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6 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Fitness Inspiration In 2016

There are so many gorgeous Instgrammers who inspire women to truly nourish their body through fitness and wholesome nutrition. If you’re in need of some fitness inspiration or motivation and thinking of heading to Instagram to get it, here’s our votes of who to follow.

These fit ladies encourage you to be the best version of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. They don’t promote fads or unhealthy regimes. They make no secret that physical fitness can be demanding, but they know (and can inspire you) how to have fun at the same time.

If you like your #fitspo to be stylish, follow: @biancamaycheah

Source: @biancamaycheah / Instagram

Here’s why: Bianca is the founder of and our ultimate girl crush for  classy fitness inspiration. If natural health and beauty, delivered in a stylish manner is what motivates you, then Bianca’s your lady. Her feed showcases an enviable lifestyle full of workouts, travel, healthy food and her super adorable puppy.

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If you want (free) practical workout tutorials, follow: @nataliejillfit

Source: @nataliejillfit / Instagram
Source: @nataliejillfit / Instagram

Here’s why: Nat’s covered everything from mastering the perfect squat to creating abs of steel. The sessions are all short and sweet, such as a ‘3 minute sweat sesh’, 3 minute ab attack and the ‘floor cleaning dat burner’! There’se stacks of tutorials to pick from – just pick one and give it a go (and let us know what you think!).

If you want double #fitspo from two Personal Trainers, follow: @basebodybabes

Source: @basebodybabes / Instagram

Here’s why: The best thing about following this account is you get inspiration from TWO Personal Trainers, from one Instagram account. @basebodybabes are two Aussie women trail blazing through the fitness industry with their kick-ass workout wear, exercise tips and super positive attitude. We love the monochrome theme of their feed – aesthetically pleasing AND motivational – worth many a #doubletap.

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If defined muscles inspire you, follow: @anllela_sagra

Source: @anllela_sagra / Instagram

Here’s why: Anllela (a gorgeous 22 year old from Colombia.) is a fitness model and true athlete. She doesn’t shy away from hard work, nor does she pretend that her athleticism comes easily. If strong and chiseled is your look, you will want to be following Anllela for serious motivation in 2016. Her instructional videos are on form.

If you want fun fitness tips and motivation, follow: @mariepurvis

Source: @mariepurvis / Instagram
Source: @mariepurvis / Instagram

Here’s why: Marie’s playful and positive feed is less on the serious side. She’s inspiring, motivating and radiates happiness and gratitude. She truly makes you want to get your body moving because she shows just how fun it can be. We love how she suggests how to integrate exercises into your own workout (or day).

If you want practical #fitspo for you and your family, follow: @danistevens365

Source: @1danistevens / Instagram
Source: @1danistevens / Instagram

Here’s why: If you’re a mumma, we vote you follow Dani – you’ll get more than just fitness inspiration. Danni has a family of 6 (including herself) to care for, so she knows what she’s talking about. She shares stacks of tips and ideas on how to lead a healthy lifestyle with your family. She encourages fitness activities that include your children, and that allow you to all have fun and spend time together. Plus there’s some great (practical) healthy food inspiration going on in her feed too. Big thumbs up.

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So tell us – do you follow anyone on Instagram for fitness inspiration? Do we need to make this list bigger? Share your thoughts, tips and who else to follow in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

6 Best Instagram AccountsTo Follow For Fitness Inspirationin 2016
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