

When we are looking to change something physically we seek out a personal trainer, well when we are looking to create change we can seek out a transformation and wellness coach.

If you are intrigued by the possibility but somewhat skeptical, take a chance and open a conversation with a coach, because in my opinion that’s all that coaching is – a conversation.

You never know what kind of transformation you may be missing out on by allowing fear or doubt to overcome them.

I would also say with love, that the justifications they are currently using to keep themselves hiding and avoiding reaching out aren’t real. They’re simply holding them where they are because it feels safe. But on the other side of all of that, there truly is infinite possibilities. Oh and girl? You’re totally worth taking the risk.

lauren darlington suicide survivor

What are the main blockages holding people back from transformation?

  1. Perception – How they perceive themselves and their life currently. A big part of my message is that everything in life happens FOR us, and once we own that, we actually set ourselves free from what we are carrying around with us. You know the baggage from our past, the heartache from our breakups, the abandonment from our parents.
  2. Fear – I truly believe fear is simply when we perceive something in the future brings us more negative than positive and when we can unpack that the thing we are afraid of most can actually serve us as well, the fear is no longer there. BUT fear definitely blocks us, we can change this but it can come up alot. When I say fear I mean fear in terms of money, of judgement, the unknown, change etc.
  3. Self-Doubt – The thing that we often don’t realise or forget, is that self doubt (and fear) don’t actually disappear for good. We stay in self doubt, because we are afraid that we cannot possibly achieve what we want too, it’s safer here. What we don’t realise is that self doubt is like our little sister who follows us around. She is always coming along, but she doesn’t have control over you; unless you let her. Self doubt blocks us because it can feel SO real in the moment. It can feel so convincing! But when we allow self doubt to block us from making change we are simply reinforcing the same belief patterns to ourselves and holding ourselves back more and more. But what if we acknowledged that our little sister self doubt was there, she always will be, and we will bring her ALONG with us on the journey and not allow her to take over? Self doubt won’t disappear, you just learn to notice her and understand your transformation is worth more to you.

These are all things that yes can block people from transformation BUT they are simply on our way to big change if we choose to take it.

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What are your top recommendations to deal with these blockages?

  1. Asking Questions – I believe there is SO much power in asking questions. I hashtag my social posts #CuriosityChasers for that reason. When blockages arise, I really invite people to ask themselves “How is this serving me?” or “What am I making this mean?”. Often we see a block arise and instead of acknowledging it for what it is, we create a story in our mind about it and the more emotion that becomes attached to it the stronger the block becomes.
  2. Revisit your values and mission – I personally get really clear on my values and my mission statement when I face blocks in my life. The reason for this is often we aren’t seeing how the very blockage we are facing is actually helping our higher purpose or serving us in some way. And once we see that it is, we can remove the emotion from the situation and simply make a new decision. Which leads me to my next one:
  3. Make a choice – You always have a choice in any situation, knowing that you ALWAYS have a choice and allowing yourself to make the best one for you is essential (and your choice!).
  4. Get support – It goes without saying that having a coach who can lovingly point out what is going on for you, call you out if you hide behind the blockages and help guide you through the block is the quickest and most empowering way to move forward.

 lauren darlington interview

Who inspires you to transform & live in wellness?

I actually have so many people who I draw inspiration from, for different reasons. Without sounding cliche my girlfriends inspire the hell out of me, my family, loved ones, and my great nan. I know she isn’t a well known figure but my gosh she is an incredible woman. She is 90 this year and is the definition of health. She has always inspired me to live in wellness and thrive.

In terms of public people, my previous coach Briana Bowley  who I worked with in 2017 and am now good friends with inspires me SO much. She lives her life on HER terms and does this every single day. She has turned her life around and created a life full of purpose and one so many people can admire in awe.

I am definitely inspired by Stacey Rae – a beautiful coach I met at the end of 2017 because she holds such a powerful space for women and comes from a place of utter self care and having her cup full first. I am inspired by her ability to show up for others and create from a place that feels freaking good! Also the girl power vibe I get from her is totally awesome.

And Kate O’Brien because she is unapologetic in her truth around self care, putting yourself first (even as a mum) and showing up as YOU are. In all the glory that is. I am diving into a program with her soon and I cannot wait to explore the juiciness that comes with it #staytuned.

Noticing a trend? #girlpower

How do you facilitate your own transformation & wellness journey?

In terms of my own transformation, I continue to work with coaches or in spaces that I know I will be held accountable, supported AND challenged. I continue to raise the bar and set goals outside of my current experiences to create space for me to grow.

With my wellness, I prioritise me and my self care daily. I have the first hour or so of the morning for ME, and I don’t dive into the world without caring for my needs first. I say no to things that don’t serve me or align with me. I do more things that feel good.

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lauren darlington self care

Are there any transformations you are working on in your own life right now?

Yes actually! I am prioritising my health this year as I know the difference having a thriving body makes in achieving the goals I want to step into. I spent some time healing my relationship with my body last year which meant health wasn’t as much of a priority as my mental health was, but this year for me I am transforming my approach to wellness. This looks like eating more whole, plant based foods; using more of my doterra essential oils; less harmful chemicals; movement that energises me and being intentional with what I consume.

lauren darlington health and fitness

I am also transforming in my intimate relationship. An area I was so excited to expand into late 2017, and transforming with someone in a relationship excites me. The transformation looks like navigating how I relate to someone on an intimate basis, how I show up in our relationship and how we grow together.

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What can we look forward to, from you in 2018?

2018 feels big already! Everyone has been saying it! I have recently relaunched my facebook group ‘Curiosity Chasers’; I am planning some workshops on all things self care and healing our relationship with ourselves and working closely with a group of 5 women (I have opened my books now!) to really start to create some juicy goodness in their lives!

I am also launching a 6 week program RIGHT NOW on deepening the relationship with you. I am super excited about this and have given it an incredibly accessible price point because I really want to serve as many women as I can! If you are reading and interested in hearing more, reach out ASAP!

I will also, as always, be sharing my life on Instagram and my blog. I feel this year a lot of growth is coming, and more travel and just life goodness! So be sure to follow along!

Now it’s your turn! Got a question or comment for Lauren? Pop it in the comments below – we can’t wait to hear from you :). 

P.S. Who do you know that would find this interview helpful & inspiring? Share it with them now. They’ll thank you later

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