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Review: Seri Resort & Yoga Centre, Gili Meno

Where’s best place to stay on Gili Meno? Keep reading to find out whether Seri Resort & Yoga Centre sounds like the perfect place for you.

After spending 5 weeks in Ubud (doing my yoga teacher training), I was craving a life of turquoise water, swims with the turtles and a few cocktails. After much research, we chose Seri Resort and Yoga Centre on Gili Meno. Here’s my full review:

Overall experience:  3.5/5

Highlights of our experience at Seri Resort included the friendly and professional customer service, crystal clear ocean, yoga in the bamboo shala, mango daiquiris in the eve and banana pancakes at breakfast.

The resort: 3/5

From the bungalows to the beachfront, the resort is bright, airy and oozes a relaxing, luxe vibe that inspires you to completely unwind.

Seri Resort Bungalows Gili Meno
Bungalow accommodation at Seri Resort. Step outside and onto the sand.

Laid-back lounge tunes play throughout the communal areas. Sandy pathways throughout the resort remind you of your whereabouts with every step. Sweet signs inviting you to rinse your feet before entering areas such as the restaurant, room and pool etc.

review seri resort gili meno
The main pool and beachfront.

Location: 3/5

Seri Resort is located at the peaceful and secluded end of Gili Meno, away from the ferry dock, main beach, turtle sanctuary and few warungs on the island. If you have luggage that doesn’t need wheeling, you can walk there from the ferry dock. Alternatively you can get a horse and cart if that’s your thing.

A coral reef abundant in colourful sea life, and ‘Turtle Haven’ (a popular diving spot) are just out the front of the resort, making Seri Resort a great base for swimming and snorkelling (you can hire snorkelling equipment form the resort).

Wondering how to get to Gili Meno from Bali? The fast boats from the ports at Padangbai seem to be the most popular route. You can buy your ticket at the ports, which should be max 300,000 IR.

Walk from port to resort
The view on the walk to Seri Resort.

Yoga: 4/5

I absolutely adored practicing in the big bamboo yoga hut at the back of resort.

The slow-flowing classes started with a short meditation and pranayama which helped me swiftly drop into a moving meditation, before eventually slipping into savasana. Hearing and seeing the wildlife around me while practicing and feeling connected to nature was incredibly soothing, and a revitalising change to the studio rooms that we often experience when living in a concrete jungle.

Classes are also open to non-residential guests, so even if you stay elsewhere, while you’re on Gili Meno, I’d recommend attending. A 75 minute hatha yoga class costs 150,000 IR.

review yoga centre seri resort
Upstairs in the bamboo yoga centre.

Service: 5/5

As I said – the staff at the resort were friendly, helpful and efficient (rare combination to come across on the islands).

Food & Drink: 3/5

Overall, the food on the Gili Islands isn’t the same quality that Bali now boasts. That being said, Seri Resort was able to keep my hunger at bay with yummy banana pancakes for breakfast and a seafood barbecue for dinner.

We enjoyed the seafood barbecue (dinner) at Seri Resort. The salad bar was delicious, with lots of sauces and condiments on offer also. I highly recommend the a mix of the fish on offer, as well as the skewers. Though our squid was overcooked, so make any requests to the chef before making your way to your table.

Tip: When ordering other meals from the menu, I recommend opting for classic options such as the burgers and club-style sandwiches which looked great. The fancier options we ate were missable. 

Value for money: 3/5

Naturally you’ll pay ‘resort taxes’, on food and drink, which is about double to what you’d pay once you step outside. That being said, the environment and service is great, so you get what you pay for (imagine your food and drinks delivered to you at your day bed by the ocean). For something cheaper, venture out and head to a warung.

Tip: Buy a few large bottles of water at the supermarket near the ferry port before heading to the resort (and take them with you). These are much better value and an easy saving to make. 

Who I’d recommend Seri Resort & Yoga Centre to:

I’d recommend Seri Resort to anyone who wants to unwind by the sea and enjoys a Western, resort-style experience. And you don’t have to be a yogi to enjoy this place. Whilst the yoga centre was an appealing feature for me, others can enjoy the snorkelling or simply lay by the water with a cocktail in hand.

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Do you have a question about the Gili Islands or yoga in Bali? Pop it in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you right away. 

P.S. Do you know a yogi or yogini heading to Indonesia soon? Share this review with them now incase they want to incorporate an experience like this into their trip.

Carly Taber Founder - CASA DE KARMA

Passionate about creating impact, income & freedom, Carly is a Business Strategist & Coach for Wellness Entrepreneurs by day. When she’s not working with ambitious entrepreneurs, you’ll find her practicing yoga, relaxing by the sea or enjoying a coffee with loved ones.

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  1. I’m going to the Gili Islands in June and have read a few reviews, but this looks like the best place to stay for a bit of a special relaxing holiday. It doesn’t get much better than accommodation on the beach!

    1. You’re so welcome. It can be tricky working out how to get around. I spent ages reading websites to make sure we knew what we were doing. Seri Resort is a bit luxurious, but it’s definitely not 5 star, which is reflected in the prices. The walkways are still made of sand (but I think that’s fun and unique)! Carly x

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