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PODCAST | Yoni Eggs, Sensuality & Pleasure with Rosie Rees

Rosie Rees reveals everything you need to know about yoni eggs, as she empowers women to take control of their sexual pelvic health.

This episode is an introduction to yoni eggs and a must-listen for all women.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What a yoni egg is
  • The benefits of using a yoni egg
  • The pivotal moment that lead Rosie to empower women in their sexuality
  • Types of yoni eggs
  • Whether or not to cleanse & charge your crystal yoni eggs
  • How to use a yoni egg including suggestions for your own yoni egg practice
  • How to insert (and remove) your yoni egg
  • Yoni eggs and orgasm
  • How long to leave it in for
  • Whether you can sleep with a yoni egg
  • If yoni eggs can be dangerous in any way
  • How to pick your first yoni egg
  • Where to buy your own yoni egg or pleasure wand
  • Rosie’s top tip for reawakening your libido and sensual self


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