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A Guide To Reiki Energy Healing

If you’re a regular here at CASA DE KARMA, chances are you’ve heard about Reiki.

If not, you’ve probably been hiding under a (crystal) rock and you’re bound to hear more about it very soon. Keep reading for a guide to Reiki energy healing by a Reiki Master (aka yours truly), so that next time someone mentions it, you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about.

What is Reiki energy healing and how does it work?

Firstly, Rei = Universal/Omnipotent and Ki (or Chi) = Energy/Life Force.

So, Reiki translates to the universal energy that is all around us.

Very basically, everything in this universe is made up of energy, ourselves included. And the society we live in these days has truly disconnected us from this fact. It is innate in all humans to know that we have the ability to self-heal and direct and channel this universal energy through our life force to promote healing and balance.

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Here is a quick example:

Remember when you were younger and you fell over and scraped your knee? What was the first thing you would do?

Chances are you would scream and bend over and place your hands over the sore spot.

You see, intuitively we know that by placing our hands over a point of impact or injury we are promoting chi/ki or energy flow to that area.

Similarly, an attuned Reiki practitioner is trained to channel the universal energy around us to stimulate flow in blocked cells and chakras, to promote self-healing in your body.

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Beginner's Guide To Reiki Energy Healing

Where does Reiki come from?

A brief history of Reiki: It was discovered in Japan in the early 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui. Dr Usui received the information that energy could be used to promote hands-on healing, and that sacred Reiki symbols could be channelled to create balance in body, mind and soul. These symbols and the Reiki philosophy have been passed down through a lineage of hundreds of Reiki Masters from Japan, to all throughout the world.

There are now more Reiki practitioners worldwide than doctors.

And there are over 800 hospitals in the US alone that offer Reiki as a complementary form of treatment to cancer patients (Ref:

Is Reiki energy healing real?

Reiki is real – the energy that is unseen and yet all encompassing in this universe is real. Even though we cannot see it, we know that energy is real. Reiki energy flows to where it is needed by the receiver. Sometimes, the receiver will experience ‘detox’ like symptoms such as going to the toilet more frequently or flu like symptoms, as it can cause the receiver to experience a ‘spiritual’ detox of sorts. It’s a great idea to drink plenty of water.

What is Reiki energy healing good for?

The list of Reiki benefits is both vast and individual to each person, however in essence, a Reiki attunement/healing session provides you with deeper sense of connection, heightened self-awareness and compassion and a general feeling of relaxation.

Reiki can often be helpful for people who are feeling stressed, out of balance and are seeking a deeper connection with their spiritual body.  Personally, the meditation and relaxation techniques taught in Reiki helped me (and helps many of my clients) to more effectively manage anxiety and tension.

But don’t let me tell you, go and experience it for yourself!

This is only the information. It’s the experience and personal transformation that will really teach you what Reiki is all about.

Either head to a Reiki 1 course, (Reiki 1 is for self-healing) or make a visit to your local Reiki Master.

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Reiki energy healing expert

How to become a Reiki energy healer

Want to know how to do Reiki on yourself at home? or how to do Reiki on other people?

Well there is so much more to Reiki than what is possible to explore in this article! So if any of this has piqued your curiosity, the best thing to do is to sign up to your nearest Reiki Master for a Reiki 1 course. If you’re based in (or willing to visit) Adelaide, view my upcoming events calendar on Facebook.

Reiki certification / training can cost anywhere from $5 – $5000 depending on the style it is delivered and the practitioner teaching. The best thing is to do your research and allow your intuition to seek out the right Reiki Master for you. Reiki certification and training is now available over the internet, however this is not something I personally offer. This is because I believe we need more practical experience with the Reiki energy and the attunements to be felt physically in order to receive the full benefits.

The day would typically involve a lot of meditation, energy attunements, an understanding of the history of Reiki and exploration into energy around you.

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Reiki 1 is for self-healing. Healer, heal thyself is the first step.

The energy attunements you receive in Reiki 1 provide somewhat of spiritual detox, so it’s important to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol for at least a few days either side.

After Reiki 1, you undertake a 21 day period of self-healing and after this, you can go on to learn Reiki 2. This is where you are attuned and learn how to facilitate healing for others.

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Reiki 1 training

Reiki is a philosophy not a religion, and it is available to everyone. It’s not regulated so it is important to choose a Reiki Master who you feel comfortable with, so do some research first.

Once you have been attuned the Reiki energy flows through you forever, so you will naturally have a deeper sense of awareness of others around you and their energy. This can be highly beneficial for empaths who sometimes feel drained around others before understanding their connection through Reiki to the always accessible universal life force.

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How to find a Reiki practitioner in your area

If you want to experience a healing session with a Reiki Master then a quick Google search “Reiki healing near me” should provide you with the best set of results.

How much is a Reiki energy healing session?

I’m often asked how much is a Reiki session is, and my answer is that it really will differ depending on the Reiki Practitioner. A recently attuned Practitioners may charge as little as $50 for a treatment. More advanced and experienced Practitioners may charge 2-3 times that. Always do your research and find one you are comfortable with. Generally the practitioners at wellbeing stores and crystal shops have beautiful services and excellent reputations because they rely on word of mouth and repeat customers.

Still have a question about Reiki? Got a Reiki experience that you can share? By simply commenting below you’ll inspire the thousands of women who visit CASA DE KARMA each month and help us grow this movement of women living in wellness. So thank you in advance and I can’t wait to hear from you. 

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