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How To Prioritise Your Health When You’re Short On Time

Australians are working harder than ever. According to a Guardian Australia report, the average 35 hour working week is being supplemented with at least 6 hours of unpaid time per week.

As work creeps into free time, and demands by employers and everyday life increase, it’s more important than ever to make downtime work for you and your well being. Here are a few ways to (easily!) prioritise your health.

1. Create joyful rituals

For busy people, an often recommended suggestion is to appreciate the little things. There is a strong scientific basis for the process of appreciating small stuff. According to Psychology Today, some of the oft-repeated daily rituals, such as walking the dog, a well-made coffee or reading, are taken for granted when in fact they have a huge positive effect on wellbeing. How can you plan this into your day? Apart from taking time to meditate on the rituals you enjoy, consider setting up little surprises for yourself. Australian subscription boxes are a great way to achieve this; you can have small, new products, whether from well-being packages or, for example, coffee trials. The lift they can provide in a short period are invaluable.

2. Practice micro-meditation & mindfulness

Meditation has a swathe of positive health benefits, but those who are rushed might not even feel like they can undertake it; sometimes, even 10 minutes can be precious. For those people, mindfulness can be the key to unlocking a little extra piece of serenity. Mindfulness, as the Harvard Business Review of America point out, can be conducted constantly, and will provide benefits as such. Take time to learn how to micro-meditate and how to practice mindfulness; by applying it to your day-to-day life, you can build up a background level of mental well-being and overall resilience.

3. Commit to 8 hours Sleep

This may be the most important ingredient. If nothing else, prioritise your health by creating a regular and sufficient sleeping pattern for your body. Any working pattern where you are unable to get to bed at a reasonable hour and enjoy 8 solid hours of sleep will have serious effects on your all-round health. Work can sometimes place undue stress on your ability to get that sleep, and in short sequences, that can be manageable – over a long period of time, however, it is crucially important to ensure you’re getting what you need.

Work is important, and many people derive enjoyment from their career. Pushing yourself to new limits to make the most of your opportunities is a great way to maximise the benefits of your employment and make a good life for yourself. However, well-being cannot fall by the wayside; if you’re a high activity level person, find ways to sneak in measures to keep yourself feeling good. Your body will thank you.

Now its your turn. How do you prioritise your health? Or what challenges do you have with making it a priority? Share in the comments below. 

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