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Review: The Detox Room – Canggu, Bali

Wondering where to detox in Canggu? Get the lowdown on my colonic experience at The Detox Room including the service, location and who I’d recommend it to.

I find gut health fascinating. I’m in tune with my body and love a good colonic.

So after two weeks of switching my morning smoothie (filled with fruit, vegetables and super foods) for Bulletproof coffee and having my digestion slow to the point where I felt very uncomfortable, my plan was to revert back to my smoothies and book in a colonic A.S.A.P to help sort the current situation (as we as reverting back to my smoothies!).

About the Detox Room:

The Detox Room offers acupuncture, auriculotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, Chinese cupping, Chinese herbal medicine and facial rejuvenation. However their real speciality is in detox packages (see picture below for details); created and facilitated by Dr. Thomas S., MD, GP, Dipl.Ac..

The Detox Room menu and pricing

See more about the packages on offer on The Detox Room‘s Facebook page.

Overall rating: 4/5

I loved it! The experience was professional, convenient and I felt great immediately after; and still feel great as I write this review a few days on.

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Service: 3/5

As expected, it’s a completely closed system, so there is no mess, no smells and no embarrassment. The oils burning and soft tunes playing in the room created a calm and serene environment; while the two sweet, friendly staff members who facilitated the treatment made me feel absolutely comfortable.

I’m used to having one naturopath facilitate the treatment, massaging my tummy to assist with the detoxification and sharing advice to get through any icky feelings, and lifestyle/dietary recommendations. I’ve found that this isn’t the case in Bali (I’ve also had a colonic at Alchemy in Ubud last year) which was completely fine for me – it was actually good just to be able to close my eyes relax, listen to my body and help it with the detoxification through massaging the tummy.

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The duration of the treatment itself was shorter than I’d usually experienced in Australia (about 30 minutes rather than 45-50 minutes). That said, the price is proportionately cheaper in Bali and maybe they’re just more efficient!

I would love to have be given a probiotic after the treatment and offered to buy them (the one time you want to be upsold!) as it’s impossible to get quality probiotics likened to BioCeuticals in Bali.

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Results: 5/5

The treatment was incredibly effective. During the treatment one of the ladies even told me it was like I was “exploding” (ha!) and she didn’t know our bodies could hold that much (I told you I needed help!). And as I said, a few days on and I’m feeling great and things seem to be in-check.

Location: 5/5

If you’re coming to Bali for a detox, renting out a villa in Canggu would definitely be my recommendation over neighbouring Seminyak. If you’ll be venturing out into the world while detoxing and retreating, it’s bursting with healthy cafes, massage and day spas, and the beach is still there for an ocean cleanse.

The Detox Room is super conveniently located practically on (but technically just off) Canggu’s main strip, Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong. It’s well signposted on the main road (about a 15 minute walk up from the beach / Old Mans). After Moana Fish Eatery (on the right) you turn left off Batu Bolong and it’s just there (on your left).

The Detox Room Location

The exact address for The Detox Room is:  Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.28, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361. Check it out on Google maps, here.

Who I’d recommend it to:

For a colonic, I’d recommend The Detox Room to those who’ve had one before in their home country, and know what to expect/don’t need too much hand holding so to speak.

Also – The Detox Room sounds great for anyone wanting to come to Bali for a detox retreat, but who doesn’t want to pay the prices of a in-house (where you stay at the compound), and who wants the flexibility to pick where they stay; have the option to go to the various locals. Knowing your cleanse is overseen by a highly trained and experienced doctor, brings essential peace of mind. Dr Thomas is well regarded. Check out this “Best detox in Bali” Review on Trip Advisor that he’s mentioned in and read more reviews here.

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Have you done a detox retreat or similar in Bali? Thousands of women visit CASA DE KARMA every month, so help a sister out and share your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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