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PODCAST | Gut Health Explained (By A Naturopath)

In this podcast with Naturopath Alison Mitchell, we unpack the importance of gut health and what you can do to create a healthy gut.

This podcast is literally bursting at the seams with juicy information that you’d otherwise have to pay a Naturopath for a consultation to hear. So if this is a topic you’re interested in, or you or someone you know has gut health problems (or skin, auto-immune or chronic pain issues) do not miss it, and share it around.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why gut health is so important
  • The connection between gut health and acne/skin
  • Why & how gut health and anxiety (and depression) can be linked
  • Common symptoms of poor gut health
  • The difference between IBS and leaky gut (intestinal permeability) syndrome
  • What your tongue and nails can tell you about your gut health
  • How you can eat and breakdown food, but not absorb it so well (and what to do about it)
  • What a healthy gut diet plan looks like (which might be different to what you think!
  • What to do when you feel certain foods upset your gut
  • The difference between prebiotics and probiotics and why you need both and where to find them
  • Whether it’s necessary to buy probiotics
  • What to look for in a probiotic if you’re going to buy them
  • Gut health supplements demystified 
  • How to restore healthy gut flora if it’s out of whack
  • Why and how colonic irrigation can destroy your gut forever
  • Naturopath’s top tips for good gut health


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Thank you so much for listening. What did you think? Let us know what you loved and learnt, and ask any questions you have via the comment section below – we can not wait to hear from you.

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