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CLOSED: Win a Lunette Menstrual Cup

…And the lucky winner is: Sandra! She’d put the money she’d save not buying tampons towards a trip to France when she graduates – how amazing does that sound?!

Making the switch to a period cup is better for your health, your wallet and the environment… Are you in?

Because we’re passionate about your health and making conscious decisions that better our community and environment, we’ve partnered with Lunette to give 1 beautiful woman a menstrual cup, valued at $59.95 each. The winner will get to choose a colour and size that’s best for them. Scroll down to submit your entry.

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Competition details:

  • How to enter: Comment on this page with what you’d do with the money you’ll save when you don’t have to buy toxic tampons and pads each month! Must be in 25 words or less – use comment section below.
  • Start: 9am Friday 24th March 2017
  • Close: Midnight, Monday 1st May, 2017
  • Winner announcement: 1 lucky winner will be announced in this page and contact via email by 5pm Wednesday 3rd May.

Note: By entering this competition you agree to the competition terms and conditions and to receiving email communications from CASA DE KARMA and Lunette Australia. 

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  1. Put it back into the vege garden, fruit trees and flowerbeds,
    Or, put away what i used to spend into an account to save for solar

  2. I would like to say something really great here, but I’m just going to tell the truth it would all go on clothes!

  3. Put it towards my ‘apology fund.’ So whenever my PMS causes me to rage at others, I can then buy them chocolate afterwards.

  4. Hmmm probably save it up for a nice trip to France when I graduate! But I’d more likely buy a pair of pjs and slippers x.

  5. I’d send the money to mum. She crashed her car, insurance found a loop hole and won’t pay for the whole repair and she is struggling a bit and very stressed and stuck working full time over 70yrs old because her teeth cost over $13 000 to fix.

  6. I’d seriously throw a Lunette Lover party with organic wheat grass shots and a chocolate raspberry cake iced with “Landfill, I love you not”

  7. I’d go with the flow with whatever running shoes came on sale, but I’m sure I’d find the perfect fit!

  8. I will spend the money I’ll save taking my mum out and will also use it to help her on her quitting smoking journey.

  9. I’d like to say I’d spend the money on sensible, adult things, but honestly I’d probably just spend it on chocolate to satisfy my cravings!

  10. I am saving each penny, rather than donating non reusable items I can spend the same money on reusable items for women in need.

  11. I’d spend my savings on creating my dream grow to eat organic veggie and fruit garden, nothing better than harvesting your own food. 🙂

  12. First I’d buy a giant jar of Nutella.
    Then I’d shout my friend that changed my world by telling me about this product a night out for dinner & cocktails, that’s a lot of cocktails!!

  13. I’d love to actually then spend the money I would normally use on disposables to get more cups and donate them to communities in need, especially young girls who can’t afford menstrual products 🙁 xx

  14. I’ll be able to spend it on chocolate to binge on. My periods go for 14 days of hell every single month. It’s a nightmare and I deserve to treat myself through them horribly long days of bleeding.

    1. Lisa, I’m sure you’ve tried everything, but just wanted to recommend our go-to Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Carla Brion. She is specialises in women’s health and may be able to assist you in improving that experience each month. X

  15. Would use that money to buy pads for my daughter who will be starting her menstruation cycle any month now

  16. I would put the money towards my ongoing conversion to products aimed at sustainable choices and reduced waste.

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