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I’m so glad you’re here, as it means you’re interested in nourishing your temple with plant-based recipes. And that, I can help with.

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So much time, effort and healthy, loving intentions have gone into this exclusive FREE eBook, from both myself and the health experts who contributed to it. Now it’s time to get it into your hands.

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Meet the contributing experts:

plant-based recipe ebook contributors


Ultimately, it is my hope that this eBook serves you as a helpful resource and supports your wellness journey. So join the CDK tribe now and get cooking (once you sign up, you’ll receive a download link).

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Carly Taber

Carly created this virtual oasis for you to connect with, learn from and be inspired by Australia’s leading holistic health experts. Developing a deep love for holistic health at a young age, she believes a holistic approach is the secret to a healthful, happy & wholesome life. When she’s not collaborating behind the scenes at CDK HQ, you’ll find her practicing yoga, at the beach, or hanging out with friends and family.

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CDK Team

CASA DE KARMA is the home of Australia’s holistic health collective: A virtual oasis, where holistic health experts empower the women inspired to live naturally and in wellness.

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  1. Wow, I just downloaded it and wanted to pop back and let you know I’m VERY impressed. This has to be one of the top cooking ebooks out there with so many delicious recipes “by experts”. Can’t believe it’s free! Plus, I have a few free recipe ebook downloads and none are this pretty. Very elegant, can’t wait to try some of the soups, breakfasts and smoothies. Thanks so much xx

  2. Hi Carly and co. I have been looking for a plant-based diet weekly menu and between the recipes in this book I have pretty much got a week worth of meals. I think I will repeat a few of them anyway. Thanks for gifting this out into the world, very kind of you all to share your time and energy for us to benefit.

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