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What Should I Expect After A Kinesiology Session?

Here we explore the various symptoms that you may experience after a Kinesiology session.

Kinesiology is a holistic, complimentary therapy and can work alongside other physical treatments. The goal of a session is to balance the body so that it can heal itself through pressure points, counselling, the energetic systems the body and dietary changes (read more about how kinesiology works here).

Most clients will feel the benefits of kinesiology as being relaxed and calm with increased feelings of happiness, motivation or clarity. However, as the changes happen on many levels this can sometimes cause a person to feel worse after a kinesiology treatment.

Here we look at the symptoms and after effects you may experience:

1. Emotional Upsets

At it’s core, kinesiology works with the emotional imbalances of an individual. A session helps to release these emotions, bringing a sudden change in a persons thinking pattern and this can result in an uncomfortable feeling for a few days, while the person adjusts to a new way of thinking and feeling.

For example, a person can experience a few ‘aha’ moments and depending on what these ‘aha’ moments are, some of these may feel slightly unsettling. If the person is experiencing deep emotional shifts, a kinesiologist may recommend weekly or fortnightly sessions for a set period of time.

symptoms of kinesiology

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2. Passing Large Amounts Of Urine

Clients may have a sudden urge to urinate during a session and quite often this can occur for the following few days. This is the body’s way of releasing what has been held on to for so long.

3. Headaches After A Session

This can be the result of releasing negative thought patterns and it may take the mind some time to readjust.  Headaches after kinesiology can also be a result of someone ‘blocking’ the healing (in this instance there would be further work needed into why the person is self-sabotaging).

4. Feeling Tired

As a Kinesiologist is helping the body to bring about balance, there may be an adjustment period where the mind, body and energy systems heal. This can sometimes result in feelings of tiredness as the person adjusts to a more balanced system.

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feeling worse after kinesiology

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5. Disturbing Dreams

Treatment can bring up quite a few emotions and memories and some of these may be processed during the days that follow a session. Dreams are a way of the mind making sense of what has happened in our daily lives and this would include what came up in a session.

6. Feelings Of Relief & Lightness In The Body

Releasing old emotions can be a huge relief to the body. Taking the ‘weight of your shoulders’ can suddenly make you feel lighter and more buoyant. People feel that they are no longer tied down to the emotional baggage they hold onto, resulting in a wonderfully liberating feeling.

what is kinesiology good for

7. Increase In Energy

Balancing the body, mind and energetic system can ‘free up’ stagnant and old energy leaving the person with more energy. Being in a constant state of imbalance can be extremely demanding on the body, it’s only natural that the body wants to be in balance.

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8. Improved Focus & Concentration

Clearing out old emotions by releasing tension in the muscles, especially the neck and shoulder muscles, is like giving your brain a spring clean. You have cleaned out all the cob webs and can now think clearer without the ‘noise’ of the past.

what is kinesiology good for

9. Feeling ‘In’ Your Body

Some people have been stressed or anxious for so long that their energetic body has misaligned from their physical body. After a kinesiology session, when the energetic body is realigned with the physical body, the person can feel a sense of heaviness as they are now ‘back’ in their body. They are no longer a passenger, watching life from an outside point of view, but are now back in the driver’s seat, taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions.

I hope this has helped clarify some of the different experiences you may have after a session.  You may experience some or none of these as each individual is different. But if any of these do last for longer than a few days, please contact your kinesiologist for further advice. Share your experiences and ask any questions below – I’d love to hear from you! 

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Carolyn King Kinesiologist

Carolyn is a certified Kinesiologist based in Berwick, Victoria. With over 5 years experience, she's passionate about using kinesiology for a variety of situations, but particularly to work through: Learning difficulties, emotional wellbeing, depression, chronic fatigue and kinesiology for kids. She's also the author of 'Empowered Happiness: Discovering Bliss beyond Depression' a must-read for anyone battling depression or struggling to escape your own darkness. Carolyn also co-authored SHE Leads and “Book of Inspiration” and runs a Facebook Group empowering others with tools to find their happiness.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these Carolyn. I find #2 fascinating, but it totally makes sense! I have definitely felt different symptoms after different kinesiology sessions and sometimes initially feeling worse, before feeling better – depending on what was being addressed. Most commonly there’s some initial exhaustion, but followed by calm, clarity and ‘lightness’. Would love to know more about the role our dreams play in our mental wellbeing too! Cx

  2. I have experienced most of these symptoms at some point after kinesiology treatments. These after effects make me feel like I know the treatment is doing it’s work and as you say, the energy is passing through me, making me feel lighter and freeing up ‘space’ for new energy, emotions and thought.

    1. Hi Hayley,
      The costs for a session can vary greatly depending on the qualifications, location and experience of a kinesiologist. They usually range from about $80 to $150 for a 1 hour session. Sessions with some practitioners may also be eligible for rebates from your private health fund if you have that coverage.
      When looking for a kinesiologist, see if you can have a chat before booking in to see if they can help you with your specific issue and to confirm costs.
      Kindest regards,

  3. Hello!
    I’ve recently been seeing someone locally for a hormone imbalance that has caused a lot of anxiety and different mental issues. After my sessions, my anxiety and other symptoms seem to flare up and get worse for the week. Is this normal?

    1. Hi Haley,
      The first thing I would suggest is to speak with your practitioner and see what they say. It’s difficult for me to comment as I am not privy to the details of the session. If you feel that your anxiety and mental issues are getting worse it may be worth seeing another practitioner to help you get to the cause of these feelings.
      Hope this helps,

    2. This is very normal in my experience. I have PTSD, Insomnia & Panic Disorder and I leave feeling peacefully drained for the rest of the day.

      When I have effective session I can expect to have a troubling few days following. The next days to a week can push me to about 8/10 (10 being panic attacks). However, I’ve never had it get out-of-hand but it can feel disorienting (depersonalization ex.) to upsetting.

      The key for me to remember is that sacrifice is part of healing. This is the sacrifice I choose in lieu of taking western medicine.

      Eat light, drink water, walk barefoot and feel the breeze. Soon the nerves learn a new way to achieve balance instead of attacking you.

      Let your family know ahead of time so they know what to be ready for as well.
      Make sure the schedule allows for you to have plenty of rest.

      It is hard/painful but YOU have survived worse as YOU will survive this.

    1. Hi Jan,

      Thank you for your questions.

      I would not generally expect to see bruises after a treatment although one of the tools we use is stimulating pressure points. I wouldn’t expect this to cause bruising unless you bruise extremely easily, in which case I would ask your kinesiologist to be gentle. I haven’t ever had a client advise me that bruising occurred after any sessions.

      Kindest regards,

  4. Number 2,3,4 good lord!!! i had no idea how powerful this treatment is .
    I am having another session tomorrow i will be discussing the after effects.
    I thought i was going mad!!
    I had a session on friday and woke up early hours Saturday with a blinding headache and unconsolable crying.
    Then my bladder has been feeling odd wanting to go the toilet a lot.
    Thank you for making this post its reassured me a lot.
    Jules xxx

    1. My pleasure Jules. And please speak to your kinesiologist about your after effects. There may be something they can do to alleviate or ensure that your response the next time around isn’t so harsh.

  5. Good day

    I went to a Kinesiologist for a balance.
    I felt very energized, but a bit emotional after the balance.

    It has been 2 days after the balance and I am very stiff in the places there she worked in my back an lower back.

    Is stiffnes normal.

    Hope to hear of you.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Maryke,

      A kinesiology session can shift quite a bit of energy bringing about physical reactions.

      Without knowing what your session was about, my suggestion would be if you are still feeling stiff, contact your kinesiologist and let them know. You may need a follow up session or it may just be your body adjusting.

      Wishing you lots of happiness and good health,

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