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My Favourite Self-Care Tools

Self-care is something that I love to regularly practice. By having tools that are easy to use and that I enjoy, I’ve been able to create rituals that I love. Some of the tools I use are quite practical and some of them are a little bit ‘woo-woo’ but they all help me prioritise my self-care.

If you want to develop a self-care plan for yourself or are looking for examples of self-care activities and tools, these are my six all-time favourites; along with tips to help you implement them into your own self-care routine.

1. Self-Care With Crystals

self-care with crystals
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Not only are crystals pretty, they’re also a great tool to use while you meditate, to help create a self-care ritual, or to set an intention. If you don’t yet have any crystals head down to your local crystal or new-age shop to pick out a couple. Most people recommend that you choose any crystals that you find yourself drawn to, but as a starting point here are a few of my favourites:

  • Rose Quartz – a gorgeous pink crystal known as the crystal of love. Whenever I feel like I need to boost my self-love or want to remind myself to choose love over fear, I’ll hold a rose quartz crystal in my hand while meditating.
  • Amethyst – amethysts are renowned as being a powerful crystal to use for spirituality. It’s a great crystal to have nearby as you journal or to ground you after a busy day. Amethysts are linked to sleep and to dreams, and I love to keep a few next to my bed to remind me to breath and relax as I lay in bed each night.
  • Citrine – a crystal linked to abundance, success and happiness. I love to carry citrine in my handbag on days when I know I’ll be busy. I use it as a reminder to find joy in the little moments, to practice gratitude and I find it helps improve my mood.

Learn more on how crystals can help you to live life to the fullest here.

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2. Self-Care With Essential Oils

do terra essential oils
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I started using these amazing essential oils about a year ago, and I cannot get enough of them. They smell fantastic and are also reputed for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties. No matter what mood I’m in, there is an essential oil that I can use in my self-care routine.

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When I’m feeling tired I love to inhale a few drops of orange and peppermint oils. I also find grapefruit and lime to be a very uplifting scent when used in my diffuser.

My favourite essential oil, hands down, is lavender and I use it every day as part of my self-care routine. I add a few drops into my moisturiser, when I have a sore neck I use it along with coconut oil and give myself a massage, and I place a drop on my pillow every night to help me wind down.

Need to buy essential oils? The doTERRA Essential Oils hub has information on how to sign-up and order your first set of the best oils in the biz. These oils are pure, organic and sustainable, not to mention powerful. Get started here.

Listen to this podcast for a helpful overview on how to use essential oils, their benefits, which oils to use for which feelings or situations, what to look out for when buying them and more.

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3. Self-Care With Oracle Cards

self-care with oracle cards
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I know oracle cards are a little on the woo-woo side, but they can be used in any way that feels good to you.

I love to pull a card or two after a meditation, and use it as a guide to the day. So often a card will reflect something I’ve been thinking about or relate to a situation that I currently find myself in.

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Oracle cards can be a great way to set an intention for the day. I also like to use them as journaling prompts and they are a fun way to tap into your inner wisdom.

My two favourite decks are available from The Little Sage and Inner HueThe Goddess Guidance cards by Doreen Virtue are also very popular, and I’ve heard great things about the Animal Kin Oracle cards by Sarah Wilder.

4. Self-Care With Meditation

self-care with meditation
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It’s possible to meditate without any specific tools. All you need is a place to sit, a few moments and your breath. But when you’re just getting started, this kind of meditation can feel awkward and you can easily become distracted.

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Guided meditations are a great tool to use either at the start of your journey into meditation or as a way to enhance your existing practice.

There are so many guided meditations available online and it can be hard to know what ones to choose. Youtube has some fantastic free meditations but I think it’s worth investing in some great quality guided meditations.

My favourites include Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Cleanse MeditationMeditones from Sonesence, The Goddess Meditations from Fiorella of The Nourishing Goddess, and the Mini Meditations from Claire Obeid.

5. Self-Care With Nourishing Foods

self-care with nourishing food
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The food I choose to eat plays a huge part in my self-care. When I’m eating lots of nourishing, whole foods I know I’m supporting my overall wellbeing. Eating well is just one way that I help myself to feel really good.

I love to shop at the local farmers market and the health food shop so that I can stock up on fresh and nutrient rich food. I also find it really helpful to plan my meals for the week and make a big batch of healthy food on Sunday, to last me throughout the week.

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Some of my favourite foods that I always have in my fridge or cupboard includes free range eggs, sweet potato, seasonal fruit (berries and stone fruit are my current faves), organic dark chocolate, lots of tea, nuts and sourdough bread.

6. Self-Care With Nature

self-care with nature
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My absolute favourite self-care tool is nature. No matter where you live, you will have access to at least one kind of natural environment. This could be a park, the ocean, the mountains or a small patch of grass outside your apartment. I adore immersing myself in nature for a whole day and can often be found hiking in the bush or mountains on the weekends.

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A few of my favourite tools to truly appreciate nature include hiking shoes (for those bush walks), a towel and bikini for the beach, and shoes I can slip off as I spend time sitting on the grass.

I also love to bring nature inside my house. I regularly buy flowers for myself, as it feels like a treat and brightens up our living room.

self-care flowers
Source: @_inourstillness / Instagram

Now that I’ve shared some of my favourite self-care tools, experiment with some of these and if you enjoy them be sure to add them to your self-care practice. By creating rituals you love, self-care will become something that you absolutely adore.

What tools and activities you include in your self-care plan? I can’t wait to hear – let me know via the comment section below.

My Favourite Self-Care Tools by Erin Williams
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Erin Williams Self-care & Wellness Coach

Erin is a Self-care & Wellness coach, passionate about leading others into a world of holistic living, mindset shifting and spiritual stirrings. Erin guides you into a world of self-love and self-care. A world where you make the rules. Where you define wellness on your own terms. Where you can truly feel alive.

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  1. What a beautiful collection of self-care tools Erin. I love most of these things too but haven’t tried Oracle Cards. Will have to get some and give them a try. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  2. I love the sound of these self-care tools, they’re all great ideas. Must get some essential oils, the grapefruit and lime sound very uplifting.

  3. Thanks for sharing Erin. I love that we are all so unique and enjoy a wide range of self care tools. For me, I feel at my best on a Sunday arvo with a mud mask on, in my bikini (with sea salt hair), music on, cooking up delicious healthy recipes for the week. I look forward to this self care ‘ritual’ every weekend because it makes me food good!

    1. You’re welcome Emma. Your Sunday arvo self-care practice sounds absolutely divine and it’s no surprise that it makes you feel so good. Thanks for sharing your ritual with us xx

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