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5 minutes with Maddie Race, Top Health Coach For Mums

Maddie specialises in empowering mums to take control of their pantries and fridges; and inspires the entire family to cook more from scratch, for a healthier, happier life.

Not only is Maddie super inspiring and bursting with tips to help you and your family transition to your healthiest, happiest life together – she’s a contributor to CASA DE KARMA (see her recipes and tips here), and she helped create NOURISHMENT, our plant-based recipe eBook. To try 3 of her delicious exclusive recipes in  the eBook, grab your copy here.

This interview is an absolute must-read for mums, and anyone wanting realistic inspiration and tips you can implement today – enjoy.

​What inspired you to become a holistic health coach?

The inspiration for me to become a health coach came from my passion of good food & cooking. I was hungry for more information, and I wanted to have an educated opinion to help my tribe make healthier, happier choices.

I have have been a certified health coach since January 2016 and prior to my certification, I conducted cooking classes for both kids and adults at local community centres, schools & health food stores.

I’ve always believed  that every family deserves to be healthy & happy.

maddie race green smoothie
Maddie says smoothies have changed her life – she now has them daily. Source: @maddierace_healthwellness

​Where and how does your health coaching take place?​

My health coaching sessions can take place in a number of venues, be it in the comfort of the client’s own home, at my home-office, a quite cafe or via Skype. In our sessions we cover various topics that may relate to poor health – it starts with food, but it is not exclusive to food, it is a very holistic approach that looks into many aspects of ones life including work, financials, spirituality, exercise, relationships, family. All of which can have an overall affect to ones health & wellness. I work with the clients to achieve balance in all these areas and incorporate food & healthy choices.

What do clients most often come to you for?

Clients often reach out to me because they are frustrated with how they look and feel or they are frustrated with their families diet and food choices/rejections. They are often stuck in a rut and confused about what is healthy or what isn’t. The also reach out, as they lack inspiration in the kitchen, and want more healthy options.

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Do you provide meal plan/guides for clients?

When I first meet with clients, I often look at their current eating habits of which I analyse, and use this as a base to then offer recommendations, though I don’t like to offer a meal plan, as this can easily and quickly become un-stuck, and sustainable lifestyle choices are not made or learnt.

maddie race vegetarian quiche
Maddie fills her families plates with vegetables. Source: @maddierace_healthwellness

What is it like for clients to have you as a health coach in their life?

Clients often say they feel empowered and accountable. They also comment that it’s wonderful to know they have someone to reach out to and help answer those queries that we may often ‘google’ which can often lead to mis–diagnoses and unnecessary stress or worry. My clients also love my cooking sessions and how easy, tasty and healthy my recipes are!

I love your motto “Healthy Mum, Healthy Family”. Can you talk more about this?

This is MY favourite motto too!

During the 4 years of running many hundred cooking classes for kids, I found that the children that really needed the help, were not necessarily coming to my classes. I then analysed and studied the habits of many children and families, and came to the realisation that mums have the power to either nurture healthy or unhealthy habits in their children. Mums (including myself) become selfless when you have a family, and make their children a priority when first born. This continues throughout life, and can become a problem for mums. In particularly if they are not investing in themselves.

Mums are often exhausted because of their hectic lives and constant giving. I want to empower mums to be healthy, as this will have a positive ripple effect on their kids, families and beyond.

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It’s so common to hear “My child won’t eat X”, what do you say to this?

This is a very common statement, and my answer to this is – engage and empower kids and get them into the kitchen with you. Encourage your child to assist with meal planning. I also say to my clients, take an honest look at your food habits and are your weak moments infiltrating to your kids without you realising? Are kids getting you at your weakest? Are you a positive role model for your kids? I have a favourite quote “Kids are great imitators, give them someone great to imitate”!

maddie race homemade pizzas
Homemade pizzas at the Race household. Source: @maddierace_healthwellness

W​h​at does an average day of meals at the Race ​family ​dining table look like?

An average day of meals in the Race household consists of lots of vegetables, fresh food, homemade food and baked goods, plus at least 2L of water each. And my day always starts with 3 mugs of freshly boiled filtered water & lemon, bought back to blood temp.

  • Breakfast – my kids will have a bowl of porridge (no added sugars, just cinnamon & vanilla) with stewed fruit or caramelised bananas.For me – a chia pod or a smoothie. For my husband – homemade muesli, homemade almond milk & coyo or greek yogurt.
  • Lunch – is often wraps with salad, avocado & some form of protein (often leftover from dinners) my kids also love to take wholemeal pasta to school or homemade spelt pizza rolls, sausage rolls or meatballs. I will eat salads with beans, chickpeas & nuts or if I am home I will cook up a beautiful medley of vegetables.
  • Dinner – can vary. When I am planning my meals, I always start with vegetables, as the staple, be it sweet potato, pumpkin and lots of greens. From there I build the meals and add protein/fish and wholegrain such as rice/pasta/beans or legumes.

I aim to have meat only feature 3 x week, I like to incorporate fish at least once a week, and vegetarian based meals at least twice a week. Friday nights are always homemade pizza night, where we all make our own favourite toppings, from vegetarian, to basic fresh pineapple & chicken and avocado, pear & walnuts with prosciutto.

We all love to snack on smoothies, bliss balls, homemade muesli bars, nuts & seeds, fruit etc.

maddie race chia pod recipe
Maddie’s famous ‘chia pods’. Leave a comment if you want the recipe!

What are your top 3 tips for busy Mums who want to feed their kids healthier food but aren’t sure how or feel they are too time poor?

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Self care – Focus on your own health & wellness first, and as you become healthier and happier, you are empowered to make healthier choices for your family and kids.
  2. Empower and engage with your kids to help with planning (cookbook research) and cooking of meals (age appropriate tasks) this could be from peeling to stirring or even helping with the shopping & reading the list.
  3. Crowd out – I particularly like this tip. Crowding out your worst offenders is a great way to make lifelong changes. All you simply do is pick one area or habit you wish to improve on, and ‘health-ify’ the food or habit. For example, if your kids love pre-made cakes or packet biscuits, make your own with less sugar & wholemeal flour. Continue to do this for 2 weeks, and slowly stop buying the packet items. After 2 weeks, and the habit has slowly formed, you can move onto your next area that needs improvement.

​What are your favourite family-friendly meals (and can you share the recipes?)​

I have so many family favourites – but here are my top 3 ‘go to’ recipes:

  1. Homemade Pork, Vegetable & Quinoa sausage rolls – what I love about this is they are great cold & perfect for lunch boxes the next day. This recipe will feed 4, and have leftovers for the next day! These sausage rolls team up perfectly with a nice tossed salad.
  2. Baked Beans – This is an awesome meat free meal. Teamed up with a delicious homemade focaccia, it is brilliant! I love serving my beans on a bed of fresh baby spinach for a boost of nutrients.
  3. Every family I know loves Taco Tuesday – so here is my healthy spin on this family favourite.

You’ve been known for your scrumptious smoothies and 7 day green smoothie challenge. What’s your favourite green smoothie recipe?

Smoothies have changed my life. I have so many favourite smoothie recipes, it really depends on my mood and the season. My favourite green smoothie would have to be ‘Princess Fiona’ this is a recipe that SOOOOOO yum!!!

I am also a little swayed by a nice chocolate smoothie, for those days when I just need a little help. For this I would turn to ‘Mummies Little Helper’.

maddie race mummy's little helper smoothie
Maddie is still partial to a choc smoothie – just the healthy version!

Now it’s your turn – Do you have a question for Maddie? Pop it in the comment section below. Or are you a mum that can share your tips? Help inspire the thousands of wellness seekers who visit CDK every month. 

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