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Sustainable Living: Why You Should Consider A Modular Home Build

It is now easier than ever before to live sustainably and a modular designed home, is the perfect place to begin. Unlike previous decades, modular today means less environmental impact, fewer costs, and more design options thanks to innovation and technology. It benefits everyone: designers, customers, and the environment. Modular construction services can create limitless possibilities.At first thought, you might be discouraged from opting for the modular alternative because it’s constructed in factories, the one aspect that makes it differ from traditional on-site built buildings. And yet this is exactly what makes this option so desirable. You wouldn’t tell the two apart because modular is sturdy nonetheless, and it’s not to be confused with mobile or manufactured, considering the same local building codes apply to it as in the case with traditional.

Here are 5 Reasons having your modular homes are the most advantageous & sustainable option:

1. Quality control

As the whole process of design and construction happens in the factory, designers have a much bigger amount of advantages as opposed to on-site. For one, there’s no chance for whether to affect the materials as the environment in the factory is controlled, unlike with traditional buildings which turns out to be among the primary reasons for delays.

2. Time

When there’s less of a chance for a delay, it leads to a reduction in the costs also considering the materials are unharmed and of quality, so the outcome is a timely and well-finished project and you’re aware of all the costs beforehand, no surprises! This comes in handy especially in the world today where the cost of living continues to rise.

Likewise, given that the factory provides a vast amount of options in terms of tools one can’t find at construction sites, you can expect the quality to be much higher since each and every piece is securely attached, be it by nails, screws or glue, and extra attention is given to this step so that everything can withstand the transport to the site.

It’s safe to say this makes them even far more secure than conventional homes and buildings also having in mind the inspection has a huge role in this, different than with the process of on-site buildings which consists of one or two inspections, as opposed to the many that go with modular designs, following strict building codes.

3. Safety

Besides, with modular, there are other risks you won’t have to worry about like vandalism and insect infestations and this along with quick and easy assembly at the site means you get your residential or commercial building finished within weeks instead of months upon hiring the modular construction services.

4. Environmentally-friendly

Not only is the modular concept great for you, but it’s also great for the environment too due to the reduction in waste, particularly the dangerous chemicals that end up in landfills or make their way to rivers. This is yet another one of the many sustainable features of modular or prefabricated designs.

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Moreover, there’s a careful selection of materials, focusing on using and reusing most of them essential in the reduction of waste. You can expect to be able to use and reuse materials within the home too, throughout its life cycle.

The choice of low VOCs and zero formaldehyde products means there’s thought given to indoor air pollution as well and you won’t have to be concerned about the costs that come with owning a modular home or building because the sustainable principles applied to minimise the environmental impact help reduce the need for heating and cooling.

The eco-friendly design on maximising daylight, ventilation and moisture control certainly has its impact on it too. Additionally, the design is meant to be as energy-efficient as possible, so there’s no wonder insulation is well taken care of thanks to features such as double-glazed high-performance windows, window shading, and roof vents.

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5. Design options

Yes, you have a say in the design too and no, you won’t get a construction that’s a copy of someone else’s. Unlike years before, there are endless design possibilities hence the end product is designed and built for you, your taste, needs and the specific site requirements; Despite the controlled design and construction process there’s still room for customisation! Best of all is you won’t have to worry about location, repairing things – a common scenario with buying a home on the market, and you get your prefab home with a warranty.

Taking it one step further

If you want to take it a step further in green lifestyle and opt for a self-sufficient home, also known as autonomous, all you have to do is discuss with the professionals in modular construction services, and you’d have your own unique dream home come true in perfect harmony with nature.

In summary

Making the decision of choosing modular construction services is at the benefit of you, your wallet, and the environment.

Are you considering a sustainable, modular home? Or do you live in one? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below

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